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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 31 Days of Learning English - DAY 22 - improve your English - PROTEST - 22nd October - Tuesday

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doo-doo-doo-doo here we go again are you ready?

here we are again all together on YouTube and there it is the view right

now out of the window it is a lovely day it is sunny it really does feel like

autumn is in the air and of course this is day 22 of 31 days of English in October 2019

hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in

England how are you today are you okay I hope so are you happy are you happy I

hope so I hope you are feeling as happy as I am today because I feel rather

happy jolly my sunny side is showing I feel in the pink as fit as a fiddle I

feel rather well today not too bad thank you for asking so here we go then I know

it isn't the weekend is it it's definitely not the weekend and I know

that it isn't Monday because that was yesterday so that must mean that today

it's Tuesday

I love twanging my guitar I hope you do too there is nothing more satisfying

than a nice twang so here we go it is Tuesday I've been out in the garden

because the weather is rather nice now I was asked yesterday if we are going to

see the Sheep so today I decided to do something very technical I actually set

up my camera outside so we could see the sheep in the field but as you can see

the sheep are not there they are there but they are in another field so there

are two fields near my house so there is the field you can see now and there is

another one which is just across to the right but of course my camera can't see

that particular field so this is what I managed to shoot this is what I managed

to film just before my live stream started so that is the view now oh wait

there a minute wait a moment look hello it it looks like the sheep

are coming back I can't believe it there they are Wow I can't believe it so

just as I turn on my camera to show you where the sheep are it looks as if the

sheep are just starting to come back into the field so if you look towards

the right hand of the screen you should see some sheep coming into view when

something comes into view it means it comes into sight it means suddenly it is

visible it is seeable so there you can see the sheep are now coming into the

field they are starting to make their way across the field

so thank goodness my hard work this morning setting up that camera outside

I'm glad that all of that effort has paid off because there they are the

sheep are now starting to come back into the field isn't that nice it's almost as

if they knew that I was doing this because just before I started the

livestream they actually went away would you like to see so this is just before I

started they actually walked away so those are the sheep earlier and these

are the sheep right now they're back oh thank goodness for that

I can't remember who was asking yesterday someone asked me about about

the sheep so there they are right now on your screens they are coming back so we

will check in with the Sheep a little bit later on meanwhile we have other

things to talk about well first of all let's have a look at the live chat who

is on now I know that there are many things happening at the moment

there has been rugby and football and there are protests taking place all

around the world by the way we are talking about that subject today we are

talking about going on or making a protest so that is one of the subjects

we will be talking about today oh it's so nice I'm so pleased to see the sheep

have returned to the field I was getting worried because I thought they they were

going to go away for the whole afternoon but they're back so welcome back to the


okay that's enough you can have too much sheep so thank you

very much for your lovely company today oh hello - grace chin hello grace guess

what you are first once again on the live chat oh well done Rahul is here as

well Eric is also on the live chat hello also - Luis Luis Mendez thank you

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Ram as an aura is here Irene also Mika what a beautiful view

you have yes look at that today it is looking very autumnal out of

my window so there you can see the view so that is part of the view from my

window you might see some birds flying by as well there are lots of pigeons

flying around in large flocks at the moment so if we are very lucky we might

get to see some lovely big flocks of pigeons flying by of course now that the

camera is on they won't come by typical so there is the view yes autumn is

definitely in the air it really does feel as if autumn has arrived as you can

see right now out of the window so we are talking about lots of things I

suppose I suppose I should mention this although I won't say the word don't

worry I won't say it however this is still happening the saga continues the

very long saga which has taken over three years and still we haven't come to

a decision over this particular topic so at the moment there is now a three-day

discussion to work out what will happen next so there is a new deal apparently

concerning this I'm not going to say the word I'm not going to say it however it

still looks as if we might not be leaving the European Union on the 31st

of October however that particular date is still very special because it's my

anniversary here on YouTube and that is the reason why I am here today that's

why I'm doing this everyday during October to celebrate my 13th year

Massimo's says hi everybody I'm at work I can't listen to the live lesson but I

will see the captions and also chat now and again that is okay Massimo if you

can join in completely or only partially it's fine by me

I will replay the lesson later of course you are more than welcome to do so

fernando hello fernando nice to see you here today i always like to see your

photograph because your little icon you look very happy

you look like you have a big smile on your face andres or undress says hello

mr. duncan from colombia thanks for your live lessons we are talking about

protests today making a protest going on a protest it is something we are going

to talk about today because you may have noticed in the news or the newspapers or

