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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Will It Jack-O'-Lantern?

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Today we ask the age-old question: Will it Jack-'O-Lantern?

Let's find out.

♪ (theme music) ♪

Good Mythical Morning!

Mythical Beasts, please direct your attention to the center of the screen

where we have a traditional Jack-o'-lantern.

Well, it's traditional in the sense that it's a pumpkin.

It's pretty cool in the fact that it's a Rhett & Link pumpkin.

- Yeah it is. - Thank you, Morgan,

for carving that. But you know what we've concluded?

We've concluded that pumpkins are so 2013.

- Hah! - And we're gonna up the ante.

- Hah! - And I did a little bit of

(beepboop noises) research and I found out that

Jack-o'-lanterns originated in Ireland. The rumor has it that they did.

And that they used to use turnips and beets.

- Huh! - So there's a precedent for using

- things other than pumpkins. - Can't beat that; let's turn it up!

Ohhhh! Okay, we're gonna answer, and ask:

- (unison) Will it Jack-O'-Lantern? - (Link laughing evilly)

We've got some alternatives to pumpkins that we are going to "o'lantern"

and decide if we've been too narrow in our scope all these years,

- Pagan people, or... - (laughing)

- whoever celebrates Halloween. - (laughing)

- I celebrate Halloween. Um... - (laughing)

- What are we starting with? - Oh my goodness.

- We're starting with Aquamelon. - I'm gonna let that slide.

- (unison) Will it Jack-O'-Lantern? - ♪ (magical music) ♪

Traditionally known as watermelon, this typically is harvested in the summer,

but we live in an industrialized farming culture now where we can get anything

- in any season. Thank you for that. - Anytime.

And I want to admit right now, I've never carved a Jack-o'-lantern. Ever.

Never carved one. This is the first time I will insert a knife into a fruit.

- Right here. - What?

I've never carved a Jack-o'-lantern.

My wife believes in just setting out pumpkins-- just, you know, like

three or four pumpkins of different sizes. She doesn't want to carve them.

And she's in charge. Okay, so listen.

Um, we're each gonna try our own and then we're gonna ask the question.

You've already started but I can quickly catch up because I have done this before.

It's not a race, though, it's just so-- We're gonna determine:

A: Will it Jack-o'-lantern? and B: Who's got a better Jack-o'-lantern?

Maybe I should start on the side and come around this way.

I guess this a Melon-O'-Lantern. What are we calling this? Waterlantern?

If it doesn't work we're not calling it anything.

- Let's see, I need-- - And then what do you do?

- You just start digging out of here? - I think I need this.

- And then you eat it? - Oh, wow.

Do you have to eat all of the in-- the contents?

- (crew laughing) - That's gonna take a while.

Whoops! I've already made a rash decision.

- (crew laughing) - Wow.

Was that intentional?

- No. This thing just... - Wow.

Boy, there's a lot of water in watermelon. Look at this.

(slurping noise) I feel like I'm at a resort!

(Link) All right. I'm just afraid I'm gonna cut myself or someone around me.

- (more slurping noises) - (Link) Preferably someone around me.

(Rhett) It's making a little bit of a weird noise.

- All right, so now-- - I apologize, all of you who--

All of those of you who are not in medical school currently.

- (thunk noise) - (Rhett) Link, look at that.

We've got the can down here, if you're wondering.

- (whispering) Link, Link! - Oh wow, you've cored it.

(Rhett) Look at the water in the watermelon.

I mean, they call it that for a reason!

- Why? - (whispering) Link, look!

(trickling noise)

- It's called "watermelon." Why are you so amazed?

- (scraping noise) All right, here we go. - I can't believe I've never done that.

Now, there's not a lot of risk of this thing collapsing on itself.

(Rhett) You're going in from an interesting angle.

- Oh! Did you see that? - (laughing) No.

All right. I saw my dad carve Jack-o'-lanterns as a child,

- and he would use one big knife. - Was that before he deserted you?

One big-- (laughs) One big knife.

(Rhett) Ah, I don't remember this kind of contraption,

but Jack-o'-lanterns have really gotten more complex since my childhood.

- So you're already in Face Zone. - I'm going for something special here.

- Hm! Doing some eyebrows? - Doing a little Wink-O'-Lantern. (laughs)

- (Link) Whoops! - (crew laughing)

You having trouble over there? Uh oh, my nose is a little low.

Maybe it's my mouth now.

(scraping noises) (creepy voice) Oh yeah, Pumpkin Master!

(creepy voice) I'm the Pumpkin Master! (creepy laughing)

- (Rhett) I think eyebrows works. - (Link) Okay, okay, okay, okay.

I'm removing the mouth. Oh, look at, look at-- (excited noise)

It looks like a weird letter that doesn't exist.

