Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Robocop 2001 : Mort ou vif, vous venez avec lui

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Good morning all !

In February, we celebrate love

But we at PPG just celebrate the fact that the month is shorter.

Since it's not the size that counts,

and that the shortest jokes are the best,

let's celebrate together the anniversary of a vast joke:

RoboCop 2001.

This is Robocarpoli

This chronicle is badly crossed!


- Priority directives.

1. Serve the public

2. Protect the innocent

3. Enforce the law

RoboCop 2001,

you would have understood it,

is an ultra short series,

since it only has a season of 4 episodes,

Thank God !

- Lets finally finish.

created in 2001 by Julian Grant.

Ah yes, so the guy created this in 2001 so,

suddenly, he calls it RoboCop 2001.

Fortunately he did not write this on his toilet ...


This Canadian series is celebrating its 19th anniversary this year.

Yes, it's not exactly a birthday, but it's a birthday anyway!

The series, adapted from the RoboCop trilogy,

Yes, we would have suspected ...

landed on the Canadian channel Space in 2001 therefore.

Then, France took over from Série Club in 2004.

Suddenly, in 2004, the title no longer had any meaning but hey, we're not that close here!

- Don't miss the adventures of RoboCop.

They will shock you, fascinate, amaze,

but above all, they will reassure you.

Buy your cassette today!

Well, Im going to sum it up, even if everyone knows RoboCop

So, what is RoboCop 2001?

Well we are still on 50% men, 50% machine, 100% cotton.

But here we are 13 years after the transformation of Alex Murphy

in RoboCop.

Well then, his role is always that of a vigilante,

save the widow, the orphan, the lame, thing, contraption…,

but his main mission is to destroy John Cable,

his former partner, who will later be transformed into a machine too.

But big bad version: RoboCable.

Not yet

Unfortunately, RoboCop takes a blow behind the head.

So, at the start, he got a booze,

- In the name of the law, I arrest you ...

but very quickly, he realizes that his brain has returned to that of Alex Murphy.

Practice this!

And boom, I'm the Queen of England.

Oh no, it doesn't work on me.

Despite this, he decides to continue his life as RoboCop,

but now with full knowledge of the facts.

Wow, that turns the story up a lot ...

And beware, spoiler alert!

In the last episode, Alex Murphy becomes ...

police chief!

Oh, how unexpected ...

Personally, I would have seen the reception officer at the public treasury, but hey, he does what he wants.

- You're a policeman. I too am from the police.

A stuck door, RoboCop Locksmith is there!

Do you want more light in your living room? RoboCop Veranda is still here!

You lost your kid, Robocop Nanny brings him back to you,

- Come with me.

We're going to find your mom.

even if you had voluntarily lost it ...

- Offer me Otomo or I hold my breath and I die.

But RoboCop is also and above all strategy,

- We just have to shoot in the pile.

people who have a very strong bond with their furniture,

- This is my chair ...

high-level journalism

- This chair on which he had to put ...

finally he had to land on his buttocks ...

His ... big ...


of metal.

and a guy who needs way too much.

- I need an intervention team with stun grenades in 3 seconds.

I need a sniper team.

When you're up for it but don't take on too much.

- One of the spokespersons of the group, who was asked why to act after 200 years,

said: Better late than never.

When you drop a case at work.


Do something !

When your attending physician cracks.

- What? Do you have a virus?

Ah, sorry, I think we were cut ...

Come on, let's move on to the anecdotes!

Notice to the nostalgic:

the series resumes, in the form of flashback,

extracts from the 1987 Robocop film.

And we even learn that it's his teammate John Cable,

aka RoboCable,

which is at the origin of his favorite sentence:

"You will come with me, dead or alive! "

- Dead or alive, you will come with me.

The series has been available in a DVD set since 2002.

But it's been 18 years since you could have owned this wonder!

What have you been doing all this time ?!

And for the most futuristic among you,

the series is visible in French on Dailymotion.

Okay I leave you, I'm going ...

how to say uh ...

- Good evening. YesNoWhere are the toilets, sir?

We were looking for the toilet, but uh ...

Have a good express February!

And see you soon for a new series anniversary!


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