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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Immersion - Mass Effect in Real Life | Rooster Teeth

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Burnie: Many of our favorite video game characters have super human abilities that allow them to perform

extraordinary physical feats.

Take Mass Effect: Andromeda for example here:

In the game, players can outfit their characters with Biotic abilities, like Charge,

that allow them to hurl themselves at their enemies

inflicting massive damage.

But come on, there's no way an ability like Charge

could be used in real-life combat...

...or could it?

Burnie: So, we've come out here to our system's Alliance N7 training course

to see whether or not our lab rats could survive

on the battlefield if they're augmented

with Biotic powers.

And to help us with our experiment, our two favorite lab rats,

Gavin and Michael.

Gavin: Did you hear us squeakin' in?

Burnie: Yeah, I could, I could feel you guys coming up.

You're not exactly in stealth suits, I wouldn't say.

Michael: It's not a stealth thing.

Burnie: So, you guys look great, how do you feel?

Gavin: Powerful

Burnie: Powerful?

Michael: Protected.

Burnie: Alright, well it's good that you feel protected 'cos you are going to be acting as pathfinder recruits today.

You've got the full suit and that comes with a lot of responsability

So, here is what you are going to be doing today:

Burnie: Low on supplies and in search of sanctuary,

our lab rats have travelled to an uncharted planet in the Andromeda galaxy.

Here, they've stumbled upon the Kett and a group of human outlaws battling

over a cache of remnant weapons.

Soldier: Uh oh...

Burnie: Engaging the enemy with limited ammunition, they will need to rely on the

Biotic ability, Charge to gain the upper hand.

The enemy is heavily armed, so our lab rats will have to fight for their new home.

Using a stunt rope system provided by our friends at ZFX Flying,

our lab rats will be able to launch themselves towards any position on the map

just like in the game.

Burnie: Alright, well you each will be armed with one of these, a Mass Effect rifle

which has a loadout of *donk* soft rubber bullets.

Safety first guys.

You want to play with it, don't you? There you go, keep your finger off the trigger.

Gavin: Sick.

Now, your opponents will each be armed with one of these:

If you're hit five times with this, it eats up all your health and you are out.

If you hit your opponents with that, they are stunned momentarily,

but they will be back in action shortly, so the clock is ticking.

You will only have a minute and a half to complete the course. Any questions?

Alright, good luck guys!

Gavin: Oh no, I hope the alien didn't get hurt.

Michael: You- I'm stunned.

Burnie: Alright, our first lab rat is harnessed up. Here comes Gavin.

Gavin: Well, I'm in a room full of cover, so that's never good news.

I shouldn't have gone for a poo before I came to space!

Burnie: Alright, here comes the first Kett.

Gavin: It's an alien! Go!

Burnie: Here comes a Biotic charge.

Gavin: Well that felt pretty badass actually.

Ah shit! It's Tyler!

Ow my ankle!

Burnie: He's taking damage for sure.

Gavin: Oh shit BARRELS!

Sorry Tyler!

Gavin: I keep killing him in Immersion!

Burnie: Alright, the outlaw is down, Gavin is going after the next Kett.

Burnie: Nice shot there!

Gavin: Uhh I'm tripping!

Gavin: Whoohoo!

Burnie: Alright here comes another Kett- Gavin: AHH!

Gavin: Awwww-my face!

Burnie: [laughing] Gavin getting hit...

Burnie: Another Biotic Charge, a little karate kid action on this one!

Jon: Gaaaavin, where you at?

Burnie: Another outlaw coming in.

Gavin: Rising-AW!

Burnie: OOH that looks like a..shot to the mouth.

[Gavin spitting]

[someone on set]: You ok?

Gavin: He hit me in the face.

Burnie: Are you ok?

Gavin: Yeah.

Burnie: Just walk it off bud.

[Gavin laughing]

Burnie: Alright, well Gavin seems to be fine, we're going to move on to Michael's round.

Michael: Y'know...they really don't tell you the worst part about space..

I can't scratch my face. I have an itch and I can't-

Michael: OHMYGOD the aliens are here-

C'mon- j...oh I got him!

Michael: [whooshing noises]

Burnie: Bam! Nice hit.

Michael: Oh shit - that was fuckin' awesome!

Michael: Aw shit - oh my god, stop! NO!

Burnie: Michael barely missed a shot there -

Michael: Oh fuck, dick shot!

Burnie: Alright, Tyler is stunned...

[Michael grunts]

Michael: Son of a bitch!

Michael: Oh my god...nope, nope - SHOOT THE BARREL, SHOOT THE BARREL!

Burnie: Michael is dodging in and out of cover.

Michael: OH, too high-

Burnie: Alright, here comes the Biotic Charge.

Michael: Oh my god. Space is brutal!

