Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Historias Cuenca: La Funda de una Tarjeta

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I love the smaller things

The details,

the ones that hardly anyone notices

but that give everything its uniqueness.

We are made up of the smaller things, and that is

what I like to think about when I design.

Sometimes, you imagine something that your hands alone cant bring to life,

so you must seek expert hands.

I like to work with people that work like me,

starting from the smaller things, because when you see that kind of work, you are a witness to the time that was invested in it.

And, if you look even closer, you can see

traces of the people that devoted their time to it and traces of their lives.

When they embroider and leave a mark on the fabric,

they leave that mark from an emotional place depending on the mood they find themselves in.

It may be that youre sad, but in the end,

you overcome that stress by doing the work.

Or, maybe, youre very happy,

and then, you start choosing certain colors.

Its like with everything. Like when the sun rises, and you see those colors, and you see nature,

you see the sky and the sunThats how you embroider.

In the future and in technology,

theres also room for history and memories

With the threads and the colors of everything

we are and everything we have been.

We are all hunters of beauty

even if we each interpret it in different ways

and find it in very different places.

I work with a group of people

that are always thinking how to improve your

and how to gain your trust.

So, when they give me the opportunity to design something small

that youll carry with you and use in your day-to-day life,

why not make it beautiful?

Im Bibiana, and I designed your card.

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