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You're really overwhelming me.

where's the gum? gum, gum hey guys this is Jessica Alba I'm here

with the star of all stars Patrick Starrr and he is helping me launch my youtube

channel so this is officially the first video and I am here and we're gonna be

doing things and he is schooling my ass on how to do YouTube and I'm learning

for really from the best and I thank you so much it's so honored it's your first

collaboration you are literally just going full throttle throttle so I did

his makeup and he did my makeup and so you have to look at his channel to look

at the transformation because you've never seen me look like that before

amazing. girl yes and then on me she's in a full face of honest beauty her way

and I have never had any other celebrity of celebrities touched me because it has

been refused and denied but Jesse Alba has been so gracious enough to lay her

teensy-weensy little fingers on my big ass face oh I'm so honored and I love the

look and if you guys out there that have similar skin to meet textured

hyperpigmentation that love a little bit of love I'm featuring all honest beauty

items be sure to stay tuned and see how she

does it yeah and you can actually have clean products with clean ingredients

that loves your skin and allows your skin to breathe and be healthy and bring

out the best in you so there we go let's get started do you ever use a serum

before you for your makeup on sometimes I'm so tired I just slap whatever the

hell's on my table okay we're starting guys okay we're

starting god I can't believe I'm on your channel oh so we'll do the intro on the

outro after after yeah yeah you can do right here no I don't know to me oh okay

you go holder here cuz that's a second close-up cam okay mm-hmm looks like my

gosh looks like what are we using today Jessica Alba? Vitamin C radiance serum so that you can look more

radiant even more than you already are yeah I looked like an egg oh my gosh

she's touching me you know what I saw you this girl has cojones she's dead

female let me do your makeup and I'm so honored please I have an act you know

you know I even asked Patrick Ta and no he's like no don't know why he's too scared to do my

face I mean it's intimidating it is not girl

but I'm not a makeup artist so I think that allows me to not be let it be so

cool to see your techniques so I can apply it because literally I don't to be

to be to be honest I literally do not wear a full-face every day it almost

takes me like an hour to do it I'm Patrick Starr look uh-huh contact

lashes and also like I would wear this going out I even wear this on a date oh

yeah and we still talking okay yeah Oh hopefully you know him and I can be like Cash and Jess you know I'm sayin

we can have fantastic three someday I mean you know okay so first serum

first and then I'm gonna use the hydrogel which is a water-based

moisturizer and what's nice is the water breaks and I think it's important

whether you have oily skin or whether you have combo skin or dry skin to have

the right amount of moisturization and hydration as a base so I'm gonna go

behind ear oh oh she's a top how'd you know the way you touching me not that

I'm a bottom that's not what I was saying Jessica

this is how you do your face in the morning

serum and then uh hydrogel yeah and I think it's nice to like give yourself

like a little massage and massage it in and then my friend who's Korean she taught

oh you nasty that's how she has to be kids am nice you name she said that her mom looks

really good and she just like hits her face every single day so like uh how do

you hit your face every day um I just give it a little again I try to look

like you kiss a little yeah so I do a nice like massage and then I do yeah and

sometimes I use tools you hit me from the back and you spanking me and you

talk about what kind of video this is no girls back there I left they are

flagging your piarc to you right now Jessica Alba exposed it's gonna be your

first expose video you think your expose day welcome to digital media oh

my god you've been having so much fun I glammed her so if you guys missed it check

it out on my channel we're drinking some cross Paula what is going on what is

this product this is the cream foundation and we are trying to get like

a more natural looking vibe but you still want to have the contour I think

it's nice to lay it down underneath so we're still gonna put the sunscreen on

top but I think it's nice to lay this down and I do this and it's also how I

hide my contour when I'm working on a TV show or movie and so this is also the

cream foundation and this one is in beige I'm just gonna make sure it

matches see you guys you may know me online but that I'm

known for just being online and I'm digitally native online so I haven't had

accolades on being on magazine covers and movies and red carpets galore so

it's it's really cool the kids know yeah I know but no they just need see I had

to really do behind-the-scenes and watch videos that

were available back in 2007-8 starting of what was available as far as media it

wasn't much you know and a lot of y'all that was keeping it hush-hush yeah we

had to Google on your pictures and make do but it's just really cool that you're

able to like just really disclose all this secret thing what she showed on my

channel too but it's cool you've been a cover girl with other brands now you

have your own brand movies and and now I get to be where everyone else is now

I mean it just took a hot minute for me to catch up to you yeah but you're so

inspiring and you've been able to touch so many people on a daily basis and

inspire so many people and I know my kids are such a big fan you know having

the younger generation and having them be able to have someone like you to look

up - it's just so important I mean thank you I'm so shoot you're touching my face

