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When does Corn irritate you?

When he farts in the boat.

Do you fart in the boat?

In the fresh air, thats okay, right?

Oh, I dont know about that! That's dirty!

Our sporters have delivered a top performance at the Paralympic Games.

We fly back to the Netherlands with them and ask all our pressing questions.

Welcome to Oranje Boven (Orange Above).

Good morning, this is your captain speaking with today, once again, a cartload of medals.

How about the mixed double sculls, silver for Annika van der Meer and Corn de Koning

and a little man with huge achievements a personal best for Take Zonneveld

And a woman who, together with her horse, can change everything into gold. Sanne Voets

So, Take, here we are then, that was it.

The journey home.

What a thing, its really heavy.

Yeah, beautiful isnt it?

Thats whats hanging round your necks.


Yes, thank you.

There are so many here, can I buy one?

Eh, no

100, 150 euro? Ill take it with me.

I happened to hear you yesterday on the radio. You spoke with so much love about your horse,

it sounds like you are really in love with your horse.

Yes, thats kind of true.

You are like dance partners really,

you have to know each other inside out to make sure you can both really perform at your very best.

Am I sitting next to a satisfied man?

Yes, definitely, yes.

But just to make sure, you said, Ill only be satisfied if I finish in the top 6.


And what do you do? Seventh!

Thats right, yes.

But I cant say now that Im not satisfied because Ive achieved a personal best.


And if you come in seventh

Yeah, it really doesnt matter to me. It feels different than a personal best at a different competition.

Yes. This is the competition that half the world is watching.

So, do you now think, it tastes moreish?

Definitely, yes. I noticed, during the competition itself, that Ive got more to give.

But its really unimaginable, everything youve won.

I mean, European champion, World champion, now Paralympic champion and not for the first time.

Is there anything else you still want?

Do you want to take your horse to the moon to see if theres anything to be won there?

There are always improvements to be made. Youre always looking for ways to do it better.

And at the end of the day, I just love horse riding.

Keeping busy all day long with my horse, finding that connection with him.

My horse is really special to me Not just some object that you climb onto to win a medal.

No, not a bike.

No, not at all.

I think that the basis of performing really well is to make sure that you and your horse

are working together in optimal harmony. Thats the art of it

its actually how art and sport come together I think.

Before the Paralympics you had actually said

that you were going to quit because youre a doctor.


And thats what you want to do. Now youre wearing that medal, doesnt it make you think again?

Well, I could combine the two. Study and rowing, maybe I can continue doing it?

Well, its been quite a challenge to combine the two and I think that its something you cant maintain for a long time.

So for the time being, I just want to focus on being a doctor. And Im ready for that.

What strikes me is, when do you realise that youre good at the shot put?

I discovered it during a talent day by the NOC*NSF and the athletics union

and thats where I did the throwing sports.

So, you found this out at the talent day

but you had a talent for it before that

because Ive heard that much earlier you just threw things around.

Thats right yeah.

Much to the irritation of your parents.


Just grab a cigarette from the table and throw it through the room!

Thats right, I was always on the go throwing, balls, I did tennis, badminton.

Can you also play darts?


Yes? So there must be some kind of feeling in there, in your arm.

Yeah, it seems that way

Corn, do you hold it against Annika?

No, not at all.

Were all responsible for our own choices, right? Everyone makes choices, everyone makes their own path.

It's that simple.

Yeah, but you are such a good duo, you could say

yeah, great that you want to be a doctor, but I have a life too.

But its quite simple you know. We started working together to get us here, for this.

Its simple, now our ways part.

Were both going our own way now, thats how things go, right?

Ive heard that when you were born there was something wrong with your legs

but you started riding and then you fell and the horse fell on you.

Yes, the horse slipped and it landed on my legs.

And so then you thought, I know what to do, Im going to do more horse riding.


There was a doctor, and he told you to never go near another horse, ever again.

Yeah, just dont do it.

Youre not suited to it.

And now, were 86 medals down the line. Shall we give that doctor a ring?

Have you got his number?

No, but you know, some people thing its really stupid, they think,

just dont do it, do something else, find another hobby.

But at the same time I think if you really love horses its deep in your heart and in your blood

then youll never give it up.

You can sit in a golden cage but you really just have to do what makes your heart beat faster

and for me, thats being involved with horses.

Of course, there are people at home waiting for you, but they have something to say to you.

Oh, great.

If you could just put these headphones on.

Hey Take, youve surpassed yourself.

Youve put yourself on the map.

A great experience behind you.

Super proud of you! Motivated, you can continue.

Welcome home!

Super nice.

Yeah? Yeah really nice.

That was great.

That really made you happy.

I havent seen them for so long. We facetimed after my competition, but seeing this is great too.

Theyre really proud of you.

Its quite moving, really?

Yeah it is!

So, how long since you saw them?

Over three weeks.

Well, great, you can go home now. Loads of luck with your career.

Thank you.


So, do you like hip hop?

Always, yeah.

Do you know Sticks?


Hes made an ode especially for you.

Goosebumps in the heat

Poetry in motion

You and your horse in perfect harmony

To the sounds of the most beautiful music

And it fits perfectly

Everything comes together

At the right time

Prepared down to the finest detail This competition, and you ride your best ride ever

You radiate love For your team, for your sport, for Demantur

Yes Sanne, Youre the golden highlight of dressage

Aahh, how cool! Really cool.

Great, right?


Maybe this is something you should do on your next test

Yeah, lets give him a ring. Have you got his number?

Yeah, well get that sorted for you!

What did you miss the most?

Yeah, beer.


Yeah, beer.

Well, I can sort that out for you. Ive also got some bitterballen for you.

Oh, the chocolate.

Well guys, lets raise a glass to a very successful Paralympic Games.


And that both of your careers will only get even better.

Its a great achievement that you should be very proud of.

Heres to the next one!


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