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[Danny] Hello and welcome to the Ten Minute Power Hour, my name is Daniel.

[Arin] And I'm Ariniel

[Danny] and - and we are here at the costume shop in Glendale, California. [Arin] Wow!

[Danny] And we're gonna pick out Halloween costumes

[Arin] 13,000 miles from where we do business

[Danny] Don't bother looking for us.

[Arin] Don't overdo it

Let's go look at costumes, Dan.

[Danny] Okay.

[Arin] It's Halloween coming up and we want to get - you pr - okay. He's walking away already.

What do you want to be, Dan? Whooooaa!

[Dan] Oh.

[Arin] Look at all these

warriors and

religious icons.

[Danny] I know, so much room for activities.

[Arin] It's the be- whoa, dude. Check this out. Would you have sex with me?

What do you think?

[Danny] I think you should turn around.

[Arin] Now this is a new look

For summer, for - for any - for any occasion really. For any occasion, really.

For summer.

[Danny] Quaid, start the reactor.

[Arin] How do I - where did this go?

[Danny] And over here is the section where they, um - where the sh- oh my god.

That is some fucking terrifying shit. Wait don't go away.

It's R- Oh, I'm sorry. It's Ross!

And he's here to fucking horrify us.

[Arin] Well, that's every day. That's pretty much every day. Ooh, sparkles!

[Arin laughing off-camera]

That's the stupidest shit I've ever seen.

[Danny] Kinda thought it would be more

Over the face.

[Arin] Like menacing? Just kind of looks like you're wearing a hat that looks like a tiger. Now - now you're a real tiger.

[Danny] Rawr.

[Arin] It's a fat suit!

Do you want to - dude, check this out.

[Danny] Ross, that's so hideous.

Please stop. Please stop.

[Danny] Oh look, a meal that's all fattened up and ready for the eating.

[Arin] Oh No, please don't eat me tiger.

[Danny] No, it's just - come here.

[Arin] Oh, yeah you want me to-

[Danny] Munch.

[Arin] Boy he's really, really getting down and dirty on me [Danny] munch munch

[Danny] I'm lightheaded.

[Arin] I want to wear a dress. I want to wear a beautiful dang dress and I want to -

[others chanting 'Arinette, Arinette']

I want to wear- yes, Arinette! Where's the crown, mushroom?

[Arinette chanting intensifies]

Oh, look at this. This is - this is...

[woman] That's very beautiful

[Arin] Psychedelic. [Arin gasps]

[woman] Lolita fashion-

[Arin] Oh my god, can I get a lolita dress?!

[woman] Let's see. There's like five of them at least one of them has to be -

This is a large. Maybe we can't zip you.

[Arin, whispering] I love this

Go away Ross, stop. I'm trying to be beautiful

Bo Peep bonnets!!!

[woman] That'll - that'll do.

[Arin making noises of effort]

[woman] Yes.

[Arin sighing]

[woman] Absolute - fuc-

[Arin] Hell yeah dude, this is gonna be so sick!


I'm gonna be the belle of the dang ball.

[woman] Yup.

[Arin] Everyone's gonna want to dance with me

Beautiful princess. Oh, no, we must move!

Or else this goat will come and give me a big dang kiss.

[Danny grunting] Ow. [Arin laughing]

[Danny] I think I took more damage.

[Arin] It's supposed to hurt me more than it's supposed -

[Danny] Yeah, there's a lot of uh, spiky parts in the side of this thing unfortunately.

[Arin] You look like - like - you look like one of those like Chinese masters in like an 80s kung fu film

[Danny] I'll teach you the ways. [Arin laughing]

[Danny] My name is Krig

I'm 26, and single.

[Arin] Oh, there's hepatitis on that floor

[Danny] Good.

[woman] This is very - [Arin] Oh my god. These are so ornate. Look at the fucking fancy doily ass shit, dude.

I'm gonna be big titted goth girlfriend for real, dawg.

[woman] Look, and then you have this.

[Arin gasps]

Hello there fair maiden would you like a - why don't I just fucking put it on?

[Arin laughing] Jesus Christ. Oh dear.

[Ross in mask] I'm gonna get you! [Arin] It's the murderous beaver

[Ross] I'm gonna cut you. [Arin] Oh no! Ow!

[Ross] Shit, did that hurt? I'm sorry.

[Arin] Jesus Christ. Don't fucking actually stab me

[Ross] I thought it was plastic. [Danny laughing]

[Danny] Okay, so apparently

Uh, this costume is called the snow bee.

