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NARRATOR: North Star is the next season

coming to Rainbow Six Siege.

And it'll be bringing the Thunder, the Thunderbird

to be specific.

She's the new operator who's dealing out

some healing for the defenders, and potentially

for the attackers.

North Star is also delivering numerous game improvements,

including some notable changes to barrel attachments,

plus some balancing tweaks that will make some things

easier to see and others much more difficult.

Here's everything you need to know about North Star,

playing out on the new casual rework of the favela map.

Our new operator is Thunderbird, a speedy defender

who hails from the Nakota nations

of the northern prairies of North America.

Armed with the spear .308 assault rifle outfitted

with NATO sights, or the SPAS 15 shotgun as her primary,

and a sidearm choice of the Q929 pistol or the Bearing 9,

she wields her formidable arsenal in conjunction

with her choice of explosives--

impact grenades or a nitro cell, as you prefer.

When it comes to her gadget, well,

say hello to the Kona station.

Once Thunderbird deploys one of these devices

and it arms itself, it'll shoot a tasty health nugget

to the first operator who enters its radius.

If multiple defenders are within range,

the one with the lowest health gets the juice.

The healing works like a shot from Doc's stim pistol.

It will restore lost health and even over heal you.

But any health above your max HP will

appear as blue in your health bar

and slowly dissipate over time.

After dispensing a single dose, the station goes on cooldown

until the next one is ready.

Defenders will see a cool down timer,

while attackers can wait to see a cone of blue light

that indicates a charge is ready.

And their patience could pay off because a charged Kona

station will heal anyone who enters its radius,

not just defenders.

Using Thatcher's EMP to temporarily disable

icona station rather than destroying it

could earn an attacker a nice little health boost

for a post-plant situation.

So it behooves Thunderbird to keep tabs

on her Kona station situation.

And there's one more thing.

A Kona station charge can be used by a down but not out

operator to get themselves back on their feet.

The DBNO operator will have to manually trigger the revive.

But if used properly, and with a little bit of luck,

Kona stations can do wonders for defender survivability.

Combine one with a deployable shield and Jager's ADS

to create a tough defensive position,

or hide a couple in key positions

around the map to make your Roamer's

even harder to take down.

Thunderbird brings a powerful loadout and an empowering

gadget to the defending team.

But North Star has even more in store.

An important update to barrell attachments

will help you keep your recoil in check

so more of your bullets go where you want them to go.

Compensators will now slowly limit left and right movement,

while flash hiders will dampen the weapons vertical kick.

Muzzle breaks will still recenter your shots

more quickly.

And overall, the goal is to help you better customize

your loadout.

If you're curious about the impact these changes will have,

why not try out the flash hider on the P90 or the Bearing 9?

Now, if that was you on the wrong end

of that encounter, what you'd be seeing now

is the new post-death sequence.

First, you watch your body hit the ground

and then disappear, to be replaced

by a translucent operator icon, the better

to commemorate your passing while eliminating

any issues with dead bodies appearing differently

to different players.

Then, you'd see the replay, which you can now skip.

And finally, you'd enter the support phase.

Also on the North Star update list

is a change to bullet holes.

A single solitary shot in a destructible surface

will no longer make a hole you can see through.

So you'll have to make something a bit bigger, and potentially

a bit more noticeable.

On to operator updates.

Smoke's toxic gas has a new look and a new propagation system

aimed at helping it spread more naturally

and predictably and not through walls-ly.

Melusi's banshee devices will cease to be bulletproof

when they are active, letting attackers shoot them to be

rid of their infernal meddling.

And a big one for Mira's black mirrors, Maestro's evil eyes

and bulletproof cameras--

the glass on these gadgets can now

be shattered by melee attacks.

Shattering won't remove the glass,

but it will make the glass impossible to see through,

severely limiting the devices utility.

Want to play a few matches with all these changes in place

before the season launches?

Download and play the PC test server

starting on Tuesday, May 25.

It's free to all players who own siege on PC.

And it's a great way to get a look

at what's coming in North Star and beyond.

In fact, one of the biggest changes revealed

during this year's future of Siege panel

is coming to the North Star test server--

game play after death.

How'd you like to check out the new streamlined armor system

or try out the updated bulletproof cameras that

can now look every which way and are armed with a recharging EMP


Play the test server to see how these game changing, still

work-in-progress new features are shaping up.

And be sure to send the team your feedback.

Let's round out our North Star tour with a look

at the new favela map, a casual rework where

fireworks can be expected at any time,

as long as it's nighttime.

While the surrounding streets are a good place

to practice your drone's footwork,

you won't find a ground floor stairway leading

into the building.

And most of the exterior walls are no longer destructible,

except for this one.

The roof still has two entries at the top

of the red and yellow stairs.

But the interior floor plan has been completely redesigned.

The two main floors are much more interconnected,

with a bevy of tight spaces that make

for intense close-quarters confrontations,

depending on how renovation happy the defenders are.

The new favela map and all the tweaks and updates

will be available free to all players

when North Star launches, unless I mentioned them specifically

in the test server section, in which case

they're only coming to the test server, for now.

The new operator, Thunderbird, will be unlockable instantly

through the premium track of the North Star Battle Pass

and available three weeks later for purchase

with Renowned or R6 credits.

For more on Rainbow Six Siege, follow this channel.

And visit us at

Four eliminated.

Mission successful.

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