Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Пион из карамели и Шоколадные броши Собрать и Украсить торт

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I recently tried to work with caramel.

For me, this is a new style of cake decorating.

Therefore, there will be many interesting things for me.

This is my last cake

For decor, I used caramel and chocolate

Ingredients for caramel are written in the description under the video

Put all ingredients in pan

And put on fire

Stir caramel can only boil

Once the caramel began to boil, you can not mix

Because sugar crystallizes

first the caramel will boil strongly

and then calm down

then reduce the fire

caramel will cook longer and be more transparent

the caramel needs to be heated 140 * 141 *

without a pastry thermometer difficult to measure the temperature

when the caramel has reached the right temperature

remove from the stove

now we will color the caramel

better gel dye

caramel can be heated and more degrees

but we must take into account

if reheating

so the caramel does not turn yellow

Wear rubber gloves when handling caramel.

not to get burned

and do not leave fingerprints on the caramel decor

caramel ready for use

for the flower of caramel we need

2 silicone molds

1 hemispheres should be larger

2 less hemispheres

pour caramel little by little

in every hemisphere

need to work fast because the caramel cools

arching form with such movements

form petals for peony flower

leave indoors until fully cured

in another form pour stones for brooches

and leave to cool in the room

heat the caramel over low heat

you can not stir the caramel

otherwise the caramel becomes cloudy

just wait for it to melt

and pour caramel for flower petals

do as last time

form the peony petals

when pouring caramel sugar can be pulled

they can then be easily removed

gently break off

now we leave the entire caramel decor until it is completely cured

when the caramel hardens

take out the decoration of the forms

get out easily

without effort

a little bit thick

need to pour less caramel

now you can collect peony

warm up caramel residues again

for bonding

it is better to form a flower from caramel on a silicone mat

already glued large petals

dip the tip of the petal in hot caramel

and glue in the middle of the flower

stick almost immediately

in this way

glue all the petals

caramel decor can be stored in the refrigerator

know frost systems

can be stored in a dry room

in the end I got such a peony

and now we make brooches

we need silicone mold

put the crumpled foil ball in the middle

melt chocolate

pour mold chocolate

put in the freezer for 10 minutes

take out chocolate decoration from mold

we remove the foil too

glue caramel stone with warm chocolate

almost finished brooch

leave the karel stick to chocolate

go to the cake decorating

cake covered with cheese cream

the cake should be cold

make chocolate smudges on the cake

after cooling chocolate

paint silver kandurin

brooches fastened to chocolate

and then paint kandurinom

Brooches like this

and in the end

fasten peony

also for warm chocolate

cake with such decor

can be refrigerated know frost

or in the room to 22 *

get such a cake

there will be questions write in the comments

Thanks for attention

good luck! goodbye!

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