on the internet there are many stories about people who have decided to protest

hong kong is a good example of that there have been protests taking place

for a very long time also in france although having said that i haven't

heard anything about the protests in paris for a long time so are they still

going on are they still happening are the yellow jerseys still protesting in

paris because it would appear that the media in the UK are not reporting it so

is it still going on hello you TAS or Vitesse hello Vitesse i heard that you

don't know who Chris Norman is he was the main singer of the smokey

instrumental group oh yes well I know smokey so they had a lot of hits in the

1970s so yes I have bird of the group smokey although I

didn't realize the lead singer was called Chris Norman yes smokey

I remember smokey they had a lot of what I would call middle-of-the-road music so

music that is popular so it isn't a particular type of music it is

middle-of-the-road I think so yes of course I know who smokey is I was

a young child during the 1970s although I can't think of any of their songs but

I do know the group hello Rahul you are looking nice in your white t-shirt well

today I am actually wearing my happy face so there it is I am actually

wearing my smiley face t-shirt today although you can't see it unfortunately

Francisco who is watching in Italy what's the weather like in Italy is it

nice there I really hope it is hello to Mohammed hello mr. Duncan nice to see

you all here today so protesting there are protests taking

place around the world eric says what does it mean to make a good protest we

have seen that without violence it is not possible to get the expected results

well this is something I'll be talking about later when we talk about different

types of protests so where we talk about protesting we are often angry or

dissatisfied or maybe there is a certain change that we want to see so when you

protest a protest can be an individual protest so in fact what person alone can

protest so maybe I could protest outside my local post office every time they put

the price of stamps up so every time they increase the price of postage

stamps I could stand outside the post office and I could protest

about it so one person can protest or a thousand people or hundred thousand

people can protest of course there are different types of protest there are

silent protests like now I am going to have a silent protest at the moment

excuse me hmm I'm sorry about that my throat is a

little dry at the moment because I've been outside and at this time of year

the air is very dry and unfortunately my throat was feeling a little sensitive so

yes there are many different types of protest there are protests where people

say nothing or do nothing they just sit maybe they block a road or maybe they

block a path or maybe they all sit outside a building so people cannot get

here so we call that type of protest a sit-in sit-in so a sit-in means a

protest where people just sit or they block a place maybe they sit on the road

and they stop the traffic from going through or maybe they sit at work and

they do no work they do nothing to help the company so they sit in this was very

popular during the 1970s here in the UK there are there were many sit-ins so

when we say a sit-in a protest where people just sat and did nothing they all

gathered and did nothing so I suppose another word is strike as

well so you can go on strike quite often people will strike if they are

dissatisfied with their employment rights or their salary they will go on

strike so yes there are many ways of protesting thank you Eric for your

message the live chat is very busy

it is raining here I suppose it is the same in other countries but I love the

color of autumn Thank You Sara that's very kind of you Pedro is here

hello Pedro nice to see you here today I used to practice Brazilian

Jujitsu mm-hmm that's interesting jiu-jitsu now that is a type of martial

art where you use your hands and I think your fists and maybe your feet and

perhaps sometimes your head I'm not quite sure I have never tried martial

arts I've never tried karate I've never tried kung-fu I've never tried jiu-jitsu

I've never tried any of those things to be to be honest with you I've never

tried them I'm not a very physical person you may have noticed hello to

Irene it is foggy today I am interested to find out what Pedro is doing with his

jujitsu I wonder if you've ever done it to another person maybe in self-defense

if you were having a fight have you ever used your jujitsu so go on strike Rolfie

