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In This Video I am going to show you how to write complex code to customization an Invoice in Tally.ERP 9

This is an advanced level Chapter of Tally TDL

but I can teach you this much advanced level of customization only in the first day of training itself.

This is not a complete code but its only a promo of my online course chapters to give you a brief idea of How I am helping people to learn Tally TDL

So, we need to find out the default line Definition from the existing code.

then we have to write our code

Add logic, formulas to the code

Now save the file and we need to activate it. Simply right click the file name and copy the file path

Now, in Tally.ERP 9, Main Menu Press F12, then Products and Features then F4

Now, lets pass a sample Sales entry

You can see here are two new columns e.g. Pcs and Box Before the qty column

Now you input the pcs and box qty, the billed qty figure will be calculated automatically

Now, Pass another voucher Entry

select item

enter pcs and box

press ener

enter box

type box figure

Qty will be calculated on its own.

Save the Voucher

you can bring the last voucher by pressing Page Up

Do you think it is hard to write code this way?

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