Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Zderzenie Bogów Slapfightingu - Vasily Dumpling Kamotsky vs Dawid Zaleś Zalewski | PUNCHDOWN 3 Finał

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This is the last punch..

This beautiful gold cup will land on winner's hands.

Ladies and Gentleman, today a chempion from Russia and a champion from Poland will fight in this grand final.

Before you, Vasily Kamotsky!

And his opponent will be Dawid "Zale" Zalewski!

Our contenders are already by the table, so it's time for last questions, before their match.

Zale, do you feel that international rivalry? Do you feel like a representative of Poland?


Does it give you determination, stimulate you?

It does.

I understand, tell how do you think your rival will end up?

I would like to beat him up.

We really whish you that..

Vasily, do you think whoever wins, can be called a world chempion in Slapfighting?

[translates in russian]

[speaks in russian]

We could call him Punch Down champion.

Do you think Zale is the hardest opponent in your career?

We will see in a moment.

I love Vasily's answers, Ladies and Gentlemen! This is the grand final! I know there aren't much of you, but make some noise!

Vasily Kamotsky vs Zale!

Vasily Kamotsky vs Dawid "Zale" Zalewski

Poland vs Russia!

That's right! You could say, not everyone expected that.

To be honest, I was imagining it like that: Vasily would lose with one of his polish rivals,

meanwhile he surprised everyone, he advanced to the finals where he will fight our chempion.

He surprised me too, I thought one of ours will defeat him, yet he advanced and now Zale will have to finally defeat him.

This guy has incredible form and he showed us not once, how to send off to the afterlife.

As commentators we should be objective, but you just can't be objective here!

If two poles would fight here, we could try be objective, but we are rooting for the Pole with all our heart. There is no other way.

Yes. Vasily has won the coin flip, so the Pole doesn't have much luck..

He will have to take on this first hit.

He said before that he has a strong jaw and he can take on make blows!

Let's see if russian's hit is going to impress him.

He's actually a newcomer from Siberia, this powerful farmer is going to hit..

He moved a step back, damn it..

He clearly felt that, he had to make a couple of steps to cool down,

however he's slowly recovering from it.

Of course judges are giving him time to get back to his senses and get ready for his punch.

This blow must've hurt a lot

Zalu's slowly getting ready, but the judge didn't give a signal to start.

It's only normal, that after that many slaps today, the recovery time is longer than usual.

We're still waititng for judge's signal to start.

Just as you said, every slap is adding up, so efficiency of contenders is a little bit lower,

they are courageusly fighting, for the PunchDown 3 Champion title.

We'll see how he will hit.

Good hit.

He hit...

But Vasily showed a thumbs up.

Actually, I have a feeling, keeping your chin down makes his shoulders go up..

Vasily's feeling the pressure, because he's the only Russian here, he's fighting on not his ground

Yeah, these fights over the border are harder..

Oh heck, he's now twisting his hip, looks like he's angry.

He's getting ready for real this time.

He hit hard!

Zale is now as surprised as me when I got my electricity bill yesterday..

Let me tell you it wasn't a pleasant bill..

This for sure wasn't a pleansant view for you or a pleasent slap for Zale.

It distinctly shaked our champion

It's we can see that our champion is unsure of his victory,

I'm worried too, my heart is racing right now. Emotions reach their zenith.

Unfortuantelly, Vasily has made a havoc..

Yes, yes, definitely.

[In the crowd] Head up, head up!

That was a very good slap this time!

A very good slap by Zale, however, well...

Vasily's firmly standing his ground.

Round number 3 is ahead of us.

And, well, it's hard. Both of them took a lot of blows.

Now, we've heard from Zale, that it's hard to hit Vasily,

because he always hides his head, it always goes down and there is nowhere to hit him.

Durning the match, Vasily angered many of our viewers, listening to the audience we could hear how angry they were.

They say his shoulders and his chin are not in the right position, that he's playing dirty... We'll hear judge's verdict in a moment.

Maybe we'll get our overitme we're waiting for from the beggining.

Let's hope. As we can see bookmakers are on Vasily's side, despite of all.

Vasily's leading on referee cards at the moment.

He's about to hit for the 3rd time.

How Zale is going to deal with another punch from this bear, this "dumpling" from Russia.

Let us pay attention to how he's curving his arm, I'm guesing he will hit similarly as before.

[In the crowd] HOLD YOUR HEAD, GOOD!!

He got hit once again, although every single blow is felt more then the one before.

I think Zale is very dazed right now. But he's not going to give up, he;s by the table now.

Well, now he can't give up, this is prabobly the last blow in this grand final.

In this big fight between Poland and Russia

Will Zale be able to knockout Vasily? Because I'm afraid if not, we're going to have a new champion.

I really hope what I just said will not come true. I really do.

However from purely rational point of view, on these referee cards Vasily's on top.

I wouldn't like you being called a Messiah..

No, I wouldn't like that either.

WIth all my strenght and heart content I wish Zale the very best. I'd really like to give him all my left over strenght somehow.

Let's keep our fingers crossed for Zale.

Let's hope Zale will use that strengh and send Vasily back to Siberia.

He need a little more time.

Meanwhile Vasily's walking like an angry lion in his cage..

He couldn't find the table for a moment, but he finally is getting ready, for the last and final blow..

[Audience being loud as f*ck]

[comentators are being shouted over by the crowd..]

[from the crowd] ZALE, ZALE ZALE!

He clutched this game with this last blow!

After that punch there has to be an overtime!

There has to be..

