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hello namaste

salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at With the dosa and its variation one can write a book when i did the

basic dosa recipe at i had told you that I would come back someday

and teach you some other variations if you have not seen my basic dosa stop

this right now go back and look at my basic dosa first and taste it

otherwise you will not appreciate the awesome difference between that today

we're going to learn the variation of the dosa that you're going to use the


In restaurant we call it rava dosa what makes this really popular is two things first

thing is the rava dosa unlike the regular dosa not need to be fermented as a rule

it is therefore very easy to make and does not need to be kept overnight so

therefore if you have a craving for dosa this is the best bet

secondly the rava dosa gives a unique kind of crispiness

that is taste so good in when you bite into it

therefore the consistency of this dosa appeals to many people and has gained

its popularity. To make this rava dosa, we need 1 cup of semolina, one cup of rice flour

half a cup of all purpose flour salt pepper powder hing powder chopped green chilli chopped

ginger cumin seeds. Take all-purpose flour rice flour semolina suji salt add

pepper powder little bit little bit cumin seeds chopped ginger chopped green chilly

little bit of hing and mix all these ingredients and it is as simple as this

your batter is ready

all you need to do is add some water

I made this into a thin liquid it looks like buttermilk kind of thin

you know there's flour in it the rice flour and all these ingredients to make

onion rava dosa just sprinkle some onion on your pan and how we made regular dosa

we poured the batter and made a nice round dosa but this batter is so thin

so what we're going to do here is we're going to sprinkle

so just take a little bit with your hands and just sprinkle

see when you sprinkle it kind of forms kind of net kind of thing

that's what is unique about rava dosa oh it is totally zoomed in so let me zoom

out a little bit and see okay now you can see how it is

so after this you can put whatever you want to use oil butter

you want to use ghee and I'm a ghee eater so sprinkle a little bit

You can see why I'm doing this nicely evenly spreads the oil

oh look at this even though you put it at a high heat

this doesn't cook as soon as the regular dosa not only doesn't cook fast it doesn't

even get color so easily

so don't worry it won't burn so fast so let it cook on a little medium high flame

and cook for a few minutes

a lot of times in the restaurants what they do is they slice a onion hold in the hand and rub the pan

before the put the dosa because this onion has a tendency to make this pan as a

kind of a nonstick pan and also gives nice flavor but for others with onion just

sprinkle some onion and then put then put

the mixture and these onion might naturally act like a non-stick spread; a lot of

times when you think of dosa you think about soaking your urad dal, rice

making a batter

soak it overnight and the next day when the batter ferments fully you make

dosa now think about it, when your kids come come running home

mom I want to see something this dosa rava dosa very easy just take rice


Sooji little maida add little spicing mix it

boom sprinkle on your tawa , and you have your rava dosa ready

okay now your dosa is ready look at this look at this

mamma mia look at this haha your rave dosa is ready you can eat with any


even serve it with simple any pickle...mmmmm vahrehvah

ok I'll put one more

dosa I will show you how to put it just sprinkle just like this i just want to

show you while it is zoomed out

just sprinkle the batter

add some oil ghee whatever you think you want spatula on top so evenly distribute the oil

so I hope you'll try this rare

dosa oh sorry did I say rare dosa, I meant rava dos

This is definitely rear and tell me how you enjoyed this when compared to your

regular fermented dosa now when you go to a restaurant and see rava dosa you won't

to be wow because you can make better rava dosa at home in few minutes so if you want to have

very crispy dosa what you can do; you kind of scrape the top of this

dosa batter and then you can get a really crispy dosa so just with an excuse that i'm

showing you another I'll eat this

my next dosa crispy..Wow look at this look at the color

look at this i tell you look at the color

this is called rava dosa and remember that vahrehvah is all about eating fresh food

and inspiring others to cook so please post your recipes and cooking tips so others

may benefit from your great cooking

thank you look at the color man

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