Practice English Speaking&Listening with: GoPro App & Samsung Galaxy S4

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Hello, I'm Annie from Samsung Mobilers

and I'll describe to you the GoPro app.

My two favorite gadgets are Samsung Galaxy S4

and GoPro

GoPro is an action camera

and with its official app

we can control the camera via the S4

We have to switch on the camera

and we turn on Wifi (on the camera)

Open the GoPro app and the WiFi at the S4

in order to connect with each other.

Press "Connect & Control

Through the app we can see Preview

we can control the camera, we can also switch GoPro off

and also, we can change camera's Settings

There is a variety of settings, and for example

we can see the name of the camera and the version of its firmware

Name of Wifi Network

We can change video resolution and frame rates,

the resolution of the photos

and many more settings that GoPro provides

We can watch preview either on a small window

or on full screen

in order to watch where the camera is pointing at

Via settings we can change between video and photos

GoPro app is a great help for setting up the camera

so we can easily mount it for example on helmet,on motorcycle

on a snowboard, or a surfboard

and helps us to set up easily the shooting angle.

GoPro cam has a wide wifi range

and gives us the opportunity to mount it up at any point

so that we can shoot a self-portrait

or anyhting else from a distance via our smartphone.

We'll leave the camera, and through the app

and from a distance we can shoot photos or video, or timelapses.

As you can see, GoPro is on the rock at about 10 meters distance

And from our S4 we can see what the camera shoots

and we cn control it remotely.

There is also Burst mode and Timelapse

and from the settings

we can choose the frequency of photos so that we can create the timelapse.

There is also an option of "Locate Camera"

that gives up the opportunity to locate GoPro

as it enables and flashes all GoPro leds

and a beep sound.

We can also switch thw camera off.

When the camera is NOT connected with the smartphone

and we have internet connection

We can see the Video and the Photo of the Day

which are published at official gopro website

The Description of GoPro App & Samsung Galaxy S4