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In this corner, Grump

I'm a Grump

In the other corner, Not So Grump

It's Game Grumps VS! ♪

Arin: Hey welcome back Dan: Hello there!

Arin: It's Panoptic Dan: It's Panoptic and-

Arin: Now Dan is the see-er

Dan: Now I am the one who sees

Arin: [chuckles] And I am

Arin: Uh the little boy uh- Dan: Oh!

Dan: [quietly] Oh it's over here

Dan: Hello Arin: Yeah

Arin: You're gonna have t- you're gonna have to speak a little louder

Dan: [louder] Okay! Arin: Just a little bit

Dan: Oh because the mic's up here? Arin: Yeah

Arin: I turned it up but-

Arin: Anyway um yeah so welcome

Arin: I'm the little boy and Dan is the overseer

Arin: I have the- D: I'm the video game boy! I'm the one who wins!

[Dan and Arin laughing]

Arin: So uhhh

Arin: Basically same deal um but I'm gonna be the little boy

Arin: It's at the infinite shots now instead of ten

Dan: Yes, at least for the first one. We're gonna do infinite shots

Arin: Felt like that's a little unfair, yeah Dan: Oh this is so different

Arin: So I'm to your left, the elevator is to your left

Arin: To your left...

Dan: Oh, I know. I'm just getting the lay of the land Arin: Okay

Dan: Destroy Arin: Hello

Arin: You can like try to shoot at me yeah. But I'm safe behind the elevator.

Dan: Oh I see you, you little bitch

[Arin laughs]

Dan: Oh no wonder your head's like whipping around. This is like a 360 simulator. Arin: Oh oh yeah, you gotta really get-

Arin: Gotta get really get involved.

Dan: Alright

Arin: Cause I'm gonna- I'm gonna run now in this tunnel... behind you

Arin: You ready for this? Dan: I think-

Dan: Ye- Ohhh yeah I see

Arin: Yeah Dan: Oooohh

Dan: I got my eye on you ♪ [Arin scatting]

Arin: Can't shoot me through there bitch

[Dan laughing]

Dan: Just- just uh firin' a warning shot just to make you scuured

Arin: Just fire~

[Arin humming the Chicken Dance song]

Dan: I fuckin see- I saw you Arin: Did you?

Dan: Yeah making that weird loop de loop

Arin: I didn't make a weird loop de loop Dan: Bullshit! [chuckles]

Arin: I didn't make a single weird loop de loop

Arin: I don't know what you're talking about Dan: I like-

Dan: I'm just- ugh

Dan: I'm just gonna start picking these bitches off Arin: Yeah you're really...

Arin: You- you are erroneously aiming at me.

Dan: Oh boy

Dan: Bro, it is like fucking mass murder over here.

Arin: Hey man, I can see you doing your best

Dan: Look at all these little bastards

Arin: It's a lot of tiny little masks on a lot of tiny little boys Dan: Look at this guy just standing here

Dan: He's dead now Arin: Not me

Dan: Not you Arin: Nuh-uh

Oh god, there's so many of them they're like little roach people

Arin: I'm not a little roach person. I quite value my life, in fact

Dan: God damn it.

Dan: I kind of thought there were less of them... initially

Arin: Yeah there's- there's quite a few Dan: Oh dang

Dan: Ah je-ah jeez dang it

[Arin chuckles]

Arin: Ah gee dang it

Dan: gosh gosh gee dang

Arin: Well, there are a lot of people here

Dan: Here comes the death for you

Arin: Dude you are so close to me. I am shaking in my boots right now.

Dan: Okay. Well

Dan: You will be Arin: By just, just simply how close you are. Dan: You will be when I'm orb guarding and all of your friends are dead

Dan: Okay

Dan: Oh you know it actually-

Dan: It actually makes you a much better player

Dan: Once you see how they move like from a distance? Arin: Yeah

Arin: Uh-huh. Dan: It's a lot easier to mimic

Dan: When uh

Dan: Oh jeez did more just appear? Arin: Yeah, they respawn Dan: NO!!