(silly voice) What is that, a W? I don't know.

All right, Link, let's wipe 'em down and let's insert our lights,

and then we will turn it around and see if we've got a Jack-o'-lantern.

I'm going to put my top back on here and then

(Rhett) We turn around and the lights go out.

- (Rhett) Three, - (unison) two, one.

(long high-pitched noise)

(spooky voice) Mine looks better than yours!

Yours looks like it has some sort of physical malady.

Oh, it's sharp too. Ow! Oh, look at that.

Here we go, I'm gonna put a different light in there.

(Link) Oh you-- that's not gonna do anything for you.

Oh yeah, there you go. See the pink? You see what I intended?

- (crew laughing) - No.

(Rhett) I gotta admit, yours is pretty good, Link.

Will it Jack-o'-lantern?

- (unison) Yes! - (Rhett) Of course.

- Okay. - No surprises here.

Um, yeah, we knew that was gonna happen. I mean, it's a freaking melon.

But I'm not really into the low-carb movement,

and, ah, they've made bowls out of bread. I enjoy those at Panera. (laughing)

- Not a sponsor. - What? Why not Bread-o'-Lantern?

- (unison) Will it Jack-O'-Lantern? - ♪ (magical music) ♪

It's gonna take a little strategy. Oh, you're going right through the front?

What do you think I should do? You're making me nervous now.

I think you should probably go the traditional route of hollowing it out.

(Rhett) Hm.

(Link) At least, that's what I'm gonna try.

(Rhett grunts) It's really not as hard as I'm making it look.

I'm like, "Oh man, it's like cutting a tree!"

Yours seems like it's harder than mine.

Boy, I'm gonna make a bread glove before I make a Bread-O'-Lantern.

All this bread's gonna soak up that water from the melon.

You're wasting everything! You should eat a little bit of the insides, man.

(chewing noises) It's so good.

All right, I ate a little bit of the insides.

- Inside bread is the best bread. - Unless you're a crust man.

- Any crust people in the house? - You want some? I got bread balls.

Now, don't go with too much gusto or you'll pop through prematurely there.

Put that on a T-shirt.

You don't want your finger to pop through there where the eye shouldn't be.

Um, bread's a lot more pliable than I would have first thought.

Yeah, this is a canvas just waiting to be o'lanterned. I mean--

It feels so good in there too.

Okay, so I gotta figure out what kind of face I want on this puppy.

Your last face was really advanced.

- This is interesting. - Hmm.

The structural integrity of this bread bowl--

- Uh oh. - --is questionable.

So far, so stupid. Look at that! I mean that--

Oh wow, okay, that's what you're doing. Go with it.

It looks good, man!

(Link) I feel like we're in total lantern territory here.

(Rhett) This is gonna catch on, man. Like bread surgery.

- If bread ever gets injured-- - Don't call us. (both laughing)

Hm. I'm done, but I'm not necessarily happy with how I finished.

The good part is you can kinda mold it. (laughing) Oh, gosh.

- (both laughing) - You ever heard of a nose, dude?

- Are you nosin' it or not? - It's an emoji, man!

Ohhh. All right, mine's ready except for the light.

I'm just gonna hold mine.

- I'm really happy with mine. - All right, lemme put the top on here.

- Okay, she's... she's ready. - (crew laughing)

- That's a she, huh? - (crew laughing)

- All right. - Three, two...

(whispers) Bring the lights down. You have one sad looking piece of bread.

- (crew laughing) - How does mine look? I can't see mine.

- Mine's an emoji! It's a sad face emoji. - Oh, here we go.

(sad voice) Aw, I don't like Halloween 'cause nobody eats bread on Halloween.

(sad voice) Everybody eats candy and pumpkins.

Mine I tried to go with the smile I did in middle school for my school portrait.

- Lemme see? - Like, "Hey!"

It is pretty cool but mine's better this round.

I mean, yours is falling apart! Mine's bigger, mine's sadder...

- Ah, so, will bread Jack-o'-lantern? - (unison) Yes!

I thought we could make a little mini burger with this.

That could work. It has nothing to do with lanterns.

But I'll tell ya what might have to do with a lantern!

- (crew laughing) - Uh, that doesn't make any sense.

Chicken. Whole chicken.

- (unison) Will it Jack-O'-Lantern? - ♪ (magical music) ♪

I have reason to believe that we can lantern these things, but--

- There is a cavity in there. - Right.

- So now it's just our job to, mm... - Lantern them.

Now, I have an idea to use-- I've got this can of drink here.

- So I'm gonna put this in my chicken... - I'm gonna begin--

- preserve the... (scraping noises)

Oh my goodness, I'm glad that chicken's dead,

'Cause he would be having a very unpleasant experience right about now.

Oh, man. First of all, I've already-- The legs have separated.

