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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Kuruluş Osman 10. Bölüm Fragmanı Osman Bey Obadan Kovuluyor Mu?

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Alişar Bey fell into the trap of Yannis, who was disguised as an astrologer.

Yannis enjoys this situation and burns the fitna fire he wants.

Alişar Bey, who knows no bounds in idiocy, is in great heedlessness and treachery.

Ali Şar Bey, who gets caught as he gets into the ambition of his personal self, is slowly

preparing his own end.

However, a good Muslim knows that superstitions like magic and magic have no place in religion.

Alişar Bey, who does not understand the sacrifice of Edabali nibs, is the only aim to get his

daughter Bala Hatunu.

It is clear that although Dundar Bey was actually a deputy of Bey, he was not the man of the

post he sat.

Essentially, the audience cannot understand what Dundar Bey is doing exactly.

Alişar Beyin Dündar threatens neither the first nor the last.

However, if Ertuğrul Bey had been, Alişar Beye would have informed his limit and even

take his head.

Because, regardless of whoever is, he respects the Beylik authority according to the Turkish


We should say that Ertuğrul Bey knew his right and his limit ... The audience will

also give us that the eyes are still looking for the Ertuğrul Bey.

As we said in our previous analysis, the real fitna is in the oban, even in the Dundar brain


The bad face of the Zöhre Hat also showed itself in this episode and gave Dundar Bey

a shot from below.

Do you think Zöhre Hatun suits this series?

Appreciation is for the Audience.

Thanks to the screenwriter, Selcan Hatun, who has included the Selcan Hatun, says that

he will not do business for no reason, as much as he has come out.

It means Halal that falls on us.

Here, Batur Bey was the Alpine Head and in this case he is trying to understand the events.

We think Batur will be a party to Osman even though he is not sure.

Dundar, who is the Inability, is supposed to pursue politics in his own way and says

that he would prefer Obası if he chose Osman or Obama.

Actually, the issue is not oba, he sees Osman as a competitor.

Of course Osman Bey is aware of everything.

And by saying this from the top screen, do not worry, you are not afraid of the Beylik


This word actually puts people at the bottom of the ground.

Of course, who understands….

In this episode and in the next episode, Osman Bala will face Alişar for the chick.

Because Alişar knows that Osman loves the Bala Hat and tries to shoot it from there.

Yannis, who knows this, expects what will happen by rubbing his hand.

Osman Bey, the ancestor of the Turks, will surely appear before those who will take the

revenge of his brother.

Take care of yourself in the hope of seeing you again with an exciting section, guys ...

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