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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: This is the Mitsubishi you forgot about: Lancer Evo 2

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(engine sounds)

- There is nothing more badass than

rally racing and rally cars.

(car engines)

You've got turbos.

You've got antilag.

(car engine)

And you've got your sick looking hatchbacks

with big splitters and wings.

And then...

you got this.

Relatively boring, white, four door appliance.

But its looks are a complete lie.

This unassuming economy car

is one of the world's

baddest production sleeper cars.

And by the end of this video,

if I do my job,

you're gonna want one.

Real bad.

Because they're finally legal in the US.

It's time to go from inner core to rear spoiler,

bumper to bumper,

on this Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution.


(rock music)

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You've seen Evo 8's.

you've seen Evo 9's.

you've seen Evo 10's on the road or on the track.

You've probably driven 'em in Forza or Gran Turismo.

Or maybe even in real life.

But this Evo II?

You never see 'em.

They only made 5,000 of these over 14 months,

and they were only sold in Japan.

But under the generic exterior of this 1994

Mitsubishi sedan are all the bones of a rally car.

And you math nerds will notice that

'94 models are now 25 years old,

which means we finally get 'em in the states.

Oh beautiful for spacious skies

This freakin' Evo's sick. ♪

We didn't get them previously

But now you can buy them. ♪


This is what makes the Evo special.

(bass thumping music)

This is the legendary,

turbo charged,

4G63 two liter inline-four engine.

The 4G63 came in everything.

And I mean everything.

They put it in the Galant, the Evo I,

the Montero and Pajero SUV,

the Delica van,

the Eclipse, the Plymouth Laser,

the Eagle Talon,

a couple of Hyundai,

these Chinese knockoff SUVs called Land Winds,

had 4G63s in them.

And the next seven Evos.

This engine is the absolute workhorse

of the Mitsubishi brand.

And for good reason.

Mitsubishi manufactured their iconic engine

with a beefy iron block in extra strong

internals right from the factory.

That means it's really easy to modify.

Crank up the boost to make a bunch more power, baby!

(car engine revving)

Stock engine blocks are known to handle

upwards of 500 wheel horsepower

and 400 wheel torque.

It's basically the 2JZ of four cylinders.

Did he just say 2J?

Yes I did.


Speaking of turning up the boost,

the 1994 shoving a turbo under the hood

of a cheapo commuter car was practically unheard of.

They mostly ever came on the much higher profile

and more expensive Japanese sports cars

like the 300ZX, the Supra, and the RX-7,

but Mitsubishi would hand you this econo-box,

with all the major ingredients you needed

to cook up more power for yourself.

Horse steak, anybody?

I like mine raw.

Horse tartare.


Close the hood on the 4G63 and you find this special vent,

right over the air filter.

It's like a cold air intake of sorts.

The hood is further ventilated to release

some of the heat from the hard working motor.

And let me tell you, this boy runs hot.

We drove this thing about four miles

from the office to this location,

and it feels like I'm crouching over a space heater.

I know I sweat a lot,

but this is not helping.

(electronic dance music)

Down here it's got huge inlets in the front bumper

so it can gulp in more air into the good sized

front mount intercooler,

and also keep the brakes cool.

That kind of stuff really matters when you're racing.

These rally style fog lights can be

functional add-ons for the street,

but they definitely would not survive

a rally stage down here.

Under the skin,

the Evo's body is reinforced for rally duty,

and there's a strut bar to make

the body stiffer and improve handling.

A rally bash bar is tucked back here to protect the radiator

because in rally (beep) gets crashed all the time

and whenever they can the drivers just keep on going.

The radiator is critical in keeping

the car running until the end of the stage,

and it works better without a tree lodged into it.

Like most things do.

Except wood chippers, which are made to work

quite well with trees lodged into them.

One more thing that sets the Evo apart,

there's a little door right here

that you pop off and it reveals

a tow hook,

so when you get into ditch during a rally race,

your buddies can pull you out of it

without pulling your front bumper off.

(car accelerating)

- [Recorded Voices] Ohhhhhh!

(heavy bass music)

- Here's something for you weebs.

Over the windows are these genuine

Mitsubishi accessory rain guards,

which are super popular in Japan.

This way, you can drive around in the rain

with the windows down and evacuate foul smells

from the cabin without the annoying moisture

dripping on your interior.

A lot of people smoke cigarettes in Japan.

But that was more of a joke about my farts and my butt.

To win rallies, you also need maximum traction,

and again, just looking at it,

this is not the kind of car you'd expect

to find a turbo and all-wheel drive in.

But this juiced up...


juiced up econo-box is hiding

a very capable all-wheel drive system,

with 50/50 torque split.

Power and traction are further enhanced by

a mechanical limited slip differential back here.