Um, this - I -

This is the stinger and these are the wings but I didn't know that and I put it on backwards and have created an awkward

situation for myself.

[Arin] You know women like a barbed penis

[Ross, singing] Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

[Arin] I didn't know SpongeBob's eyes were actually his boobs

[Ross making gross squishing noises]

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

[Danny] I just want to wear my normal clothes

Because we - it's all should - we should be ourse- ourselves.

[Arin] Patty cake patty cake. Baker's

man. Bake me a cake as fast as you can.

[cameraman] It's in 3d!

It's a 3d movie. [Arin] Whoooooooaaaaaa


I lived with these wolf hands every day of my life. It's a burden and nobody thinks it's cool. Bye!

[people singing] [Arin] How do you even wear that?

[cameraman] I couldn't do that, I'm afraid of heights.

[Arin] Are you really? Whoa! It's so cool up here!

[cameraman] What are you guys doing down there? [Arin] We're making art we're making films. Look at this!

We're doing something that no man has ever done before - try on costumes in a costume shop on camera.


*glug glug glug glug glug glug*

[Arin] Whoo I sure am drunk. Hope I don't get a hea- [Danny in a deep voice] Now we are one.

[Arin and Danny laughing]

[Arin] Excuse me sir, would you like - would you fancy a dance with me?

I'm feeling quite

Naughty ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Look my dress is - wait - if I hold it - hold on - my dress is already unzipped. Ooh hoo hoo.

All right. [laughing in background]

[Danny] Listen, uh, just, uh, be mine.

[whispering] Just be mine.

[Arin] I'll be yours. [Danny gasps]

[Danny laughing]

[Arin] I think I embarrassed him - with my good looks.


[Arin in mask] Are there any boys at this party?

I want a beautiful mallard.


Ooh I can- I'm going quackers for all the - the handsome mallards at the ball

or whatever.

Mmm quack quack.

Ooh don't you look handsome.

[Danny] Get away from me.

[Arin] Hi, I'm Arin. I'm 31 and I live in Glendale.


[Danny] Arin dude, I've got the best costume. [Arin] Dude me too. [Danny] Oh my god, you ready? All right. Well, let's show each other

at the same time. [Arin] Yeah. [Danny] One two, three.

Aw, shit.

[Arin] I'm trying to get this- [woman] Hole in the back? [Arin] Yeah.

[Arin grunting]


[Danny] I'm grapes.

[Arin] That's grape. Come here big boy, we're hugging.

What am I?

[Danny] I'm grapes.

[woman] There ya go, walk like this- [Danny] Put that against your skin.

[Arin] That sucks.

[Arin in mask] Look at me now,

mom. You thought for a second - you thought for a

minute that I wasn't gonna make it in this dang world and look at me now, grandma.

I'm here and I'm making the big dollars - in California, Los Angeles.

Who didn't even - who thought I

Who saw it coming? Not me.

Looks like I'm just the boy who cried wolf. Yo, listen up.

I'm a canine, you see? I've been rapping since 1983. My name is Frank and this is Joe

Everybody watch the Joe and Frank show.

[Arin laughing]

[Danny] I'm still grapes, but dat butt doe.

Shorty get low

Shorty's getting low. Oh shi-

[Arin] Did you get my rap?

[Arin in mask] Well boys and girls it has been a fun adventure. I've picked out my halloween costume.

[Danny] Happy Halloween Arin. [Arin] You too, Dan. The grape man.

I always thought you were destined for grape things [Arin laughing]

[Danny] I thought you were gonna say grape-ness. I love it and you can send me the bill for these costumes.

[Arin] OW!

Asshole. And thanks again to the costume shop in Glendale, California

[Danny] Come here and rent the grapes costume knowing that it's been on my moist body. [Arin] And come here and rent the duck

uh, helmet, which won't be here anymore, mysteriously, for some unknown reason.

[Danny] Probably because that burp you let fly in there - it's fucking disintegrating it from the outside -

[Arin] That's just what it smells like. [Danny] It smells disgusting.


[Arin grunting] [Danny laughing]

[Danny] Your hair is so much wetter every time you take something off. [Arin] I'm a moist boy.

[All] Alright have a great night, thank you so much! [employee] Yeah!

*weird noises*

[Arin] What do you want, what do you want from me? [cameraman] The show doesn't end. The show never ends.

[cameraman] We're still rolling. [Ross] It's the Truman Show. You're always on camera.

[Arin] No. Noo-


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