and who else makeup everything is down in Marianna Hewitt I've done Mariana who

else Monica Blender oh my god and Patrick Starrr

well and yeah duh Patrick Starrr Patrick Starrr we're just gonna have a banner okay so

this is something that Aurora my makeup artist on LA's finest and she does a

bunch of movies and she does this on me so that we can kind of hide the contour

because the DP always complains whenever he sees makeup and so this is a way to

sort of and LA's Finest is it TV show yeah even on TV shows they do the same

thing yeah because they want you to look like you're not wearing anything you

know so funny when I get booked for TV stuff sometimes they want the makeup

yeah just basically cuz I'm known for makeup so I really can't see from the

outside in what they would want from me cuz I'm so versatile but I just

think it's just interesting to see all the here all the techniques

yeah you're still getting a SPF so this is SPF 30 and it's

Ccc so it basically has the same thing that the radiance vitamin C has so

the more you wear it the healthier skin is mmm and the brighter your skin will be

Put it on put it on me

I wanna look like you and Gabrielle Union and she is flawless skin you know that one it's

crazy but you are literally a lifestyle superstar like it's just so crazy

throughout all the years it's just like you were acting mm-hmm but just

lifestyle came into play just naturally like you were like I was saying in my

video that everyone looked for hair than your skin and then on all the magazine's

Jessica Alba's secret this secret that love life this and that makeup and

fashion like you were like like booked for everything other than just acting it

was like acting and and also your rolls were all versatile too so it just made

you so I think your roles transparently made you like so well-rounded in your

real life too and then now you have the brand it's not just beauty but you have

cleaning supplies are cleaning you have maybe you have mommy yeah she said she

might have fitness and book me for fitness oh my god my skin oh my gosh well I don't have fitness

but I think it'd be fun if we did some fitness videos together

it's more fun with friends we're friends where's my mic we're friends oh my god. am I heavy handed no my makeup

artist Ronnie bitch she punches me she's a heavy handed woman when I heard Pat

McGrath backstage she loves like mixing hands and warming it up and putting it

on the face and also it Charlotte Tilbury like warming up skincare taking

care of the skin and then putting makeup on the face and then you - hitting me

from the back you know and slapping me and tossing me around then it's not just

about I think putting something on your canvas and covering it up but if you can

take care of what's underneath you then it's also about self-care mm-hmm

you know in giving yourself that moment where you get to really give yourself

that a little lovin mm-hmm we're living in an age where skin care

is and you have skin care too yeah we have really nice skin yes and the skin care I

think with it we live in an age where skin care is merging with beauty and make up

it used to be so separate but I always was obsessed with skin especially as an

actress because you would see everything my close up is you know the screen is

this big in a movie and so you can see everything girl you look flawless I would scream if I was that big on the screen

really cool and I love it oh my god zoom in on my skin hold on you know oh

my gosh the Patrick Ta train you and Monica

they knew yeah I think I took something from all the makeup artists you know

growing up in this business and then my mom only because she was a beautician

she always loved makeup she always loved glam she would not leave the house

to take me to school go to the grocery store without a full face oh my god

really and she wore all the colors and for all y'all out there Jessica Alba

from the IE yeah she from the IE and let me tell you it shows I love it I think

what's really cool is I think with my full face series trying other brands I

think the assumption for people that have full coverage and then clean beauty

don't put the two together because it's too clean it's thin it's just natural but this isn't thin so

you could still get the performance which I'm so god yeah you've never had

that before no and that's what that's what I was so

frustrated with is that I felt like you just weren't getting the performance and

with the clean formulas and that's why we formulate it in-house

yes you should see the lab it's really cool and the chemist

it's a date yeah it's really fun and it's nice and you can like customize and you

just have a one-off it's like there's nothing more special than that that's so

crazy oh my god you are such a so what she did

was she contoured underneath and with the colors that we use is snow and

this is a foundation and cream to powder and then she's Java kind of around and

then to blend everything over you put the newest luminous finish

tinted moisturizer in the color medium when I first started doing youtube

believe it or not I was at a gym believe it or not I was at a gym right that's

what my channel started to grow did you wear full face at the gym no I did not but then when I I think I had full crystal nails

and I was Believe It or Not doing weights and I got recognized by this girl she said oh my god are you