asks is go on strike the same as protest yes it is it is just a different type of

protest so you protest about something you

disagree with quite often in your job so maybe your employer is not paying you

enough money or maybe they make some changes maybe your lunch hour has been

cut to just half an hour so you will go on strike

you will protest by stopping your work you will refuse to work so during the

1970s here in the UK there were many strikes quite often involving the energy

suppliers so the people that supplied the things that kept our electricity

flowing and by that I mean coal so the the coal miners would go on strike and

then because of that there would be no electricity so quite often and I

remember this from the 1970s growing up quite often we would have no electricity

across the whole country there would be power cuts the electricity would go off

because there would be no coal to to fuel the power stations so I remember

that quite quite vividly I remember still sitting in the dark

with just a candle to light my way around the house because there was no

electricity can you imagine that so that was the 1970s during the 1970s there

were many strikes industrial strikes or another way of describing it is

industrial action so when you take industrial action it means you go on

strike mr. Duncan can you pronounce two words all and owned all owned owned all

that's it we are going to do something very unusual now way back in 2013 I did

a series of video lessons during October and we are now going to go back in time

to 2013 and this is a very unusual video because in this particular video we are

going to take a look behind the scenes so now we

will go back in time to 2013 it was this very day six years ago and as I

mentioned we are going to take a look behind the scenes let there be light

there it is I have lots and lots of lights in the studio because lighting is

very important in videography photography and filmmaking lighting is a

key element you need lots and lots of lighting and my studio has plenty of

lighting I have about 10 or 11 lights in this studio some are large ones this is

quite a big light even though the light seems powerful it isn't using much

electricity because the bulb in here is a low energy bulb so even though it

seems to be using lots of energy it isn't it's very kind to the environment

if there is one element of video making that people tend to get wrong it's the

sound sound quality in video is just as important as picture quality if you

can't hear what's going on in the video there the message you're trying to put

across will be lost so you do need a good quality microphone the camera I am

recording on at the moment has an internal microphone and that is the

recording quality that you can hear now it's not that good it sounds like I'm in

a big empty box but this microphone is a professional external microphone you can

plug this in to your camera and it will give you a lovely clear rich sound this

is a directional microphone this means that it will only

pick up sound that is coming from the front so anything going in here will be

very clear anything here or at the back will be canceled out so when you are

recording sound this is the sort of microphone you need and if you are going

outside you need to protect this so normally you put a large cover over this

normally the cover is made of plastic and then over the top of the plastic you

put a fluffy windshield and that stops the wind noise from affecting the

microphone it's great I love it in professional terms this is called a

shotgun microphone here is another one of my lights this is a

professional-grade light you'll see these a lot on television

normally when interviews are taking place you'll see them dotted around in

the background lighting the room this is called the dado light and this is a very

