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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Promo 25 anys "Barcelona posa't guapa" HD

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-In just five years,

...the citizens of Barcelona have made Barcelona really beautiful.

-I remember the facts, I remember that,

...we saw how Barcelona started to restore its façades.

-”Barcelona, make yourself beautiful”,

...gave a new boost to the city,

...because it was capable,

...neither to create a new city, or to change it,

...but to preserve the one we had and to revalue it.

-They restored façades in the Eixample neighborhood,

...which were made of stucco, that had been lost,

...and nobody knew which colours they were.

They were finally recovered.

The old folder blinds, which had been lost,

...and that some people had replaced for awful things.

-It took many years to see...

...that behind that slogan, which had a touch of lightheartedness,

...if not frivolous,

...there was really an urban way of thinking,

...and also civic, of great reach.

-Given the dark grey colour of the houses,

...we could almost say that they are really dark grey,

...which is not to any discredit.

-I also think that it is a grey city,

...but I take it as a merit, is the grey of the Eixample stone,

...but its also blue,

...and in my childhood, it wasnt,

...because it didnt give onto the sea, but now the city is also blue.

-I think the city, itself, definition, is transformation.

-The citizens of Barcelona, in general,

...have a very intense relationship with their city.

Its funny, but the favourite subject of conversation...

...of the citizens of Barcelona is the city itself.

There are other places,

...where the main subject of conversation is the weather.

-I think the citizens of Barcelona must regain their autonomy,

...must recover their initiative,

...they have to play the leading part in relation to their city.

-I meet many people that say:

Hey, I want you to restore my façade,

...but make it like the building in the corner of this or that street

-I believe that Barcelona is full of tricks, just have to stroll through the Eixample,

...and once in a while, you raise your head... look at the buildings, you always see new things:

...a new sgrafitto that has emerged, a stained glass window...

-Lluís Sert said...

...that cities must be made for men...

...and not men for cities.

-Barcelona is clearly...

...the lively, uninterrupted keeper,

...of a very ancient history which, fortunately,

...even today can be grasped and appreciated by all.

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