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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Robin Williams on winning an Oscar ? | The Graham Norton Show - BBC

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Now not to piss on your lovely award, but Robin

You won the Oscar for -you don't

Just to hear you say that in a sentence, "not to piss on your

lovely award"

yes, it's like *wow*

Presumably that must be obviously a career highlight

-Did it change your life?

-No, for like a

a week it was like "hey

congratulations, way to go, Good Will Hunting, way to go"

Two weeks later, "HEY MORK!"

I was back being that again, so it lasted, I mean

the moment they say your name when you win, English becomes a second


and I forgot to thank my mother and she was in the audience

yeah, that's, even the therapist went "Get out"

that was a bit, that was rough for the next few years

like "well, how's the award?"

"you came through here, how's the award?"

Elijah, you must have had the most

amazing night when Lord of the Rings, what it equaled

it was the most Oscar wins of all time, it equaled the record didn't it?

So surreal, it was 11 yeah, I think it was the most ever

nominated and won together, yeah -wow

but then, I love this, you didn't go

to all the kind of proper, like you didn't go to the vanity fair parties or any of that

Tell us where you went, um

the fans basically of Lord of the Rings

had their own party, the one ring party

of celebrating the Oscars, and we went to that party

and Billy Boyd - it was wonderful -that's great

and we actually, I believe we took the Oscars there

and displayed them, I think Pete showed up and everything

Billy Boyd sang

uh, Dominic Monaghan sang

it was just a joyous, beautiful event

and we ended up staying there all night. We thought we were just gonna show up and kind of

make an appearance and thank everyone for having a great party

in our honour, and it was the best. We just stayed -and there'll

be a video tape later called 'Hobbits Gone Wild'



It was a beautiful night because we felt like we, I mean they were

celebrating this thing with us, and you know

so many of the people who were a part of making the films

were there at the Oscars that night -Oh it was huge -and it was

a big family. You know, we were celebrating as a family, it was beautiful

And was it at the Oscars or, no, the Golden Globes I think

where you were, was it Jack Nicholson? -backstage, yeah

-were you waiting to go on with Jack Nicholson? -I was waiting to go on

to present an award, Jack was back there - yeah, this is good

Jack was back there, and Dustin Hoffman was back there and um

somehow Lord of the Rings came up in conversation

and he stood there and he said "you know..."

-I can't do a Jack impression -oh you can do it, no, go

-I can't, I won't, I actually won't do it because you're too good

but he basically said "you know, that movie...

" just had so many endings"

He was like "it just wouldn't end"

and he said to me that he actually walked out before the end

he said - oh that's how it started - he said "what happened?"

and I said "Jack, what do you mean - what do you mean what happened?"

He said "well tell me what the end was"

and I said "well you know at the end, uh, the hobbits

are saying goodbye to each other, and Frodo gets on the boat and sails

into the undying lands." He said "I didn't even see it, I walked

out before the end"

So he was basically complaining that there were just too many

endings to the film -Drugs wore off, that's what happened -Amazing

"I have to go outside for a little medication"

When I won my Academy Award he was there, he won, this was his

third Academy Award. We're standing backstage

because they're just about to take you to the press conference and he goes

"You know Robbo, now I have one for every decade"

I'm like "You bastard!"

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