useful light because well first of all they're very small and you can hide them

away in corners and they are very easy to position incredibly lightweight and

the other thing is you can dim them very easily so by using this you can adjust

the light itself the strength of the light can be altered so this dims the

light right down low so if you want a bright strong light oh my gosh it's

burning my eyes out if you want to low moody atmospheric light

the only thing about these is they get incredibly hot sometimes I forget and

grab hold of it let's just say it burns my hand a little bit I have three of

these lights in my studio and I normally use them for background lighting now

this is a very useful bit of kit this is called the monitor I plug this into my

camera to allow myself to see what the camera is seeing so in other words I am

seeing what the camera is seeing so I can see myself does that make sense

I hope so

I'm ready for my close-up action look at that

it's a clapperboard you've probably seen these loads and loads of times on movie

sets and sometimes they use them in TV as well but not as often clapper boards

are used mainly in the film industry and they serve many purposes they allow the

editor to see what is being filmed and also when it was filmed and who filmed

it and some of the technical things at the bottom there but the most important

thing on set that a clapper board does is that it makes a noise and that allows

the editor later to match the sound and the picture together so when you're

recording sound on a film set normally the sound is recorded

separately from the picture so they use this to add a mark to the film and to

the recording track so the soundtrack has this sound and the picture has the

movement so you can match the two together and then you have a

synchronized picture that means that the sound and the movement will match like

now can you see and cut

here it is my most favorite piece of equipment it is of course a camera this

is my a camera I call it the a camera because this is the camera I tend to use

for most of my main shots certainly when I'm indoors here in the studio this is

the camera I normally use I have five cameras in total I have this one I have

the one that I'm using now to film this over there I also have a DSLR camera and

I have two other cameras as well so in fact I have well too many cameras some

people would say I also use my smartphone sometimes for taking still

pictures because of course the quality now of mobile phone pictures it is very

high so you can actually nowadays use still pictures from your mobile phone as

you can see on the front here there is a piece of reflective glass and this

allows me to use an autocue so sometimes when I'm speaking for a very long time I

forget the words if Barack Obama can have an autocue so Q mr. Duncan

and we are back I hope you enjoyed that we went back in time to 2013 didn't I

look thin there do you think I looked very thin so that that was six years ago

having said that my studio has changed a lot since then so six years ago I wasn't

making my live streams so because of the new technology that has come along since

