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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh How are you, friends, cadas tv news, all of

you, hopefully today you are your family, your friends and your loved ones, of course you are

in good health, friends, cadas tv news, all throughout the year

2021 starting from January 2021 until now in September 2021 more

than 1900 natural disasters hit our country Indonesia this disaster was

dominated by hydrometeorological disasters such as floods and hurricanes

written from the official data of the national disaster agency or the National

Disaster Management Agency or BNPB which was officially quoted on 18 September 2021 that it was recorded

a number of incidents were natural disasters as many as 1909 incidents, the most

frequent disasters were floods with 799 events followed by tornadoes as many as 489 incidents

and landslides with 358 incidents then forest and land fires around 209 incidents

then tidal waves and abrasion around 22 incidents and lightening 9 events

Hi next earthquake 23 events This event here is the same earthquake that he feels very

strongly when small earthquakes may not be included Here

Hi earthquakes about 23 events while volcanic eruptions do not write BNPB data

all disasters resulted in 514 people died and 70 people went missing

as many as 6,146 380 people suffered and were displaced, and 12,892 people were injured, the disaster

caused 129,909 damage, consisting of 16.31 houses

heavily damaged and 23,452 houses moderately damaged Hai and 90,426 houses lightly damaged, he continued, the damage

occurred at the facility. 1,380 education facilities and 1,238 worship

facilities, 352 health facilities, 497 offices, and 340 damaged bridges, of course it was

written from the data, friends, all of you guys, thank you for the images , hopefully

this video is useful for information. for all of us and hopefully useful in the

future funds for friends who may need to know that what is the content on this rock tv news channel

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this And also turn on the notification bell there. Thank you, warm greetings always to

you and your family, hopefully all of them are always healthy and most importantly we all pray that

our beloved country Indonesia is protected from all disasters and at least

reduces the number of disasters that occur in our beloved country. This is alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

he stopped and

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