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- What's up everybody.

It's Enes here.

Welcome to another episode.

This week, we're in The Bird Streets neighborhood

of Hollywood Hills

and about the tour this incredible model home

right beside me.

This property gets incredible city views during the day,

but even better views later at night.

So make sure to stick around till the end of this video

if you wanna see this view when the sun goes down.

This house has three bedrooms, four baths,

5,031 square feet of interior space

built on a 12,833 square foot lot,

and this property is currently on the market

for $10,995,000.

And more information on the property

will be down on the description.

Before we start our tour,

I wanna thank the listing agents, Sallie Forster Jones

and Phillip Boroda for allowing us

to tour their amazing listing.

Now, let's get started.

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From the street level, we have these tall walls

and as you follow the driveway,

this driveway is sealed off

with this massive gate right here,

a bit of a landing area, two-car garage,

nice concrete driveway with the grass in between,

and you also get a little bit of a front lawn area

on this side.

Now, as we look towards the house,

this is a modern design built in 2010.

Nice overhang, smooth stuck on the outside.

Of course let's not forget the corner glass detail

and a beautiful pivot glass door.

Let's go inside.

All right, so here we are at the entry of this property.

Before we start our tour,

let's close the gate right behind us, and there you go.

So you walk into this entry hallway,

wood clad wall on this side,,

I really like the recess lights on this side

and also on the floors, same applies on this wall as well.

What a great place a feature your art

as you come into the property?

Right here, we have the formal living room

on my left hand side, family room here,

and on this side, we have the kitchen.

Let's start with the kitchen.

This wall continues with a wood clad

and they use the same type of wood also

on the kitchen cabinetry.

Starting here, Viking microwave, Miele Espresso maker.

We have a bit of a cabinetry on this side.

Again, beautiful wood veneer,

and this is where you have your security cameras recessed in

with the glass backsplash.

Going this way,

this is where we have the corner glass detailed

that I talked on the outside of the property.

I'm gonna come to the island,

but before we come to the island,

Mikey, can you come close for a second?

I always like good kitchen hardware.

What a great to utilize cabinet space?

- [Mickey] So tall also.

- Grid, all the way up there.

As we come this way, your countertop continues.

Viking gas stove, hood vent above it, same glass backsplash.

This is where you have your oven setup,

your commercial grade Viking refrigerator.

Now let's talk about this island for a second.

I love when architects and builders

are not afraid to try something new.

In this case, we have this traditional island set up here

with a bar seating on that end,

but they also do this low Eden kitchen area right here.

It's a little bit lover, perfect for kids,

or just in general.

I like the offset design as well.

Beautiful island set up, kind of looks towards the view.

And lastly, before we finish our tour in the kitchen,

this is where we have the wine fridge.

Now, right next to the kitchen,

this is where we have the dining room table,

14-foot high ceilings, all glass walls.

This corner opens up incredible views of the city.

I mean, just imagine sitting down here having a meal

and looking at this view.

- [Mickey] Yeah, pretty incredible.

And I guess those doors all pocket as well, don't they?

- They stack on this side, they pocket right here,

and this is the column that kind of holds the ceiling

which in return a lot of the space to be all open,

perfectly fluent to the pole area.

So now, we have the family room right here,

again, all positioned towards the view.

You don't need a TV here when you have a view like this one.

Again, great space,

and as we continue this way, we're back at the entry.

This is the hallway that I came from.

Right here, we have the formal living room area.

Before we start talking about this section,

let's go through this door.

Bedroom number one.

Spacious room, gets a lot of natural light

and this exterior door right here

opens up to the front of the home

so you can access straight to this bedroom

without having to go through the front door.

Right here is the bathroom.

For this bedroom, good size walk in shower.

We got the Kohler body spray and shower head right here,

and as we look above, we have a full glass skylight

bringing natural light into this bathroom.

Nice glass, tiled back wall, vanity designed

to use the same cabinetry like the kitchen,

wall fosters and cool wall sconces on the each side.

Right here is a closet for this bedroom

and let's get out now.

Going back to the formal living room area,

we have the nice living room seating on this side,

built-ins here, gas fireplace,

and this recess area right here would be a perfect place

to mount your TV.

Now, this house gets a lot of natural light

from this side as well.

These little doors sack on each side,

and we have a cooler water feature right here.

Again, it's nice to have a space like this,

it brings breeze in and a lot of natural light in

from this side of the house.

Now, going this way.

First room on my right hand side is the powder room.

Same style of cabinetry, nice countertops,

and this cool metal drop in sink right here,

wall facets and dark, tiled walls throughout.

Now, room next door is the laundry room.

We get a bit of a sink,

a lot of cabinetry for storage and stacked washer and dryer.

Going back to the hallway,

right here, the store opens up to the two-car garage

that we talked on the exterior of this property.

Now, following the hallway and going to the other side,

this is where we have the bedroom number two.

Again, a good size room gets a nice corner glass detail,

two closets on each side,

and as we go this way, this is the bathroom

for this bedroom.

We get nice stack tiles, nice walking shower,

you get your rain hand, glass mosaic wall,

and right here is the same style, vanity design,

waterfall edge right here, two futuristic wall sconces

and let's not forget the wall faucet.

And that wraps our tour on the second bedroom of this house.

Now, let's go back to the former living room area.

I really liked the open floor plan throughout this property,

floor to ceiling glass stores get so much natural light

and this is the last section of this house.

Following this hallway on my left hand side,

we have the office.

Built-ins right here, again, another recess opening

for your TV, good size room,

unique choice of light fixtures.

I know we have recess lights

but we also have these lights right here

and in case you want to seal off this room,

there you have it, you can do that.