Dan: NO!! Arin: yeah you're really just not really accomplishing much Dan: dammit alright

Dan: in that case I got to look around for you. Arin: Yeah, you really do Dan: Change of tactic. I thought I could just exterminate everybody

Arin: You're doing your best I believe in you. Dan: Oh. ♪dun dun dun dun dun dun

Dan: Mmm-hmm. I got my eye on you, bitch

Dan: ♪Got my eye on you bitch

Dan: It doesn't actually feel like it would be that hard to spy you because everyone walks in like perfect lines

Dan: and then you're gonna be all floppy as shit

Arin: You think so?

Dan: I do

Dan: Where are you?

Dan: Tell me that *giggles*

Arin: Well, I'm definitely within your view. Dan: Really? Arin: Yeah. Oh, yeah

Dan: Are you super lying? Arin: I'm not super lying

Arin: In fact I am so not lying. Dan: Oh, I see you. I think I see you

Dan: Yes! Arin: Got it! saw it I saw it Arin: Got it!

Dan: cause I saw everyone, I saw everyone walking there was one guy who was like *gibberish noises*

*Dan and Arin laughing*

Dan: But I shot the wrong one (Arin: oh no) Dan: okay let's try that one more time boy this is interesting. (Arin: Yeah)

Dan: Okay (Arin: you don't have to set it) Dan: oh right right right. Okay

Dan: alright (Arin: yeah, you were just like picking off people right at the end) Dan: well I thought that like, um

Dan: Well, I said what I thought (Arin: like reducing the herd would help?) Dan: Yeah yeah yeah yeah it just wasted time

Arin: it's cool

Arin: I mean, I'm I'm right here. Dan: Oh, I'm looking at you

Dan: Am I getting closer?

Dan: Do you see me getting closer?

Arin: yeah yeah no, you're you're pretty close. (Dan: I couldn't get any closer cause my face hit the side of the couch) Arin: Oh, yeah

Arin: Yeah, no, (Dan: oh look! it's a really nice starry night up there) Arin: yeah it's beautiful. (Dan: Oh so pretty)

Dan: alright you little bastard. Arin: yeah well, I'll see you later

Dan: Okay (Arin: maybe we'll meet again.) Dan: Oh, we will (Arin: we'll lock eyes once again)

Dan: Okay (Arin: and here I go) Dan: got my eye on you gonna watch you like a thousand deer- ♪

Dan: God, I hate it how it like shakes around like that. ah! ah!

Dan: did I see you stopping, bitch? (Arin: I didn't stop) Dan: really? (Arin: no) Dan: is that right?

Arin: alright, maybe I did stop

Dan: There you are

Arin: is that me? (Dan: I see you) Arin: was that me? uh-oh uh-oh

Arin: It's not me Dan! (Dan: Pretty sure I see you) Arin: Dan that's not me (Dan: uh-huh)

Arin: It's not me (Dan: okay)

Arin: Not me at all (Dan: just a warning shot.) Arin: Yeah

Arin: Warning shot? He's warning you!

Arin: Just warning you (Dan: you have no idea how hard it is not to fucking just like um)

Dan: Not to whip this thing off and cheat by looking at your screen (Arin: oh I know I often had that impulse being all like *grumbles* i wanna see ya!!)

Dan: Just fucking show me. Fucking see!

Arin: Everything's cool. Everything's cool. Everything's cool. Nobody is gonna shoot me

Arin: Nobody is gonna shoot me cause I'm a good boy, and my friends are good, too

Dan: I'm gonna shoot you (Arin: you think you're gonna shoot me?) Dan: Oh yeah

Dan: God DAMN it. (Arin: Are you gonna shoot me?)

Dan: This is enraging (Arin: yeah)

Arin: I think you can do it. (Dan: Oh, I think so too. I think I think you'll be dying here) Arin: really? (Dan: eh)

Dan: Hard to say I have no fucking clue where you are. (Arin: I- you know, I feel like you've gotten close a couple times)


Dan: If only you didn't look like fucking everybody. (Arin: Yeah)

Dan: Well, I killed a man

Dan: So I got that going for me though (Arin: t'weren't me though t'weren't me)

Arin: I'm just doing my little dang best (Dan: there you are)

A: That's me

D: Well, the point is I killed someone well and that was fun

Why do you have like...

