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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Teri Is Fed Up With The Dysfunctional Lyon Family | Season 6 Ep. 12 | EMPIRE

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Just don't be petty.

Why don't we have a toast to Cookie quitting the job

that she's hated for years, AKA, divorcing Lucious?



Then why am I still stuck with Ursula and her ugly twins?

You know, you about to get your ass beat.

That's it!


[interposing voices]

Listen, can we please not?

Tonight, can we please not?


Damn! - OK--

Where's Teri with the stuff?


Teri, I'm so sorry.


I'll clean it up, Mom.

Don't worry about it.

Are you all right?

Teri, girl, you trying to give me a heart attack?

Uh, sis, seriously?

You just screamed like somebody was shooting up the joint.

I'm so sorry.

I know you've worked so hard.

[interposing voices]

I'm so sorry.

Oh, you better take this too.

I just spent hours preparing this food.

Amen, true story.

But we can just-- we can just order something.

Yeah, I got a friend who has an Italian spot

around the corner.

He'd fix us up real quick.

Teri, I'm so sorry, baby.

I wanted tonight to be perfect for you.

Wait, wait, now, Teri.

We don't have to let this ruin the evening.

You know, I have stood by and watched the dysfunction

in this family, the way you all go at each other like dogs

in the street.

And I thought, like a fool, that it would

be different here for Andre.

I had one, one rule, just one.

Look, Teri, on behalf of Dino and Marmaduke and her--

Lucious, you know what?

[interposing voices]


Stop it!

Just stop!

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