Practice English Speaking&Listening with: * 주라주라??‍♀️둘째이모 홀다비 이모 겐네디잇미?

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Please give me a break

How should I talk for the second aunt? Should I just talk like this?


I'll just talk in the standard language.

Hello everyone.

This is HolDaVi.

I don't play golf,

but you know the second aunt, Kim DaVi, right?

Kim Shin-young is a genius!

I am going to do her makeup.

So I'll try my best to look like her.

Maintaining the feeling.

I am getting old,

so I need to drink red vinegar because my digestion's not so good these days.

You need to do this, right?

I have a short tongue.

They're fake teeth

I'll try it.

You need a bright foundation.

So using Blanc Diva's white shade.

This is even bright for me.

So using this.

Don't worry about

working late~

How long has it been since

I was on my last date~

You definitely need to show the boarder with your neck.

Don't even think of applying it on your neck.

And Hayoung is coming whenever I try to be funny.

It's not funny, I'm serious.

It's an honor for me to cover DaVi the second aunt's makeup.

I made a custom wig for this.

I texted the owner of the wig store

and I was too shy.

You need to pat the cushion foundation like this to let it stick onto your face.

You should do it like this.

Holding the bangs slightly.

Ah, my golf glove.

DaVi doesn't even play golf but she always wears the golf glove.

Like this.

You should do it like this.

Become my age!

Bright colors are the best.

My face's just perfect for every cover makeup.


You need to have a different color with your ears too.

Kill-Brow for the eyebrows.

They're from CLIO.

Natural Brown.

I used to apply lip lines with this back in my days.

Please open this.

Please open this for me.

Open this mirror for me.

My niece listens to me well.

For the brows,

the straight brows are the trend.

I like the front part of the eye brow

dark like this.

I like it so much!


Oh my.

I did a great job.

From Huda Beauty,

they sent me eyeshadows.

Why am I so sorry for Huda Beauty?

Nieces, please open this for me.

My niece is busy.



Me using Huda's palettes like this.

Should we zoom it a bit?

There might be someone who wants to try this makeup.

There may be someone that follows this.

They originally do it with pink, but I'll use mint shades for today.

Mint kinda brightens up the skin complexion.

Just doing one is so funny, huh?

Just one?

Because the back is green screen, would the mint shades not be seen?

Hope my eyes don't have azaleas.

Put some mint eyeshadow lightly like this.

Wow, that's bright.

That's wonderful.

Who would see me as the CEO of LikeHoly.

But Huda,

the eyeshadows fall off too much.

I'm the CEO because I'm the smarty.

Using the glitter,

I'm sorry for using Huda's glitter like this.

This is wonderful.


How is it? I've nailed the role, right?

It's really like an auntie.

I'm not good at applying eyeliner.

To be honest.

Like this.

You have to apply as if you have monolids.

Always for the aunt.

Double eyelids? Nothing like that.


It's perfect.


It's exactly as I thought.

Here, I will use a blush.

Nature Republic.

I will apply this.

You have to apply this in small amounts like this.

This broke. Again?

Oh my, this broke. What should I do?

Oh my.

Among these shades, I will apply it by mixing this coral shade with a little bit of red like this.

For my age, you have to overdo the makeup so it looks too much for liveliness.

Hey, I don't think people will recognize me.

I think they won't recognize me!

But it looks light on the screen.

So my point is to apply a little bit more with the rouge later.

This makeup looks good on people like me only

and most people don't look good in this makeup.

That's all you have to do.

Next, I will apply the rouge.


Dear Dahlia.

You know this kind of flowery pink, right?

Firstly, with the rouge... I will make my cheeks more red with the rouge.

Yes, you have to do it like this.

Ah... It's a little bit better now.

It's good, right?

Nails of aunt Davi...

Now, you have to look closely for the rouge.

Like this. You have to emphasize the arches.

Why are you laughing?!


It's perfect.

It's done.

The upper lip has to be thicker than the lower lip, that way I can look younger.

I am done and what should I do?


This is actually the key point.

You know it, right?

Yes, I did the cover makeup for Kim DaVi the second aunt.

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I love you, everyone~

Oh, there was a pose for her.

'Please give me a vacation~'

'Yummy yummy yummy yummy with beef today~'

Oh, it's so funny that I can't do it.

'My family is at home~'

'Getting off without overtime~ Let me go home~'

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