Patrick Starrr it how the hell do you know me like I'm not and I'm not in my

Patrick start look mm-hmm and I forgot that people would recognize me from

before before like the makeup so I I thought people were just more so about

like the full-face Patrick Starrr that's what they associated with yeah so just

really interesting to see the vulnerability that digital media has

been able to offer through the lenses and how do you feel when you're walking

around without full face oh I love it because I think you know there's no

difference in how people react when I'm. full face Patrick Starrr with

they're like huge lashes and the contacts it's just the same because I've been

able to vlog on my channel and kind of also participate in lifestyle and vlogs

and I think people see that for what it is and I think it's really important

because every day I get messages on my Instagram on Twitter on my Facebook

about how much of an inspiration I am and I'm not a music artist where I'm

like literally performing for thousands of people hearing the roar of applause

you know so but to see the audiences from Africa from the Middle East to Asia

Latin America it's just even even here just to see like say oh my god you're an

inspiration you're saving my life like it's just really cool and I think with

the help of the celebrity I think it's really awesome that people can still

continue to still be on this earth because of who they see online and

inspiration it's true it's true it's it's crazy do you get emotional I do I

do it's a little bit overwhelming sometimes when you think about that many

messages like oh my god like if I've done like personal appearances or events

and like I'm a great inspiration you have no idea it's just crazy because

again I don't see it but oh my god but what I do see is the face wait this

powder wait party is my favorite step don't skip don't skip don't skip you is like a

professional makeup artist this is the powder and this is the one I used on you

yeah and this is the invisible blurring powder and it's nice because it works on

all skin tones and I used it on you mm-hmm used on me and then I use it on

you and what's nice is you can layer it but it doesn't look cakey and you have

this little well wish you can like dab yeah

access and catch it you know I feel like when I'm at hotels I feel like the

cleaning people steal your makeup no no swear that whoever's stayed there is a

crackhead because I dump all my loose powder on the table or on like a napkin like I

think I'm doing like drugs I'm like no no I just just because I don't have this

would help me tons because like most of my powders that I've seen have like just a

sifter and I literally turn it over and go do do do like I'm knocking on a door

you doing this that one uh-huh display them so expressive and I think you know

if you were to think the reason why I started baking too was not just because

a drag makeup and for that intensity of it for the simple anatomy of a male skin

is different I think there's a lot of girls who use this trick as well yeah

I'll also also girls too but I wanted to share like how men and makeup can

get the look yeah it's nice that there's techniques where the makeup can stay on

your face sort of like no matter what you're doing and so whether you're you

know doing a lot of facial expressions and you're doing the most or if you're

just walking around just not wanting your face to fall off midday which is I

think everyone wants that one it's nice to have a couple of techniques and you

can learn a lot from stage makeup yes I love it so what are your plans for your

YouTube channel tell the kids so my plans are I just

want to just be creative and do fun stuff and I also want to pay homage to

the OGS and that's why I'm just so honored that you I'm one part of doing

this video oh my god girl you are an OG girl you was my

childhood back when I was straight girl I'm just kidding I've always been gay but

I'm just sayin if I was straight you was it

literally I grew up with you literally I've been watching like old not old movies

but like old movies does that mean I'm old not but like movies from my childhood girl I don't

let him before the balls dropped you know I'm saying it was just very that and

it's just everyone it's just like Jessica Alba she's there

I literally watched that never been kissed that's it I know yeah you was there

she's clutching my nose let's tell the kids what are you using I'm using the

this one but I'm I can go in with yours cuz it's a little deeper and I feel like

you probably like it better so I'm using the dust reflection and it has

some a little bit of mica so it's you know it has a little bit more reflection

it just looks like skin and it kind of goes on top even doesn't isn't as like

if you don't want to have a strong of a look if you want to have a little bit

more of a subtle so but I can mix it with yours as well whatever I love it do

your thing I'm obsessed so when you made your

products okay did you like go into the lab and start from scratch like how

what's that process like oh my gosh you got the lab presentations

touch playing and feeling literally it's like dating it's like hooking up you really have to

like get in it with the product and then this is your Patrick Starrr give my life

bronzing powder give me life yeah that was that was crazy that was my third

collection at MAC I was able to do five collections with MAC what five

collections internationally and what's crazy is I worked at MAC right that's

where you started yeah and I was asked to remove my makeup at MAC no yes no T What

yes a shave I know because I think in in Orlando it was like too much for the mall

and then I think it was such a pinch me moment to have been asked when it

comes back around yeah oh that's what everyone was like hey so right now I'm

getting a little bit of the elevated hydrating mist and I'm wetting it and

I'm going into these two colors soft bronze and burnt mocha oh yeah you got

it and then I'm gonna get into your lash line look up do you want to do more

makeup and more product development or no I think so I think it's so fun I

think you know what ever since I was little ever since I was young I realized

I've always been obsessed with a process so whether that was making home videos

whether that was makeup whether that was doing hairdos and up dos for my friends

for prom or doing a phony hair - yeah I do hair I may not go smash your wig here

and there it's just really really fun and I think the thing about YouTube is

that because it is so turn pretty much turnkey like you create you erase and

you upload and you're getting and then you immediate satisfaction it's a

gratification awesome and you get to see the the reward it's so it is really cool

and you can have that direct relationship with people you do it too

because you create you create a movie role persona but I'm not in charge of it

but now you are now you are so I think I think that's

why this is so interesting for me as a creative person and part of the creative

process to be able to own it soup to nuts and after starting my business it

feels weird putting all of my work into someone else's hands because that's what

essentially what happens yeah I realized that I had that same sentiment the exact

same sentiment when I was playing piano so I was studying classical piano when I

was 15 yeah I was a piano teacher I can give piano lessons ya know then they've been there

actually self-taught because they're both passionate about playing music and

they teach themselves songs from YouTube and they learn by ear and then they sing

so cute it's really cute I didn't believe that they wanted and uh huh

but they really like well the Apple don't fall far from the tree honey but like I'm not talented like that

