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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Is This Caller a Fake/Troll?

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Let's go next to our caller from the eight Oh six area code. Who's calling today from

eight zero six

hello. Is this me?

Yes it is.

Oh, hello. David Auckland. I name is [inaudible]. I'm a, I'm a recent listener. You know, my

friend told me about the show cause I want to learn more about politics. Yeah. Where

are you from? Thank you for taking my thoughts. Oh, I'm in Texas right now, but I'm originally

from Columbia. You know what part of Poland? Iowa. Oh, you don't know the Capitol, you

know? But anyways, so I've been watching the election recently and you know, I'm really

upset about a caucus, you know? Well, so I guess my, my question and you know, they're

releasing like some other results, but like do you know why they didn't? Just a way to

like release them all at once, you know?

Well, there's two points of view on that. One is that releasing nothing until they have

100% would be even more embarrassing because it could be like five days. So that's one

part. That's the most innocent explanation. Conspiratorial explanation would be they've

had close to 100% of the results for awhile, but they selected 62% initially, later 71%

that were favorable to Pete boot edge edge to give him a round of news headlines. That's

the more conspiratorial point of view. I don't know the answer to be quite honest. Better.

Oh, okay. Okay. You know what? All right. You know, I'm kind, kinda just like watching

like three news, hoping like, you know, they get 100% later cause yes, I don't get why

they're like talking about it and it's like they don't have the full results.

Yes. So we're all, we're all concerned about this and it is a big ball drop. And you know,

I think Iowa doesn't even deserve to go first. I think the first to vote should be a primary

anyway, not a caucus. And I think that this disaster in Iowa justifies saying in 2024

there's no, Iowa goes first anymore.

Oh yeah. I don't even, like, I didn't even know where Iowa was.


I'm trying to understand like where the country is and everything, you know, since I've been


How long have you been into the U S

Oh, I've been here, you know, uh, two years now. You know, we didn't want him to come

here for a long time, but you know, I, you know, I said what happened? Know when you

have a wife and a kid, it gets kinda tossed, you know, and they came with you. But anyway.

Oh yes, yes, yes. My wife, you know, she doesn't really like, we're not doing too good right

now together, but you know, I still love my, my wife and my kids and voluntary and I'm

telling them, I'm telling the like this country through even though.

And do you, are you interested in going back to Columbia?

Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I'll, I'll, I'll stick with it here, you know.

Got it.

All right. A real pleasure on goof stuff. I appreciate the phone call.

Well, thank you David. Document. Okay. But all right, we'll talk to Pedro later. Very

interesting phone call. Let's take a quick break. Don't hang up. If you are holding,

we will go right back to the phones after this short break.

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