- Maybe I won't do that. - That's already happened.

- (repeating) Maybe I won't do that. - Let's forget that ever happened.

Okay. Oh, you're just cutting right through the breast, huh?

Well, here's this part of the chicken. Probably shouldn't have come off,

but it did, and there it is. I'll just do that with the other side too.

(Link) Here's some more chicken that's not gonna benefit my cause.

Wow. (whispers) I think the... oh, my goodness.

Look that chicken staring at you right out of its nipples.

Oh, that's freaky. Now, do you see what I see?

That's the mouth of a creepy demon.

Like, if I just add eyes? All of a sudden we've got the creepiest o'lantern.

- I've gotta break through to the cavity. - It's like (scary hissing)

(scary voice) I suck your soul dry! (sucking noises)

All right, here we go. All I gotta do is get a little light to come through.

(Rhett) I broke through to the cavity. This chicken is being honored.

When I die, I wanna be o'lanterned. You know what?

- (drill whirs) - (both laughing)

I need that. I got bones I gotta get out of here.

Need a drill bit. I'm gonna use this even though that's probably wrong-minded.

- (drill noise) - Mm'kay.

(softly) Hey, check this out. It's like the mouth of the thing.

(softly) Oh, wow. (normal voice) Here we go.

(drill noises)

Oh, man. This is... ohhh, yes. Yeah.

(Rhett) I can almost see this happening.

(drill noises)

Success is happening!

- (softly) Oh, wow, Rhett! - Yes.

Yeah, you jealous over 'dere? (laughs) You jealous of my chicken?

I mean, I really feel like I'm almost done.

Okay. Hey, y'all, get your Pinterest boards ready,

'cause sumpin'-- sumpin' good's about to jump out at y'all. (laughing)

I'm telling you, Chicken-O'-Lantern! Oh, man. Okay, I feel like--

I've got light! I've got light inside this chicken body.

- (blowing noises) - What in the world?

I'm clearing the passage.

Gotta get my light tu-- my light holes in this chicken.

This chicken never knew it was gonna have light holes in it.

I think I'm ready. I'm gonna, I'm gonna, I'm gonna beta test...

Oh, my light's going out.

I think I might be able to get this light back in. My bread light.

(plastic crinkles)

I'm gonna need all the room I can get, Mister Chicken.

- (crew laughing) - I mean, it's all the way there.

I think it will once we go totally dark.

Okay, I think I'm ready to present my Chicken-- my Meat-O'-Lantern.

Okay. All right, here we go. Three, two, one.

- (crew laughing) - (Rhett) Oh, you can see your light.

Let's go even dimmer. Go all the way. Go dark.

(Link) See, you can tell I've got two eyes and a mouth here.

(Link) Now, hold on, let's bring the lights--

- (Rhett) Oh, look, look, here we go. - Yeah, see?

(Link) Yours is blue, huh?

(Rhett) Yeah, it's a different color light.

(Link) It's like an owl lurking in the dark.

(Rhett) But I really need the lights on to demonstrate my talking technique.

(Link) Let's, yeah, let's turn the lights back on.

(Rhett) Look, it's a double-- (squishing noises)

(Rhett with mouth full) See, look. (high pitched) Hey! Hey!

(high pitched) Let me outta here!

Now that's pretty creepy, but look at mine, though.

- Look at this. (scary noise) - (Rhett) That is scary, Link.

(Rhett) Mine looks almost like it might be happy.

- Look at that. - And it's like, "I decided to talk!"

Look, see, this is his mouth. (scary voice) Braah! Baah!

And these are his eyes. (scary voice) I'm lookin' at you.

(scary voice) I'm lookin' at you. Put this on Pinterest. Raah!

But there's no light, so I think--

Let's just go ahead and put the verdict down. Will it Jack-O'-Lantern?

(unison) No.

Feel free to give it a shot for yourself. I'm sure you can build on what we've done.

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the question: Will it Jack-O'-Lantern for two other items, boiled eggs and potatoes?

(Rhett) Try to explain the bits and the bees.

(laughing) I brought the eggs; did you bring the bits and the bees?

Ahh, well, I've got some bits of bread and some chicken bits--

- And can, can-- - Hold on, let me see

- where the chicken's bits are. - And so, okay. Now we explain to them,

class, ah... there are no birds involved, first of all.

Well, the chicken bits were somewhere down here but I think I ate 'em.

- (nervous laugh) - Uh, but all I can say is that somehow...

- eeh, the... they... somethin' happens... - Well, the bee... the bees, ah, sting--

Swarm. The bees swarm.

The bees swarm and then they sting, and...

And then the chicken's like, "Hey, here's my bits!"

And then there's two eggs.

[Captioned by Caitrin: GMM Captioning Team]

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