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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: This Genius Invention By Deon Cole Scratches Your Scalp Without Messing Up Your Hair

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- I mean, okay, so you took your quilted vest off

that I loved and you had on,

I thought you were gonna wear that out here,

it's totally fine.

- It's hot.

- Can we check out the bling you're wearing?

- What bling, what are you talking about?

- [Kelly] What are you talking about?

- I don't know what you're talking about?

- [Kelly] I need some sunglasses, it's nice, it's nice!

- Thank you.

- Have you met before, I don't know if you all had met you?

- No, how are you?

- Well, nice to meet you. - Very nice dress.

- [Kelly] It's so pretty .

- Nice bracelet.

- Hey, (laughs)

- [Kelly] I know, if that was not true. (laughs)

Watch out she's a clepto.

- Don't let that dress fool you all right.

- So you also like in your special

you talk about dating a lot so I just want to know

what kind of woman do you look for,

just for everyone out there maybe wondering.

- I like all woman, (crowd reacts)

yes, I like, hey girl I see you over there rolling, hey!

- You like all women, no one specific

nothing specific? - I like older women too

older women that's, yeah.

(crowd cheers)

I see you, I see you.

- What is it about older women?

- I don't know man.

- You got mommy issues, like?

- They got it together, no, they just got it together.

If you got a chain on the back of your glasses

I'm coming at you, I promise.

I'm coming right at you.


Ohp there you go. (cheers)

- [Kelly] That's awesome.

Iowa, Iowa, that's Iowa

I mean it is like we planted Iowa in the house.

- I'm telling you Iowa girls are not shy.

- Iowa girls are not,

you know what neither are Texas girls?

I would have a drink with you ma'am.

You are fun, you are fun.

So wait, you just had a birthday right?

What is it like getting older, what are you thinking?

- I don't know it's just,

it's weird getting older I kept thinking something

was on my eyes for the longest but my eyebrows had grew

all the way out here and I was like man

I can't see up so I, I've never shaved my eyebrows

and trimmed 'em down but now I have to.


No, it's like this, it's like, "You rang?"


I gotta do like this, hey what's up Kelly?

- [Kelly] Like comb it?

Your combing it back?

- Hey Kelly how you doing?

- (laughs) Your son is a teenager now right?

- Yeah.

- That's, we have teenagers so go ahead.

- Yeah, he's, he's, he's, I think he's having sex now.


He hasn't admitted to me but I think he's having sex now.

- Wait, what is the tell tale there?

- Because he just got cool all of a sudden.


It's something about sex that just smooth you right out.

- I woulda've disagreed until I saw the 40 year old Virgin,

then I'm like maybe.

- No, no, no, no he used to be a nerd.

He used to be like (in high voice)

"Hey dad let's go get some pizza."


And then one day I went on the road for two weeks

and came back I was like let's go get some pizza

and he was like, "Why 'on't you bring me back a slice."


- [Kelly] First of all--

- I said what you get all cool for?

You having sex?

I think you having sex.

- I am going to die when that happens.

- Oh you gonna die, oh!

- I'm going to be like no, (flips tongue)

- Yes, yes, yes

- Oh no, well congrats on your special.

- Thank you. - So what do you recall

about one of your first gigs?

Actually one of my first jobs was a

I was a cocktail waitress in a comedy club.

- [Deon] Nice. - And I loved it.

I love it, I laughed all day

until the drunk people pissed me off but

but what do you have memories of like your first gigs?

- I used to always forget my jokes

every time I went on stage.

- (laughs) That's a problem.

- Yeah, especially when you get high.


So, I used to be so high that I couldn't remember my jokes

so I used to read 'em off my notepad

and then one day I remembered 'em

and everybody was like, no forget 'em again

and use your notepad.

- Oh my gosh, that's--

- My notepad was funnier than me

and so I just kept doing it.

- I'm just saying that's kind of awesome

that you were like and they were like

no, we love the notepad.

- Yeah, more than you.

(shouts) Where's the notepad?

- You're going to be fine, the older you get

like you've got your notepad you're good.

- I'm a be good when I get older

right I can just put on my glasses with the chain.

- That's fine but this is actually pretty cool,

so you're hosting the American Black Film Festival Honors

- Yes! (cheers)

- [Kelly] So that's amazing.

So what can we expect?

- Man, well what we do is we like to shine light on those

who don't get light shined on them in other festivals

that they have and so what we do is we just honor

our own who don't get that recognition.

- Who maybe get missed over, yeah.

- Yeah absolutely, especially like

a lot of African Americans who really,

put out really good work but they just don't really get

that love so we just sit out there

and just give everybody love that they deserve

and put them on a platform that they wouldn't normally have

so yes, it's going to be a great time there.

- Yeah, and I personally, I personally

always love when comedians host things

because you all get away with so much.

- Yeah, right, right.

- Like you're getting away with so much right now.

- No, I'm going to make sure the room is not bourgeois

everybody sitting up tight, we gon' be loose,

people gon' have their shoes off.

It's going to be really nice.

- That's my kind of awards show, here we go.

- That's your awards show, snacks

snacks for everybody.

- Or munchies, whichever (laughs)

- Munchies, yes munchies (laughs).

- I was bringing it back.

Bringing it back, it's legal here you're fine.

So, you're also an entrepreneur

and this is pretty interesting.

Tell everyone about the easy scratch

because I want one, this earring does not want to stay in

it's going away. - It's all good.

So I have this tool, me and my partner Rose from UC--

that we made and it's called an eZ scratch

and it's a very small tool like this

very discreet that you can use to scratch your head with

see look at this, look here try this

and it's for people with braids, twists

or if you have weaves or protective hair styles

look so you can just get in there.

- Like for real, I don't know if that's all your hair

but this is not all mine and um, nope

and I no literally, I'm always like doing this.

- Yeah, doing the pat.

You know about the pat.

- I'm like, I'm like, oh my God, it's so itchy.

- She know about the pat.

- It's so itchy, this is awesome.

- Yeah, you don't have to mess your hair up you know.

- It's amazing.

- But girls with it in you're always like,

I always look crazy

'cause I'm like, - Absolutely.

I'm like trying to do this all the time so yeah (laughs)

- Sister, you know what I'm talking bout right?

Sister, I see y'all.

I see you, yep, y'all good?

You know what I'm talking about

when you beat your braids out.

- Yes, and sometimes you put both hands

and your just like ugh, it just feels good.

- But this is very small, very, very compact

and you just, you don't have to--

your done using paperclips, pencils, coffee stirs.

- I was just going to say yeah it doubles

as a lot of things, exactly.

- Yeah, yeah, you know, no you don't use

that for that.

You do not do this girl, no.


- You know what's funny?

I would totally do that.

I'd be, I'd do it and I'd be like it's fine.

I'd be like it's fine, I'd clean it off, it's fine.

Ain't nothing wrong with my head, I ain't got lice,

it's fine, it's like it's fine.

I love you so much, please come back.

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