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Hello, the last issue was so appealing to our subscribers from prison that they do not want to go out

from there and to make them live even better, we made the second series

if your cellmate is Ukrainian

Ukrainian, he is surely sometimes given bacon you need to cut off from himthis a small piece of something like

Now take a piece of cloth and wrap it in it

with the help of a thread we wind up the whole thing and get this kind of thing

it is necessary to roll it between the hands so that the cloth is soaked in fat

further put it on a metal surface and ignite you will get an excellent

lamp that will give light and on which you can warm something up

Sweets are very much appreciated in prison, but if they are not there, then you will be helped by an ordinary spoon that must be smeared with vegetable oil

then pour in it a little sugar and put it over the fire

After a minute the sugar will begin to melt and acquire a brown

color when he melt the whole melt and put a match there

Now you have to wait until everything is cool

if you're lucky, you can get a lollipop

if it breaks up then you will get smaller candies that will be at least

tasty if you have a bad relationship with the neighbors, then you can set everything in guest a candy

If the mouse has gnawed out your charging for a smartphone, then it can be easily repaired

Take a cellophane bag and cut off a small strip of it

now tightly wound strip on the damaged place

and heated over fire periodically pressed cellophane to the wire

as a result, the layers of the packet will melt together and we will get a solid plastic sheath for the wire

which will not allow him to bend in this place

Now we need a piece of plain cotton wool and a cigarette made of cotton wool you need to make this kind of strip

pour on one end of the tobacco and

To roll in a tube it is possible and without cigarettes to it it considerably will facilitate a task

Now you need to roll it with your hand in the direction of folding so that it becomes more


further we put cotton on the floor and take a piece of board with the help of which we do the same

do not forget to follow the direction of rolling of cotton wool and

Now when the platen is hard enough to take the same piece of cotton wool roll the other side and repeat the action

so when everything is properly rolled up we put the board or start very quickly roll the roller back and forth

crushing it with body weight

if the effort is sufficient, after about 40 seconds you will smell the burnt wool and

when there is no longer any strength left, it is necessary to quickly take the cushion of the hand and begin to blow into the place of darkening

as soon as the smoke has to be broken in this place and you see that the cotton wool started to smolder from the inside

that's all we did not even suspect that you can get fire in this way

Now we take the usual thread, we unwind a couple of meters and fold several times

then take the mug we thread the thread in the eyelet

raise and begin to twist the mug thereby twisting the thread

Further it is necessary to make here such movement and a string itself to be twisted twice

we cut off we fasten on this end a knot and we receive here such strong cable

with which you can saw various items

But if you dissolve salt in ordinary water and soak up the cord

then after drying it forms abrasive crystals of the salt

which will increase the cutting ability of the cord

say that for several months with his help you can saw the steel grid to avoid jail

taking this opportunity to send greetings to subscribers from prison and congratulating everyone on the upcoming Easter holiday!

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