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Today I will show you two ideas incredible recycling of mini crates of

fair, for you to organize and decorate the your home and even make to sell.

I'm Lilian Oliveira and welcome to the channel Sharing Art.

These crates

were fruit and had these two woods nailed to the top. I'll

reuse them on the sides of these crates.

First it is necessary to sand well, as it is a little rough wood and has several splinters.

For this reason I suggest using gloves. I trash the two boxes and then

wipe with a slightly damp cloth remove excess dust. Reserve.

Then paint the first crate

inside and out as well as the two loose woods with acrylic paint on

mineral color.

Cut a piece of cardboard or paper

parana of the internal size of the crate. Im going to paste these tablets that Ive already

had around here. If you don't have simply paint the cardboard white

and glue some decorative napkin. If using tablets, mix the grout in the

water and make this soft dough and apply over them, to fill the gaps.

I used a spatula to apply, but you can use a table knife.

After applying the grout, a few tapping on the piece to get the air and

dough fill all cracks.

When the piece that passed the grout

dry to the touch, wipe the pads with a damp cloth.

Then use the bronze-colored wax patina

irisdecent and apply lightly on the surface, as I show in the video.

When finished, clean the brush

used with solvent page and then wash with soap and water. also

apply the glossy acrylic varnish on all the wood and over the napkin


And to give a greater charm put handles on both sides.

I will use to place my Perfumes. What would you use for?

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For the next idea you will need a mini box already sanded. Paint all the wood

with the white pva paint.

While dry use an egg tray

Styrofoam or cardboard to fit perfectly inside the crate.

Pass the primer on both sides and when drying, paint with a coat of

white paint if you are going to use a more clear, or two coats of paint

bali blue acrylic like i do in the video.

I chose to paint the part blue only

from the top where the eggs will be. In the bottom left in white.

I will use the drawing stencil Portuguese 1 code 1540 from acrilex and one

pre-hydrated pitua number 8 brush. Put very little bali blue paint and

remove excess ink before to paint. Position the stencil on the sides

of the box and paint as I show in the video.

I don't know about you, but I thought this was beautiful Portuguese print. I decided to do the

prints on the two largest sides also inside, but its up to you

criterion to do or not. Also stamp the two separate woods

When drying, use acrylic varnish bright on the wood part and on the door

Styrofoam eggs.

Then just fit the Styrofoam inside of the crate and nail these two

loose woods. In this piece I chose to leave the woods close together, but if

you prefer, you can leave a space between them. Tell me which of the two ideas

you liked it best, the perfume tray or egg holder? That last piece made me

reflect on a popular saying known which says: "never put all your eggs in the

same basket "and it is applied to the world investments. It means that it is not

wise to leave all your money applied in one place, when talking

forming a portfolio. The idea is diversify to reduce risks,

how to put a percentage of fixed income investments, another in

shares, another in shares of funds, real estate and etc. But, have you ever thought of that saying

applied to your life? Mainly in this difficult time that we are

living with covid 19 is going to be necessary to reinvent yourself, to have

open to new opportunities. You can think that there is only one solution for a

problem or that only has one way to make money. But the truth is that

there are hundreds of alternatives for the same question. Take courage and

try the new one! May God bless you and grant you much wisdom and strength to

keep fighting. Remember: God is in control your life! A hug and even the

next video. Goodbye

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