2013 my whole studio is now completely

different so there is a lot more equipment in here than there was before

if you could see my studio now it is full of equipment lights reflectors

microphones all sorts of strange Gant's gadgets and devices I must say so I hope

you enjoyed that it may have been a little bit boring for some people but I

hope not sometimes it's nice to take a look

behind the scenes it is interesting to see how things are done what are the

Sheep doing let's have a look outside the sheep are still there yes there they

are definitely so the sheep are in the field

at the back of the house they have returned they wondered off earlier but

they're back now so say her big hello to the Sheep back to the live chat

so apparently Pedro used to practice jiu-jitsu which is a type of martial art

hello Ana Rita two years ago my son and his daughter walked 26 kilometres in

Rome wow that's a long walk Ana Rita is here also Mika hello Mika nice to see

you back Belarusian hello I remember this video

very much I remember it very much I it was

something very different I have watched your dunk

towba lessons again and again thank you very much for that I hope you enjoyed it

mr. Duncan can we call you a geek of Technology well I must be honest I am a

big fan of technology I love gadgets I love devices I love things that are

electronic so I'm always very interested in those sorts of things

computers I love computers I love playing around with my computer I

love experimenting with all of my devices and the things that I have here

in my studio the only sad thing is at the end of that video that you just

watched that big camera is no more sadly my lovely big professional camera

died about four years ago unfortunately one day it suddenly stopped working so I

tried to get it fixed but I was told that it would cost as much as a new

camera to get it fixed and we are talking thousands of pounds so sadly my

lovely big camera that you saw in that video is no more I don't have it anymore

because it has broken sadly I I still remember how upset and devastated I felt

when it happened yes I love watching behind the scenes videos says Ramsey

Nouah that's okay I'm glad to hear it today we are talking about this

particular topic this subject that you might hear a lot of people talking about

so when we talk about protests we mean a disagreement maybe something that you

disagree with something that has happened something that a person has

done or maybe a change that is about to take place and you disagree with it

so you want to protest you will go on a protest so protest is a disagreement you

show your disagreement by doing something to protest is an action you

protest another way of describing it of course is demonstrate so you demonstrate

you go on a demonstration so when you demonstrate it means you go into the

street or maybe you march through a certain area you walk maybe with a group

of people you demonstrate so in this respect you are showing your outrage you

are showing your anger so to demonstrate is to show so you show something you

demonstrate so in that respect you are showing your anger or your disagreement

with something you demonstrate so we might say that these words are very

similar you protest you demonstrate you go on a demonstration you protest I

suppose this is a type of protest so when you march to march is to walk in a

steady line or in an organized way so if you march quite often it means you walk

in a group and normally an organized group so March a protest can also be

described as a march you go on a march you've protest so you protest you go on

a march you march

a group of people can also be described as rally so this can actually be used as

both a noun and verb so rally means to gather together if you gather in a group

if you gather for some sort of protest or conference you will have a rally

quite often at a rally there will be people giving speeches so the group will

watch and then quite often you will see people also giving speeches at a rally

in politics you will often have a rally so rally is a group a group of people

that come together for a particular reason quite often to protest or to meet

because you have similar interests a rally you can have a car rally so maybe

people come together who have a common interest in cars rally I like that word

another one and this is one I mentioned earlier click it to pick it if you pick

it it means you stay in one place maybe you stand in a group perhaps outside a

factory and of course you will often stop people from going in so a picket is

often a group of people and quite often it is a type of protest that is

organized by a union so if a union a group of people who look out for each

other's interests gets together they will pick it so during the 1970s as I

mentioned earlier I remember there were many strikes many people would pick it

outside factories and coal mines so yes that is a word I know very well

to protest is to stand up if you stand up you stand up for what you believe in

you stand up for what you believe is correct or fair maybe you stand up

against something so to stand up is to make your voice heard you stand up you

protest so this is another way of describing the action of going on a

protest you stand up it is a very obvious way of making your voice heard

you stand up stand up for your rights you stand up for your freedom to stand

up so it looks like a very simple sentence but this actually has a very

heavy and serious meaning when people protest we will often say that they take

to the streets so quite often if you take to the streets

it means you will go on a protest so people will come out of their houses

maybe they feel strongly about something a certain issue and they will take to

the streets now before anyone says mr. Duncan that normally means that violence

will take place so yes a violent protest can actually be described as this as

well so if people take to the streets quite often it means they are doing

something angrily or in an angry way so you take to the streets you go on a

protest and quite often this will mean that the protest is an angry protest the

people will take to the streets they have had enough they are a little

annoyed when you protest you take a stand you

take a stand so to take a stand means you are making yourself heard and quite

often seen as well so to take a stand is to take a certain position quite often

politically so to take a stand you stand up for something you believe in you take