Michael: OH MY GOD!

Burnie: Oh - he's under fire!

Michael: Has that guy got a gun?! OW, NO!

Burnie: Michael is taking some serious hits out there. [Michael yelling]

Jon: Michael Jones, where you at?

Michael: JON! You guys don't play fair-

Michael: I'm picking the gun up and-OW GOD-

Burnie: Luckily we've got those paintball guns turned all the way up. [Michael groaning]

Michael: Tell my space wife-

-uhh...tell her I met someone younger.

[Jon laughing]

Burnie: Alright, so as you know one of the biggest parts of the Mass Effect universe is working together as a team to complete a mission.

So we're gonna let Michael & Gavin team up for this next run through the course.

Michael: Oh now that was cool-

-alright, so I'm on the Biotic Charge cables.

Gavin: Yeah and I'm on the legs.

Michael: You've got Biotic legs.

So what we're gonna do is, try not to get killed?

Don't get shot in the mouth.

Gavin: Right.

Gavin: That would be bad.

Michael: Yeah.

Gavin: Oh shit Michael- OH!

Michael: OH MY GOD, OW!

Michael: Again in the head!

Michael: Look what you did to me! Gavin: I'm gonna use you as cover!

Michael: Look what you did!

Gavin: Dude that looked amazing!

Gavin: That was like a movie that was like Jason Bourne!

Michael: Tyler NO! You son of a bitch!

Gavin: Oh I stunned him! Charge him! Michael: Oh man headshot!

Gavin: Dude, look at this, he can't do anything to me!

Gavin: Ah! Bring it bitch!

Gavin: That looked amazing.

Gavin: WHOOOAHH! Michael: Whoo-bup, bup bup-

Michael: Get him down just go for it buddy!

Burnie: Gavin is flailing around in cover...

Michael: Holy crap! Burnie: Oh, looks like they got him, he's stunned.

Gavin: I'm fine!

Burnie: Here comes Michael with the Biotic Charge!

Gavin: Oh amazing!

Burnie: Michael & Gavin with the Biotic High-Five.

Michael: I mean I guess it's kinda cool-OH GOD - T, B- GET AWAY!


Burnie: Michael's taking fire.. Michael: OW, OH!

Burnie: Gavin is, as predicted, not much help at all.

Burnie: Gavin with the drop kick on the barrels.

Burnie: Not sure that was necessary.

Gavin: Oh that was brilliant!

Jon: Hey, two targets!

Michael: Jon, stop being so happy!

Shoot him!

Jon: C'mon Michael!

Michael: Keep shooting him!

Michael: [heroic shout]


Burnie: And there it is! They've done it!

Burnie: I'm actually very surprised. Gavin: AMAZING.

They made it in, there's still time on the clock, they made it.

Gavin: Do we win space?

Burnie: Guys, c'mon. Act like you've been there before.

Michael: Dude, this is my favourite space station on the Citadel.

Burnie: Alright, let's go talk to them.

Burnie: Gavin, you look like a mess.

Gavin: Bloody dead-eye Risinger blew my face off. [Burnie laughing]

Michael: It looks like you have a second mouth.

Burnie: It looks like you're tryna eat an earthworm.

Gavin: It's like someone stapled a grape to the side of my face.

Burnie: Alright, so how do you guys feel about the Biotic Charge?

Is this something that would be helpful to you in real life?

Gavin: I would

Useful in the game but, in real life, I'd probably run into a wall.

And knock myself out. Really fast.

Michael: It's not easy to master, I'll be honest.

Burnie: Y'know in Mass Effect, a big part of the game is building your team,

I'm sure you guys would not have selected each other, in that process-

Gavin: Yeah?

Burnie: But you actually did pretty well together.

Gavin: Well you can order people to y'know, flank, draw attention,

Gavin: I feel like I was sort of a bullet sponge a little bit. Michael: Or, or-

Michael: -you can order them to high-five, while you're flying through the air.

Burnie: Well gentlemen as you know, we like to award a winner of science in every episode of Immersion,

Burnie: and, Gavin while you were very amusing,

Burnie: Michael, here- Michael: EYYY!

Burnie: -dominated the co-op round and was able to use the Biotic Charge every time.

Look he can even control it he's so good at it. Michael: Dude, winners go up.

Burnie: You went up like a foot and a half.

Michael: No!

Burnie: Alright well that was anti-climactic.

Michael: Can you- can you get me down?

Burnie: You ruined it. Gavin: Can you get me some ice?

Michael: Can you cut me? Burnie: Get your own ice!

Gavin: Can you hold- this could be like a hat rack.

Michael: Why am I holding it?

Gavin: That's quality.

Alright see you later boi.

Michael: Can you..uh...

God damnit.

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