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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Center City Home Care Caregiver Hiring

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Angela is searching for home care services for her mother.

She needs confidence that the caregivers can be trusted, like one of our own family.

Angela calls our agency and asks how we screen our caregivers.

Here's what we tell her:

We sort through hundreds of caregivers and only the best receive a phone interview.

Our agency then invites each caregiver for an in-person meeting, where we screen for

traits like integrity, compassion, and reliability.

We also complete a proprietary background check that exceeds industry standards.

This background check includes national and local checks, verification of work history,

confirmation of training and certificates, and much more.

Once this process is complete, we only hire the caregivers who we trust in our own home.

Screening and hiring are only the beginning.

We provide ongoing training and oversight to ensure your loved one--and you--

receive the very best from your caregiver.

Center City Home Care (215) 999-CARE

The Description of Center City Home Care Caregiver Hiring