(car screeching and skidding)

A downright puny 2700 pound curb weight


and an ability to throw down all 250 horsepowers

in a fierce four wheel launch

to send this grocery getter

from zero to 60 in five seconds.

This is an economy car from 1994,

and it goes to 60 about as fast

as the Turbo Z, the Supra, and the RX-7.

Only your friends wouldn't mind getting in the backseat.

Evo II GSRs originally came with 15-inch,

five-spoke OZ rally wheels,

but this one has some updated

17-inch OZs for a more modern street look.

I like it.

The light color choice is very period correct,

and I love '90s period correct stuff.

Look at my car.

Around back is one of the most iconic features of the Evo.

A big ass wing.


It's tacked on top of a little lip spoiler

so it's taller than the Evo I's and makes more downforce.

The name Evolution II is embossed on the spoiler,

but not so noticeably that people

will be able to tell that it's a

special Lancer that just blew their doors off.

(car screeching)

What about the trunk?

After all, this rally car

is based on a practical daily driver.

And practically, in my day-to-day life

I need to haul bodies in my trunk.

We got you covered.

This got a big one.

Damn it!

I was gonna eat that boy!

These sick Japanese tuner stickers are optional,

they did not come with the car,

but I like them quite a bit.

Especially this period correct Castrol one.

The GSR badge means this is a Grand Sport Rally Evo,

A.K.A. the comfy street version.

The racier, more stripped down,

RS - Rally Sport -

came without the common luxuries that this one had.

That includes ABS, a rear wiper,

power windows, air-conditioning.

You know, the fancy stuff.

(bass heavy music)

If you've watched literally any

of my other videos you know that big bro runs hot.

So because I love this car,

and I want to buy it,

I was really happy to find out that it has air-conditioning.

Everything in here is a perfect representation

of a '90s Japanese economy car.

And unexpectedly high quality stuff shows up everywhere.

The plastics feel a lot nicer than

a lot of modern cars in the same category.

There's even a soft, suede-like upholstery

on the front seat bolsters and on the door panel.


And the ultimate test,

if you're gonna buy a car,

the door clunk.

And this thing's got a great one.

(loud clunk)


(door clunk repeated)

Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh ,uh, uh, uh

This is one of my favorite parts of the entire car.

When we found this everybody in the office was like, whoaaa!

If you pop off this center part

of the leather wrapped steering wheel,

it's a freakin' MOMO.

Straight up.

It's like an aftermarket wheel

that came stock in this car.

Of course, there's no airbag,

because racecar.

Evo II's all came with a 5-speed manual.

The shifter looks kinda tall and weird,

but it had to be like that because

of how the center console is designed.

It does kinda feel like you would

expect a Mirage to feel like though.

It's like rowing a spoon through a bowl of oatmeal.

Which I like to do everyday,

because I like to remain regular.

(fart sound)

This thing came stocked with RECARO buckets,

but someone has swapped out

the driver's seat in this one for a BRIDE.

It's not bride, it's brid.

Probably because this car is 25 years old,

judging by the headliner,

it has been used.

The pattern on the seat cloth

is just about as RADwood as anything gets.

So '90s. So sick.

I wanna these for my Golf.

On the center console,

you've got the traditional e-brake,

and this next thing is probably

the most racecar thing about this factory race car.

This switch, with the weird little icon on it,

this activates the intercooler sprayer.

That is so sick that they put that on this little car.

It sprays a mist of water in front

of the intercooler to help bring down

the temperature of the air before it heads to the turbo.

Cooler air equals denser air,

and denser air means more power baby.

More power. More power, baby.

More power. More power.

(speech slowed and slurred)

How much longer can I say that til I...

I already feel like a jerk.

The dash - I just looked this up -

is the exact same dash that comes in a 1994 Mirage.

So, you could buy this thing

and make it left hand drive.

Which is exactly what I'd do.

Just to hear you freakin' weebs whine about it.

Oh what did you do?

Why did you do that?

Why did you even bother bringing it over from Japan,

you just made it look like a regular car.

Ah ha ha ha.

Why did I do it?

To go through drive-throughs.

I'm about to do something that

I've wanted to do since 1999 -

start an Evo.

(harp flourish)

(car starting)

(engine revving)

(car engine running)


Early Evos like this one are special,

but not in a way that the average car guy knows about.

It's not the kind of ride that would

draw a big crowd at your local Cars and Coffee.

It's the more underground stuff only

the really hardcore fans know about.

And now that it's 25 years old,

you can just buy one and drive it.

Even in California.

I think I might legitimately buy this one.

Let me know in the comments if that's a bad idea.

Also, did I do my job?

Do you covet this car?

Are you breaking a commandment?

I'm your neighbor, boy.

Also let me know what other cars

you want me to convince you to buy on

Bumper 2 Bumper!

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Mister Bump!

- Oh my god!

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