- [Mickey] And I feel like we haven't mentioned this enough

throughout this house, but almost every single room

and the whole property gets just these crazy views

of Los Angeles.

- I mean, incredible views,

and I kind of wanted to save that for the backyard area,

but again, throughout every single room,

besides the two bedrooms that we just toured,

you get this incredible view,

even the hallway coming to the master bedroom.

Now, here we are in the master bedroom.

Number one, let's show this.

Another door that seals it off,

and Mikey, let's just keep it simple, okay?

Obviously, it's a good size room,

obviously, it gets a lot of natural light

but before we start talking about the features,

Mikey, why don't you come right here and show people

the view you see from your master bed?

It's incredible.

- [Mickey] Yeah, really, really, really nice.

- You have your backyard area, infinity pool,

and city of Los Angeles,

all the way to downtown LA, incredible.

Very spacious.

These Fleetwood doors stack on the east side

so you can have it all open.

Right here, we have the same wood clad wall

that we saw throughout the property.

Of course you have your gas fireplace,

and it's actually cloud with the same stone

like your floors.

And as we follow this way,

this is where we have the master closet.

So let's go take a look.

Good size walking closet, plenty of space.

You get your drawers,

shelves, hangar space, you have it all.

And Mikey, come close for a second.

I like this little drawer right here

where you can fold your clothes if you need to,

tucks back and again, you have more shelving

on this side as well, and good size mirror.

So every time you get dressed, you can look at yourself.

- [Mickey] So is that little drawer

just for folding clothes?

- Yes, I'm pretty sure.

- [Mickey] Essential.

- Essential.


All right.

Now, water closet, toilet room, back wall is nicely tiled.

You get a skylight for your toilet room.

Back to the hallway.

Same wood cabinetry also continues here.

This is right behind the gas fireplace

that we saw on the master bedroom.

Let's start on this side walk in shower.

You get your bench set up, steam shower,

plenty of rain heads, you're in handheld,

could say shower, getting out of the shower,

this is where your double vanity set up starts again.

Nicely tiled back wall, wall sconces on the each side,

and right here is the square freestanding tub

with a really nice curve, tough filler.

- [Mickey] Where are the handles?

Usually it's like next to the top of the tub filler.

- Not this time.

It's right here.

- [Mickey] Ooh, that's unique.

- I know, right?

But again, this house is all about the view.

Just imagine sitting in this tub,

enjoying yourself while looking at this incredible view.

And this house can use

a little bit of polishing here and there,

but for the most part, it's all about this incredible view.

In fact, why don't we open up those glass doors

so we can take a look at the backyard.

(upbeat music)

All right, everyone.

So we're back at the living room area.

We stack the glass doors on this side

and pocket it right here.

Living them opens up to the patio space again.

This is California indoor outdoor living at its finest

and let's start touring this patio space.

Right here, we have a gas fire pit

and a bit of an out proceeding.

Again, it's all about this incredible view

and as we go this way,

this is where we have the master bedroom.

Again, we opened up the glass stores

so we can get that indoor outdoor feel.

Before we start talking about the pool area,

I wanna go this way,

you get a bit of a deck area right here,

and this is the size of the property

and this is where we have the master bedroom tub.

So between the pool and the patio area,

you get a grass section right here.

And this pool is L-shaped

to get the best out of the view corridors

that this property gets.

On the short section of the L,

you get the views of the hillside,

and on the long section of the L,

you get the views of the city all the way to downtown LA.

And again, this property is all about the views,

we're up in The Bird Streets,

and we were surrounded

by some of the most incredible streets

here in the Hollywood Hills.

Right below us is Rising Glen,

right in front of us is a Collinwood place,

Dead End Street with incredible views.

Right here on the hillside, we have Sunset Plaza Drive

and right behind us, we have Thrasher Avenue.

It's nice to have an infinity edge pool

to get the best out of these incredible views,

nice blue plaster.

And since I'm right here, I can get a really good look

at the overall exterior architecture of this home.

I really like the simple roof lines.

Also, the overhang design of this house serve dual purposes.

Number one, it helps the waterproofing of the house.

It allows all the glass walls

to sit a little bit inside of the roof line

which in return, again, helps

with the waterproofing of this house.

Number two, it allows all those recess lights

to be placed underneath the overhang.

So we don't have any exterior wall sconces

or any light fixtures on the outside

hanging from the ceiling.

Overall, this property has an incredible

timeless modern design.

And that wraps our tour for the backyard of this property.

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this video,

I know this view looks great right now

but it looks even better at night.

(upbeat music)

All right, everyone.

So it's 10:00 p.m. right now

and check out this incredible view.

We have the whole city lit up,

you can see all the way to downtown LA

and there are some fireworks happening

right behind us right now, because it's almost four to July,

so I wanted to give a heads up on that.

And as we continue this way,

we have the glass doors sacked on the left hand side,

pocketed all the way on the right

and your kitchen living room areas

all opened up to this incredible patio space.

Right here is where you have your outdoor seating.

We have the gas fire pit lit up.

Again, incredible views.

And as we go this way,

let's not forget the most important room in this house,

master bedroom again.

You get incredible views from this room.

I mean, this is one of the best views

we have ever seen on this channel,

and I'm so glad I got to share it with all of you.

All right, guys, that's it for the video.

I hope everybody enjoyed it.

If you did, make sure to give us a like.

If you have any questions or input,

always leave us a comment below

and let us know how you like this view.

And with that said, make sure to subscribe to our channel.

We took incredible properties every single week.

And lastly, I want to thank the listing agents.

Sally Forster Jones and Phillip Boroda

for allowing us to tour their amazing listing,

and we'll see you guys next week.

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