a stand sometimes we say make a stand so you might make a stand or take a stand

you stand up against something something you believe is right or wrong Express I

suppose the best word to describe the form of demonstration or demonstrating

you are expressing your feelings so to express is to show how you feel so maybe

you express yourself by shouting or maybe you make some sort of noise

perhaps with your car so quite often people will get in their cars and they

will protest in their vehicles maybe they will be beep beep beep sound their

horns so there are many ways to express yourself if you are protesting against

something to demonstrate you express your feelings you express your views you

express how you feel and I suppose this is also another way you rise or rage

against something so if you rise or rage it means you come out so maybe you take

to the streets you come out you go to a certain place and you will show your

or disappointment or your disagreement you will rise or you will rage against

something and of course the word that I used earlier rally so you can also rally

against something as well so these two words are quite strong words so when you

rise then it means you appear you appear and you begin your protest you rise up

and of course quite often people might be angry you show your rage you rise

against you rage against there was a group in the 1980s called Rage Against

the Machine if you are a fan of the 1980s I'm sure you will know about that

thank you very much for your lovely messages today yes I know this is a big

subject but I think it's one that is good to talk about because it has become

a bit of a buzzword over these past few years I suppose it all started way back

in 2011 during the Arab uprising or the Arab Spring so that's really when

protesting started to take hold across well the Middle East and now the world

so a lot of people are unhappy about lots of things and to show how unhappy

they are they will stage a protest so if you stage a protest

it means you carry out or you organize so to stage something means to organize

or arrange so you staged a protest you actually go out and do it quite often

there will be a lot of organizing maybe this is a good point to mention social

media because social media has been blamed

and also credited at the same time for encouraging people to stage a protest in

certain countries social media is sometimes blocked so there are countries

around the world that will sometimes block social media or maybe any form of

communication such as whatsapp can also be blocked so to stage a protest means

to go out and raise your voice about something to show that you are unhappy

about a certain thing now here's an interesting word and it's one I want to

introduce March on mass now this is an interesting not only an interesting word

but also an interesting phrase as well so you march on mass you march in a

large group so a large demonstration a large protest we can say that the people

march on mass which comes from the French language so in a large group so a

large group of people marching together we can say that they march on mass and

that is French in a large group a large group of people will congregate so if a

group of people get together we congregate we get together so we mess oh

I like that one now there is a word that has quite a few meanings so if you mess

as a verb it means you gather you gather together you congregate so if you

congregate it means you gather together you get together you form a group you

might talk about people that go to church on Sunday they will congregate

they are the people who gather together on Sunday to pray so

they congregate and we can name that group as a congregation so when we say

congregation it means they have congregated so they congregate the group

of people are a congregation and also you can gather or group so these are

actually two separate words you gather you group you gather together you group

together so both of these words can show the formation of a crowd or a group of

people so gather you bring something together you bring people together group

well this can be used as a noun and a verb so the people who are together are

the group but also the formation of the group as a verb is group so you will

gather you will group I suppose another word that I haven't written down is a

mess so you can amass as well which is to gather together lots of people on the

live stream now wanting to say hello pal Mira says I am a bad protestor I do not

like it well some people feel strongly now from

my own opinion I know I shouldn't give my opinion but I don't see the problem

with protesting because sometimes you have to sometimes you have no other

resort so quite often protesting is the last resort you have tried everything

else you have tried to speak to people you've tried to get answers you've tried

to make changes so quite often I think going on a protest

is the last resort it is the last thing that you can do you have no other choice

no other options but to protest

Cathy Yanni hello Cathy Arne nice to see you here on the live chat today so when

you go on a March you protest you stand up for what you believe in

there are many protests taking place around the world have you ever been on a

protest is there something that you have felt so strongly about that you have

actually gone out into the street and protested about so is there something

you have ever protested palmyra says what about Gandhism well I suppose

Gandhism is very similar to passive protesting so a person who is passive in

their protest is a person who says nothing and does nothing and of course

there are many other ways of protesting besides walking or marching or shouting

or screaming or being silent you can also have hunger protests as well so

maybe a person who feels strongly about something will actually stop eating food

as a protest so they will go on hunger strike so when we talk about hunger

strike it means a person who a person who goes on strike and to do that they

refuse to eat mr. Duncan why don't you come back to the first studio that one

in front of the computer well unfortunately the computer that I have

now and all of the equipment is very noisy so the reason why I can't sit in

front of my computer anymore when I do the live streams is because of the noise

so my computer system and all the other things that I use to keep everything

cool it is very noisy so that's the reason

why I don't sit in front of my computer anymore during the live streams hello to

Ibrahim hello mr. Duncan and everyone else I am

too late yes I will be going soon we have been talking about an interesting

subject today we've been talking about going on a protest or standing up for

something you believe in maybe something you think is right or wrong

