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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Ruining Scribblenauts, a game where everything you type comes to life

Difficulty: 0

The premise of this game is very simple: whatever you type comes to life!

'Type something to clean the pig'


[laughing] 'Try using something else to scrub the pig'.

[laughing] Oh no


[laughing] Ok everyone we're gonna help out the pig.

[laughing] Oh, no, he's squeaky clean

The pig looks great. 'Now you use an adjective to increase the pig's size.'

Let's try chonker.

'Chokey', 'chalked', 'chipper'

[laughing] coOkeD

'Try another adjective to make the pig bigger'


'While the notepad can create many things, vulgarity, copyrighted materials, and proper nouns are not allowed'

I mean you say vulgarity is not allowed... That doesn't mean we're not gonna try

'My kitty is stuck on top of the tree, get her for me!' Don't worry, we'll get your cat down soon

We just gotta burn through the tree first.

'I want someone to entertain me'

[laughing] There you go buddy!

'I'm parked illegally' We've created the Cthulhu ball


This will just continue to wreak havoc on the city

'The carnival is in town! Throw something to knock over the bottles, but don't cross the barrier!'

That's a landmine...

oH hOhoO

[laughing] I didn't think.. He could actually die

Okay, what about a meteor [laughs]


[laughing] Oh, the meteor is awesome

Oh no we're gonna have a lot of trial and error [laughs]

Maxwell's got a handgun




[sound of shock and amusement from RT]

Oh no, you can't just kill them, okay. No, you cannot chuck the small child.

[laughing] What about a throwable child?


We did it :)

So, we now know that if you just add 'throwable' that does actually mean that you can pick it up.




Oh God


'Give me something I can use to perform surgery'

Nope she's dead.

Come on you can do surgery with that

You didn't ask if you wanted to do surgery well

ᵒʰ ᵗʰᵉ ᵖitchfork works


Not necessarily, like that patient actually ran in terror

Ok, 'Help the patients that are coming into the hospital'

Let's go

'Doctors on call'

We have a sick kitten

Just put it out of its misery.

I think I failed 'cause the cat died [laughs]

But can I cure-like this clown who's in bed?

Can I just add the adjective dead?

[laughing] is that now-

That's now a dead clown

Yeah, dingo that's that's what I meant

[laughing] nO he jUST

[laughing] DINGO WHY :(

Can I just be lame and just say, like, add adjective

'ʜ ᴇ ᴀ ʟ ᴛ ʜ ʏ'

Wow, y-you totally can.

There's a set of false teeth on the ground

'It must be a toothache' there's no person here!

Let's just replace your teeth!

That.. actually worked.

The robot is broken help it function again


No, they're just dead [laughs]

'Help me laugh again'

[laughing] OHHOHHOH GOD


That's fine

You can add adjectives to yourself by the way ;)

[the sound of Maxwell burning to death]

'It's opening day at the museum! Place something in the frames that will be sure to please the museum's patrons!'

Can I create God?

Well there we go.

Oh no [laughs] Okay, let's not make him angry

There we go

I love technology

Uhh, do you want an iPhone?

'Idiophone' yep same thing

Same thing.

Oh it's Medusa. Maybe she might want God.

[laughs] Oh, no, he's angry still

Okay, go back to being dead

We made an iPhone

stone God

God's brain

and an invisible God

Does this mean the iPhone is synonymous with God?


That's what Apple wants you to believe

'I need to look the part to become a firehouse dog'

'Edit and create your own objects here! Turn on help to see tool tips!'

Oh, so you add to the dog? Oh, I think we made him much better

[laughs XD]

That worked

'All the fire engines are busy! This car needs to become a fire truck! Start by painting to car!'

No, I don't think that's right somehow

'(That) car needs to be heard! Give the DJ something loud to hook up to the car!'

[baby trapped in car wails :,,,( ]

We got a crying baby.

'The fireman is almost ready to head out. Give him a tool that will help get the job done.'

Yeah, we're go- we're going for a Fahrenheit 451

version of firemen.

'I need a tool to chop down doors', OH, okay why didn't you say so

it's a battle ax :)))

a chainsaw

a longsword

Okay, how many weapons am I gonna have to go through to satisfy this guy?

Come on, you literally have a lightsaber

You're telling me you can't chop down a door with that?

Okay, see you later, buddy.

Okay, I need to get rid of the other cars

Let's just keep adding dead

Nice and toasty! [laughs]

'People say I have issues, who can help me?'

Oh it's an arsonist

maybe God can help you

[laughing] iT woRKeD

Okay, we just made that arsonist religious

'She snores so loudly I can't sleep'

'Help the survivors defend against the zombie invasion!'

Oh cool!

'Fire station invasion start'

'This is the gamer's dream! Give her something to help fend off the horde!'

Okay, what about Mountain Dew?

No, that just dissolved. Didn't come in a bottle.

Angry anime

nO, the anime is now murdering him

'The orphan is pretty shaken up! She needs something to help calm her down!'

[RT nO]

[oh no]

[wait what]

[laughs of confusion and amazement]

Wait, how did that work?


[laughing] oH nO

ᶦ'ᵐ ᵍᵒᶦⁿ ᵗᵒ ʰᵉˡˡ

[laughing] i'M going to hEll

[laughing] okay have a nuclear device

I- I need to stop this from exploding

I'm gonna fail the mission [starting to sound a lot like Hitman]


How do I put it in my backpack??


Okay, we're good to go :D

I killed someone

'This steak needs to be tenderized before we can cook it'

cooking God


[laughing] cOOkeD

nO [laughs] there's no way he survived

oh my god

wait no-

why was there a honey badger in there?

'I'm so hungry and this machine is empty!'

It's Hungry-

His name is Gorge

Hungry Gorge, not even George


oh my god [laughs]

'Better clean up these puddles'

Maybe if we just plop down him


hair dryer

oh fInallY

'Help the scout earn his merit badge'

'First give him a tool to carve this log!'

here you go buddy :DD [laughs]

'Fire safety is next! Give the scout something to put (out) the dummy (with)'

uhh, an ocean

honestly, that's not what I thought it would be

oH, would tsunami work now?

it does :0

what did I expect to happen

could you imagine living in a society

where there's just this little kid

that has a notebook and like whatever he writes in it just spawns into existence [laughs]

it's like "Hey little Timmy! what are you- what are you working on? What are you writing there?"

like "EartHquAke :DDD"

it's like "ᴏʜ ɢᴏᴏᴅ ɢᴏᴅ ɴᴏ"

"ssᴀɴ ʜɪᴅᴇ ᴛʜᴇ ᴋɪᴅs"

Like society would just be brought to a complete halt

This is- this is power that's to easy to abuse [laughs]

[laughing] it's just armageddon

It might hit the branch

It missed

caption credit: akhila

The Description of Ruining Scribblenauts, a game where everything you type comes to life