Ladies and Gentlemen what a fight this was!

Now we're waiting for judges to decide who won? Dawid "Zale" Zalewski? Or maybe Vasily "The Dumpling" Kamotsky?

Referees, do we have a final decision?

Yes, we do,

OVERTIME! Ladies and Gentlemen, one more round!

Let's move onto the table, and let's settle, who will become the Chempion of PunchDown 3!

So we have heard! It's going ot be an overtime! One more punch each.

And we will find out if any of these punched will be a definite one. Let's hope Zale is going to be the one with it.

Let's keep fighting, there is still a chance.

Due to the fact that Vasily started first earlier, now Zale is the one punching first.

May he repeat that blow form the last round, may he repeat that blow form the last round.

That was a good blow, but this time a little weaker..

Although this was a weaker punch, still it was a hard one.

We'll see what will Vasily show us..

His face looked sad after this blow, he's even holding his jaw..

Judges want to see a replay of this blow, because something doesn't add up..

It seems that Vasily's out of energy..

His face dropped..

Yes, now here's a question: Did his face fell, because it was a good punch or it was an accidental faul..

Judges are asking for a replay, to confirm all.

Ooh, I complately didn't expect a cover up. I didn't know it was because of that.

I think this isn't the right punch, right?

I gues no, I don't know..

Ok that is the last punch.

No, I don't think there was any dodge. Nope, his shoulder went a little up, but nor enough for it to be a faul.

He didn't lift his shoulder as much as he did before, so he should be safe.

But this could be decisive.

Ok, referees are ready, they have written the points on their cards, and it apears this match is going to be continued.

So now Zale will have to take another hit.

Judges gave a signal to start this round, Vasily getting ready for this punch

And let's see..

We are waiting impatiently-

[shouting over the crowd] I don't think this was a definitive blow!

There wasn't any overpowering blow form any of our contenders.

To be honest I'd make one more overtime.

Of course, I'm all in for that idea.

I think judges will agree that one more round is needed.

However they need to talk this out.

Let me say that I would really love to see another round.

Until they knockout eachother!

You know what? This final should be prepared differently. I would make every veteran of punchdown

and make them decide who should become the next chempion, without any points, to win unanimously.

But now it's not possible to establish the winner of this fight yet

Do we have a decision?

Ladies and Gentlemen, one more round!

We're waiting for THE last two blows!

It's not over yet! We have another round in this match

Vasily "The Dumpling" Kamotsky vs Dawid "Zale" Zalewski!

After this final, both of them for sure will eat with their left side of the mouth for quite a while!

They will definitely not! They will have to deal with this swelling for a bit.

But we're happy, this is a quintessence of this sport. This is just some sort of a side effect..

Huge applause for our two contenders, for how much they could take and give back. a bit like an ATM, don't yo u think?

Zale started first overtime, so we'll see if he is able to withstand another blow from Vasily.

It's visible that it's less power now-

This must hurt.

Yes, for sure. We can see how much he swelled.

He even got a finger in his eye by accdent.

Unfortunatelly hands do have fingers and when you slap people these fingers might get somewhere we don't want them to.

We can see Zale needs a little time to get back to his senses.

The judge gave a signal for a last and definitive blow in this grand final.

Will he end this duel right here and there?

He did a flinch there.

I think this punch has ended this fight!

Vasily is definitely a little dazed off!

Ladies and Gentlemen! What a fight this was make some noise for them!

Amazing fight with 5 blows for each side!

They are both in huge pain, this deserves an applause

Judges made a decision.

Referees, do we have a decision?

We do!

Vasily, please come to the table.

The judge's decision is as follows:

PunchDown 3 Champion is:

Dawid "Zale" Zalewski!!

We'll be handling your cups.

Zale! You've done that, you have won! How do you feel with that?

I feel hard, really hard. I think I can't even talk..

I do see, that it's going to be hard to talk right now, but you have a gold cup! And you beat the master of this sport,

It all speaks for itself, right?

I have to admit, this guy surprised me, I thought he was weaker...

Tell me Zale, do you feel like a world champion now, or do you want to beat someone else?

I feel like I'm the best in PunchDown!

Big applause for Dawid Zalewski!

And let the organizers on the stage.

To be here at the end.

Huge congratulations, I mean it. Vasily, great fight you put up there.

Bravo for everyone, really.

Dawid for you too.

Because this wasn't easy. Just look at their faces, big applause for them, please.

With our organizers I would like to thanks all the viewers, who helped us in these tiring times.

And above all, thanks to our sponsors, because without them this show wouldn't be possible.

Companies: Totalbet, 6pack, Food Design, Elemar, Vigor iT..

And all of you before your TVs. Thanks you very much.

We're planning another show in June, we'll give the details later.

Thank you very much, everyone, big applause and respect for them, please.

Because this is not a joke, there is no escape from here.

Thank you to all of our crew, everyone who worked with us these 3 hard moths of preperations.

We're being watched not only in Poland, but also abroad.

Regarts to our audience, also abroad.

I give the floor to my partner.

I think you've said everything, so thank you very much for your hard work, thanks for the contenders

You gave hell of a fight!

And I hope we will meet again, at PunchDown 4!

Thank you very much!

We have seen 8 juicy slaps in this clash.

This match made Zale another Champion of PunchDown.

I think he deserves to be called the next Champion.

We have been called on the stage, so thank you very much for being here with us.

See you later!

Ladies and Gentlemen!

PunchDown 3 has come to an end. We are very pleased,

that we could spend with you this amazing time.


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