Practice English Speaking&Listening with: WORLD'S HARDEST IMPOSSIBLE BOTTLE FLIP CHALLENGE! (Happy Wheels)

Difficulty: 0

Lets try this bottle flip,OOOOOOH!


*dabs again*

*does it again*

Bottle flips,too easy for me

*intro music playing*

Welcome back Kops,my name is Kwebbelkop and today we're back with HAPPY WHEEELS!

So,I was like why not play Happy Wheels again,maybe you Kops like it so much,that ill bring it back on a weekly basis,but of course ??? ??? if we can do that.

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ok come on e come on

ok we have to do this poker fight i

haven't done these stop things in ages

and let's execute him now we just had

ourselves but come on no no I'll bet

ourselves into but again

well let's go dawgs stop as I'm not but

dogs abbas anybody got us into but he

got his start in our but ok that's fine

that's fine like this is fine don't

worry i have this the the sword holster

in my my buttocks

let's go come on we have to kill him I'm


Oh No cannot just throw his body off


why are we still here why are we still

come back there you go perfect

this is going great it's a lot of

moaning of really business in the past

few days that I cannot play happy wheels

the past few months actually commercial

oh no I use his body using buddy know

who now we're even more belly dump this

guy and he's stuck on our BTW pls stuck

on our penis just move back and John

and just well can't do that and we

killed ourselves free me ask you how you

are you say that you're fine you're not

really funny you just can't get into it

because they would never understand this

one is called unique pogo fight let's go

and do these very unique

yes it's pretty unique ok I did not see

that coming

magic right let's try this again jump

over this guy and he hits that little

bit this is Magic this is magic cultures

jump over the magic and llama y you know

drink why you know Drake okay we're just

gonna jump over these guys with their

access dangerous axes are dangerous

Nadia what ya up

no it was at this moment that he knew he

fucked up

no wow ok we can still do this we can

still do this month

there we go we have to get in there we

have to lend in there

yes no way right to fight the cake we

still have to fight a king what the head

really really but we have no legs

anymore he killed himself already

oh no he didn't the king is over there

got it

there you go we made it this is a

working computer and happy wheels ok

let's type real quick okay we're typing

that's like that welcome to our to be

governor Garren apples always think it's

very creative people that create this

fires installer trojan malware ok a

caution is virus will grab it all falls

from the computer what happened

ok I think we just broke it i think we

broke the pc let's add type your

password again let's said let's go

ok just typing the password let's let's

play happy wheels

Oh error ok we need to

pictures i look at our beautiful

pictures picture library amazing recycle

bin what's in here

this is this looks really pretty dope

information ok then some details

that's so cool like the finish ok cops

of course this is a harpoon run

something we haven't done in ages where

we have to escape from their boat

I got something i'm stuck up on my way

son dad don't worry we got this I got

this don't worry send them my way son

that sounded when I'm dead ok let's do

this again okay daddy

let's go let's go that I got die bad

ok son we're back out and drag going to

stay we know daddy pig that he's dead

right one more time cups try one more

time and we have to jump-jump-jump daddy

will get that got you i think that that

Adam had only four Ninja this is only

for name just cups trust me these lasers

are fine they are not and can we r 852

on lover he didn't need it a lie that's

not how happy wheels works try to get

coming forwards forwards forwards and


ok we're still doing this we are still

doing this okay don't worry where some

need you for some God durning just put

and there's some lines over now

no bragging here and we're swinging and

swinging day

a because we're dead bottle flip

oh yes bottle flipping happy wheels

let's go now let's try this again bottle

flips and happy all this is a big let's

try this already

let's try this bottle flip ah

bottle it's too easy for me just do this

wild flip just do this bottle flip when

it all right one more time I want to get

one more

well they actually have to land on the

table broke that one really come on

double bottom lip

no oh no father plan we actually did it

this time

holy shit that's cool like it one of the

top of rated levels both swinging my

graph ok what is this another poco fight

hide photo fight didn't happen let's do

a rope swing because you know where

things are cool

oh ok ah

all kidding me so we had that that's

right again we're gonna make it this

time we're gonna make no I said I said

we're gonna make it I said we're gonna

make it this time

come on there we go damn it we're gonna

make this public swing this time okay

trust me trust me or not

don't trust me to pay per month and you

got perfect beautiful my god there's

another progress when he kicked us he

get the guys okay let's go

no yes perfect and just shabang shabang

shabang shabang shabang sure thing

oh he's just fall down finished I'm only

13 seconds my creations HD ok

the gumball machine speed up numbers of

shape 42 number of our okay yeah that's