or maybe a change that you feel has to happen so quite often you will see

people with a protest sign something they will hold up as a way of getting

their message across so quite often they will shout or they will call maybe a

phrase or a slogan and also quite often you will see protest signs something a

person will hold up there are many ways of describing a protest I did show you

the words so these are the basic words that we talked about or mention when we

talk about going on a protest so you protest demonstrate rally picket march

stand against and there is another word that I will show you on the screen right

now so this word has a slightly different meaning when we talk about

Protestant this is a very different thing altogether so this relates to a

religious divide between those who follow the Catholic Church and those who

don't this of course occurred after the

Reformation so that is one word that does relate to protesting but in a quite

different way hello to the live chat Oh lots of people are talking about this


thank you very much for your lovely messages protesting the government

always ends in jail well maybe for some people so you may have heard that here

in the UK there have been lots of protests taking place in London for

example and there have been a lot of arrests so people have literally been

taken off the streets by the police for protesting but I suppose in some ways it

isn't the protest but maybe the type of protest so I know that sometimes when

you have a protest you might feel strongly about a certain

subject or issue however there might be another group who feel the opposite way

so sometimes you can have two protests occurring at the same time so one group

feels one way and the other group feels the other way and they sometimes clash

and when they clash they fight and when they fight there is violence

so sometimes protests can become violent or aggressive so yes but as far as I am

concerned quite often protesting is a good thing

I was asked earlier mr. Duncan have you ever protested ah I see now I remember

many years ago I went to London I went on something called a pride march and it

was the first time I'd ever done it would you like to see a photograph now

I'm only going to put this on the screen quickly because I'm sure some people

will complain about this so many years ago in my youth when I was young and

foolish I went on a march in London called a pride march and there I am

there I am on a pride march many many years ago that is around about 26 maybe

27 years ago when the world was a very different

place so even I have protested sometimes I've protested not very often

though in fact I think that was the last time I did it about 28 years ago so I've

only protested once and that was way back in I think it was around about 2000

oh sorry 1993 or 1994 quite a long time ago in fact hello to Magda hello also -

Anna hello Pedro Kathy Kathy Arnie hello Kathy Arnie

nice to see you here watching in Sao Paulo nice to see you is it your first

time on the live chat is it the first time that you were here what did you say

yeah ok there is again very quickly and yes I am carrying one of these a bag

with this on the front so you can see even 28 years ago I was a very big fan

of this particular brand 28 years ago Kathy Anna in Brazil we have had many

protests about the bolson ro government yes I believe there are people who are

not very happy with the state of things at the moment in Brazil also I believe

in Spain and also Hong Kong where else Lebanon I think there have been big

protests in Lebanon so many around the world and of course here in London there

have been many protests recently taking place arm it says a pride march how can

you do that how can I very easily actually I just walk down the road very

easily Thank You Palmyra thank you also to patch you who joined

eight today yes of course Pedro yes it was an LGBT protest but way

before way before the modern times of protesting so way back in the early

1990s we were still suffering the country was still suffering from all

sorts of things so we were coming out of the end of a very harsh government here

in the UK it's very interesting there are many countries in the Middle East

and Africa that are protecting Sudan and Lebanon because of their rights I think

so well this is something that happens quite often when there is a problem in

one country quite often you will find other countries coming to their aid or

maybe coming to their defense so I don't think that's unusual I think that

happens quite often in fact hello lo Tran

hello also - can I say hello - I'm trying to find your name now just give

me a moment oh yes Kathy I nee Kathy Arnie says it

is my first time

what a lovely positive way to finish today's livestream so welcome I will be

here tomorrow in fact I'm here every day during October celebrating my 13th year

on YouTube patch you says people are demonstrating against Donald Trump

I suppose so yes there there have been many protests how can says hello from

Exeter oh hello Exeter what's the weather like at the moment is it nice

oh I am from Turkey but now I am living in Exeter and the weather is very nice I

can thank you very much for joining me today

Damian Travis says in Argentina there are many protests every day especially

in Buenos Aires so I think this subject is actually a subject that many people

are talking about reading about or thinking about mm-hmm cat eonni says

thank you you are welcome Louie Louie says the pride march was

very audacious years ago this is true so way back in the early 1990s the pride

march was not like the pride march that you see now so to be honest with you I

don't think pride marches are very good anymore because most of them have been

commercialized so it's all about making money but way back in the early 1990s it

was nothing to do with making money it was to do with making your voice heard

so there you go that's what it was all about well I'm going now it's time to

say goodbye thank you Katharina I would like to

thank you for your lessons mr. Duncan thank you very much I would like to

thank you for saying thank you to me see you tomorrow 2:00 p.m. I will be back

and it's Wednesday tomorrow so I will be in the kitchen doing something different

so yes it's Wednesday tomorrow and I will be in the kitchen with you

live from 2 p.m. UK time this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of

English saying thanks for watching let's have a quick look at the Sheep oh the

sheep have gone again that's not very nice is it

and of course until tomorrow you know what's coming next

ta ta for now 8-)

The Description of 31 Days of Learning English - DAY 22 - improve your English - PROTEST - 22nd October - Tuesday