I mean you were booked and busy for many many years yeah so there's some talent in truth

though so I don't feel comfortable putting mascara on other people

so this is the mascara this is the mascara and it has primer uh-huh my god

guys she made this component because she had this idea in her mind she's telling

me for about 30 minutes and she was like I thought this component and it's so

cool because a lot of mascaras that are double ended that I have seen are even

this one is just so cool and also there was no other that that was out in the

market I was the first one and the others copied me oh my god

she keeps it honest up in here so wait so you said something about 30

seconds yes so coat okay the hell out of those lashes with that

primer and let it sit for like 30 seconds I know what is it 30 seconds do

it just allows the primer to sit and to set and to basically like become your

extra lashes it's like lash extensions this is a nice coat because you can even

wear this at night and it will protect your lashes from

falling out and stuff oh really

sometimes when I did go through wearing false lashes a lot and my lashes were

falling out I did do this at night when I was trying to grow them yeah I think

it looks good no do you guys have a toothbrush oh do

you have a spoolie Jessica Alba's gonna brush my teeth a spoolie and then where's the magic balm

here's a trick when you're gonna put on a long wear lip uh-huh

I think it's nice to have really smooth lips so get a spoolie and put it in the

magic balm and then I'm gonna give this to you and just scrub the so this is

something we formulated in-house and we have this really cool mm-hmm chemists

that came up with this bad boy and it basically doesn't have any of the

nasty or harsh chemicals that a lot of the other longer lips have so it's more

comfortable and flexible mm-hmm where that's so crazy you do everything

in-house and we try to do as much as possible given our bandwidth and if we

can really do something super special mm-hmm I'm so glad people are gonna be

like Jessica Alba did your makeup and it look good oh my gosh it's been 30 minutes laughter 30 seconds

blink through the wand yeah lets look at your lashes on when I tell you sometimes when it'd be like the

morning after and I want to hit up like a food truck or something mm-hmm

Filipino food like the last thing I want to do is fuss and must be some lashes

but I've never thought about using primer it like doubles the size it does

oh my god if I could be any more thick oh my god let me find out you know

something about thick I love it put a little bit on the bottom oh I don't know

if you anymore

I mean I feel like I should have caked on more cuz I feel like you might be mad no no no I'm not no this

is literally I feel like you're I don't know no I swear this is honestly what I

would do for real okay I just don't want to disappoint no yeah what do you mean

girl I look I was born I was so scared doing your makeup yes I was all right

guys I put on my false lashes and Jessica Alba's oh my god what she's

gonna apply this blush yes it's foxy its lip powder blush and

you're so foxy so let me find out you flirting with me dude let me find out

you flirting with me and this blush is gorgeous because it's kind of like a

two in one because I see a little bit of mäkinen for that glow gives you that

nice glow and it just looks really pretty on all skin tones you just look

so youthful and foxy and flushed oh my god I love it ha I'm a book you tomorrow 5:00 a.m. okay

I'm book you tomorrow you heard that you heard that team cancel tomorrow booking

Jessica Alba to do my makeup tomorrow oh are we done yeah we're done oh my gosh you

guys this is the makeup no makeup look I know I love it zoom in please all the way natural

beauty right here oh my god cheek to cheek oh my gosh with Jessica Alba I'm

almost as pretty you look so great way prettier guys look she's gorgeous

welcome to YouTube gosh all right guys this is the finished look on

Patrick Starrr the queen he's amazing and he allowed me to actually touch his

face and do his makeup and I'm so honored and likewise I did your face I

was nervous and yes friends yes we're gonna be fans we're gonna eat we're

gonna dance we're gonna party tik-tok together basically neighbors we

our neighbors are so honored and such an honor to have it and we're gonna push each

other out of our comfort zones yes let's do it I think a true star I love it thank you

so much for having me Jessica thank you if you want to see more videos subscribe

to my channel and look below for more videos yeah is that what I say more

videos subscribe okay make sure that you subscribe like and share and check below

because Patrick did a full glam makeover on me and you have to see the video

because it is a true transformation I've never looked as good it's amazing baby

check it out see you guys next time bye

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