cool that's a nice little tumble

oh you don't need you never never get

your son to touch the gumbo it alright

to me Jimmy James whatever-your-name-is

even know working TV LED highly detailed

Chester drawers

can we turn it on no signal in 10 are

required are you kidding me that's so


what about this Oh would just kill click

to throw the ball and the ball go did he

go bowling coca-cola machine wears a


there you go i'll count is coming out of

the most realistic block ever made

unhappy with what's this supposed to be

it looks cool down but at whatever like

the block working edit menu we can we

change stuff how to actually change them

but oh except for this stuff that had

happy wheels level creation works that's

so cool

yes I make these public tiny white beans

as a hospital naked girl village i love

these naked girls because they're never

there never true see a mind just falls

on your head don't do naked girl

glitches her Rob swing orange oh my god

i love everything that is orange cops

let's go orange orange orange all Don do

these beautiful balls of the rope swing

rope swing rope swing rope sweet but

still get out

I just don't know you don't know you

don't you don't get out of here you


let's try this again rope swing rope

swing rope swing and that lacked is

swinging their ropes

okay how are we gonna follow in there

now so it's tough to top the first time

it ok now we can we can go now we can go

now and do it

just believe in yourself just believe in

yourself let's go a little bit earlier

than we normally were just falling down

falling through really cooking let's go

get lads go again and sweet and hold on

we have this dive in there with her arms

just like this that's how we want to do

it that's how they want us to do it come


nope know that our arms our arm broke

your throne lets you sort throw throw

sword throw or throw starts up sir

throne is but now that out to kill

herself to the usual the usual sore

throat and happy rules studies about a

billion times let's go

oh no he has a cookie there you go

we've got it was only one guy who sold

the helicopter

oh that's the only guy we have to hit

this is the only guy we have to hit

this is a rainbow bridge let's go let's

go down to Rainbow Bridge beautiful pj


rainbow rainbow bridge me actually tried

killing my kid there

this level is called kill yourself a

dumb pointless level you hate life

present to kill yourself

ok what's gonna happen

oh my god oh my god i'm not expecting

that I was not expecting that stops I

was not expecting that this would be how

we would kill ourselves this is

disturbing but it's still going

I can see his brain in the back wheel

that's beautiful naked girls not fake

once again fake naked girl at this is


stop doing them rate 5 and she will be

naked yet something that you know stop

she just died okay please stop doing

that level if you rate for an ache of

your own game you're seriously idiot men

no need to rate

okay thank you we're going to stop

playing the naked girls low-level circus

bottle flip hard to follow flip after

his bottle we have to hit this bottle

flip let's go come on

oh yeah that's right at the bottom lab

the other diamond to why is this a thing

but these levels they also go of light

great 5b online that's bullshit i'll fly

ball flat ball flat ball run another

bottle run that's going to this bottle

run let's go cops

butter butter and butter and a little

ride possible popo to fight over jump

smash hulk smash stuff we've also done a

million times but there are still so

many happy wheels levels we've never

played it let's go for jump cups

ok we're flying for flying through space

how far did we get we went a little bit

farther than any other two

that's crazy that's that's legit crazy

we did so well that we actually

we flew so far that there wasn't even a

checkpoint made for there was no get the

house in the house

no no you got in between he didn't even

make it rope soccer AKA football AKA

soccer come on human go again and showed

two we have to hit it right in time and

let's go has to go over him and let's

throw it out and up this else to come on

yes now we've got it you gotta just in


now once again no don't touch it with

your feet don't touch it with your feet

who the crossbar again

oh the crossbar again if I to prosper

again I'm done okay one more time and

I'm done

are you kidding me ok guess who's back

again frankerz back till friend guess

who's back guess who's back in fact what

is--what's info over here you haven't

made level in awhile notes you just

couldn't be asked ok let's go again

let's drive

whoa we just made that barely made that

the bothering you bothering onto mine

until mines on too

oh no don't treat my mind's boys dug up

that ball

oh my god that was a cool level don't

get hardcore hold up space once in here

okay here let's go up space where we

going we missed the ball really you go

up space

come on mr. bono we did i miss the ball

where I gotta duck at our

our let's do this final level called

bobble run hard it can be that can it

come on just do to bother and you are

talking to the follow up front ok this

is a pretty tough ball but I thought it

was pretty good father runs right that's

what you think that's what you think

until yet this bother running which is

almost impossible come on yes we did a

better OS cups i was up with that you

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