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MYA (VOICEOVER): "Full Time Kid," with Mya.


Hi, I'm Mya.

Today on "Full Time Kid," we'll be making homemade ice cream.

Here's what you'll need-- a measuring cup, three one gallon

freezer bags, a towel, a cup of milk, a cup of heavy cream,

half a cup of sugar, two half cups of salt, a pinch of salt,

half a teaspoon of vanilla extract, and 10 cups of ice.

In the first freezer bag, pour the milk, heavy cream, sugar,

pinch of salt, and vanilla extract.

Try to take out most of the air so it

can be as flat as possible.

Then mix it together.

In the second freezer bag, pour five cups of ice.

If it's too cold, wear gloves.

Then put half a cup of salt.

Mix them together to make brine.

Brine is just salt and water mixed together.

Do the same thing with the third freezer bag

so you'll have two freezer bags of brine.

The bags of brine will freeze the ice cream

much quicker and smoother than using a freezer.

Lay the bags flat on half of the towel with the bag of ice cream

mix sandwiched between the bags of brine.

Fold the other half of the towel on top

of the bags for insulation.

Now let's wait for the ice cream mix to freeze.

It takes about 30 minutes or more.

I'm going to go play outside while I wait.



I'm working up a sweat.

I could sure go for some ice cream.


My ice cream is done.

To serve, cut a corner of the bag and squeeze it into a bowl.

This recipe makes about one pint.

You can put any leftovers in a freezer safe container.


That's it.

Thanks for learning how to make home

made ice cream on "Full Time Kid."

Here's what you'll need-- a measuring

cup, three one fre-- gallon.

I'm sorry.

Three one freezer gallon bags.

(LAUGHING) Three one freezer gallon bags.

Wait, gallon freezer bags.


I love this part.

Putting my makeup on.

Can I have more ice cream after?

Three one--

MAN: Gallon.

--gallon freezer bags.


(SINGING) You need a measuring cup, and some milk,

and some sugar and salt, and vanilla, and a towel.

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