I waited forever for a cluster of people to join. Why do you have like

50,000 chunks of people everywhere. A: Well because that's how it was on my screen. (D: Oh really?) A: They're just never where you are

I'm like constantly alone in this really yeah, okay

A; Got it. (D: Fuck me. Yeah. I can't I can't tell at all. I'm not good at being the seeker) A: Hey, man

It's- it's not easy

Shit. I tried my best to make like perfect right angle turns and... D: yeah, it's it's tough with the mouse. A: Yeah

D: Okay. Want to try one more? A: Yeah. Yeah. D: Oh, give me give me a two second recharge time. A: Okay

Yeah, you got to do it. D: Oh, okay. A: You have to like shoot it like you would shoot a real dude D: Done

A: Cool

D: Okay

A: Try and get me boy

Try and try and seek and find me boy

Here I am. Rock me like a hurricane.

I'm not even like not even doing that much tricky shit. D: Really? A: Yeah. D: Yeah. I mean, it just feels like you're following the perfect pattern

A: Actually was walking around in a circle for walks. I didn't realize where I had to go at one point

D: That might be, that's actually a pretty good tactic. A: Yeah, I noticed, like a lot of them are just like walking backwards.

And I was like man. I feel like I should be walking backwards at some point.

D: Yeah. Cause like if you look too determined then it's pretty obvious. A: Yeah


Hello up there

Can't shoot me can't get me

And I'm gonna walk past this little dude I'm gonna go up this ladder or whatever

Woah ho! Missed me. D: I know I saw you you bitch A: Now you gotta kiss me

D: I do not. A: You always have to kiss me. D: I most certainly do not have to kiss you. A: You always have to kiss me Dan.


You always gotta kiss me. Always gotta kiss me

Always gotta kiss me Dan, you always gotta kiss me. Oh,

I'm like way passed there now. D: Shut the fuck up, you are not

It's an impossibility that you would

Did I just like graze your feet? A: No, I'm not even close. D: Alright you say so

A: Looking at you over here like fucking just

Looking over it's just funny because it matches your head movements perfectly. So it just it kind of has like this doofy look to it

D: Oh, yeah

A: It's like where is it?

I'm doing my best I'm doing my best I'm just going along

Woof I'm here almost at the orb. D: Was that you? A: No

There's no way you could see me right now, I'm SuperDuper hidden

I'm hidden by a thousand suns

D: I'm just straight up murdering people. (Arin laughs) Just a thousand deaths.

(Arin laughs) D: Can you... A: What are you (laughs) D: What's so goddamn funny? A: (laughing) Nothing, there's nothing funny

You look like you're having fun. D: Actually, I'm enjoying myself. Yeah, one way or another good times are being had

A: You getting and getting them? Oh shit

D: Is that you down there A: No.

D: I think it's you. A: I don't know you're talking about. D: I think it's you, that that dude is ziging and zagging real bad.

(Arin and Dan laugh) D: You motherfucker, I had you. Oh my god. A: Oh dude

It's fucking incredible. They got to add some kind of like replay system to this where you can like watch as

Somebody else's seers. D: Oh, yeah. Oh

A: This is so good this is so rich

D: No, goddamnit, I see you. A:Did you? Do you? D: I thought I did

A: I just want to say there was a point in this where I thought you had. D: Well, yeah, I thought so too

I think I know what you're exactly what you're fucking talking about. I

Wish there was a way to um

A: You could lean in and shit, you can look around corners. D: Oh no shit

A: Yeah, D: Oh my god. A: That's what I was doing. D: Oh

Is that you? Is that you? Is that you Arin? A: What? Is that who? Who is who?

D: Is that you right right here right here. A: No, it's not me

D: No, I had no idea I could do that. A: Yeah, that's what I was doing. You didn't see me doing that

D: But yeah, but it's so different when like yours, it's your first-person perspective

That, man, that changes everything. I mean it's gonna be fucking - it

(Arin laughs) D: I saw you, I saw you! I just missed the shot! I saw you!

Could you see on my screen? A: I could see the red beam was coming at me, I was like, oh my god, he's gonna fucking get me

D: I knew it was you! Fuck oh that's fun. Oh, what a fun game. Oh dude, the fact that you can lean in like that changes so much.

Wow, what a cool game. A: Yeah, I know. D: way to go creators of Panoptic. A: Uh,

Creators of Panoptic are


Don't know but yay. D: Yeah good for them!

A: Congratulations to you guys. D: Have a great day. Everybody. Whoo - Oh motherfucker

Slippery little bitch. I was like millimeters from you. A: So there was a point, there were two points. D: Mm-hmm

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