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Okay, here we go. Three, two, one [Recording 0613 KKUL FM with all seven members!]

June 13, when BTS came into the world [Sup D kicks off the 7th anniversary KKUL FM]

A very special program

Let's get this started with some fun!

[Introducing today's guests]

I'm not Chef Baek, I'm Lord Turtle at your service

KKUL FM's hope, Jeong Heung Bu

Hobi checking in

Kim Tiger the Fishing Master

What? You caught a tiger with a fishing rod? Roar!

The Masters of Method acting, Three Little Pigs

Hello, this is Little Pig V

The man Kook, revealed to be a prince?


BTS's funniest grasshopper, Jiminihopper

Hoppity-hop, yo

-This is BTS! -Hello!

Hello, hello, hello!

Let's say hello, Namjoon

I'll say hello

Two, three, Bangtan!

Hello, this is BTS!

Yes, that's right

Now, everyone

Today, as your know

is Bangtan's birthday

As your DJ Sup-D

I prepared for the boys of BTS

a birthday cake

Wow, really?

Jung Kook, put in the candles

Seven candles

Drive 'em in

They're letters


-Pretty neat -"BTS"

-Wow, a custom cake -That's pretty

That's cute

There's even an ARMY Bomb

They did a good job with this

"BTS 7"

The "S" with the "7" kind of looks like a heart

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you! ♪


Wishes, time for your wishes

-Wishes -Already blew out the candles, though

Thank you.

As you all now [The day before Bang Bang Con]

we are practicing hard for Bang Bang Con

We've done lots of live shows

But a live-streamed performance

is a first time

for both us and ARMY too, right?

It's fascinating, little nerve-wracking

Looking forward to it, wondering about it

We have lots of thoughts about it

Tomorrow's Bang Bang Con

so we should get ready for it

So you need to choose a nickname

to get into Bang Bang Con, right?

I'm sure every ARMY already chose a nickname

Can't come in without one, it says


We're going to choose our own nicknames, too

Choosing a nickname

Haven't done that in a while

It's got that

retro feel to it

Like on an internet messenger

Ultimate Warrior

Had to have an underscore

That's right



With a "TM"

All right

I have tickets for Bang Bang Con right here

These are for BTS only

Take one each

Everyone's got one, right?

Wow, this is what they look like

Are there physical tickets?

I don't think so

They made this for us

What should I make mine?

Making a nickname

takes a long time

You have to choose wisely

If you're playing an online game

and you choose some random name like "Feet"

It can make life difficult

I don't know if I should tell you mine

Let's take turns

and tell us what you've got

Let's go this way

Jeong Ho-seok

I just went with

something simple

And this kind of nickname

is kind of...

when you get to this

higher levels

this is the nickname that'll...

-An old hand? -Old hand

I chose "I am Hobi"

If a high-level character is "I am Hobi"...

Doesn't sound like a top-ranked player

Just someone from 10 years ago

So created ten years go

and still languishing in the low levels

I'll go with "I am Hobi"

He's back after a hiatus

He's going down memory lane

but had to make a new character

Next up is V


I wanted to

put some meaning into my name



"Bighito_where's my_paycheck"

What's that?

I've got tons of people onto Weverse

I've got no certificate

-No prizes, either -Sorry about that

Did you get a certificate?

It was me. Sorry

Jin got one

So I chose Bighito_where's my_paycheck [Time to yank it off his wall]



Now as for me,

when I was young in-game nicks would be like

Lighting Boy

So Dog Boy?


Dog Boy? Come on

Mangae Boy

Please remember we're on the air


Okay. "Mangae Boy"

Real old-school nicknames are like this:

I got "Bang Si Hyuk's Wife"

Now handles like that

oddly enough end up in the top ranks

These are the type of players

"Whoa, what?"

Nicknames with zero dignity

That's right

But imposing

And when you get to the top ranks

and everyone knows you

They'll call you just "BW"

"Watch out, here comes BW"

Works for me too, "Look there's Iope"

Next, my nickname

is "Nickname"


the reason I chose this


No, really

Making nicknames

When I'm playing a game

I mean, to play you need a nickname

I spend about

two hours coming up with one

Me too, like an hour

I spend a ton of time agonizing [Personalities come out even for making gaming handles]

I try everything [Personalities come out even for making gaming handles]

Green Dragon. Warrior

Ultimate Warrior

I know, right

When I play a game

I want to do it right

I want something meaningful

But it usually ends up being

the name of a diner I go to often

Last time I just had no ideas

So I went with "I Have No Idea"

My nickname

It's a nickname I really wanted

What was it?

"Nice Guy"

That's Hyun's nickname

"Nice Guy"

Who'd cuss out a guy named "Nice Guy"?

Nice Guy

That's my handle

Last is me

"It's Bangtan Sonyeondan"

You have to say it the right way

Now I'm in the spotlight

So what's your nickname, Jung Kook?

"It's Bangtan Sonyeondan!"

We're already having fun

thanks to Bang Bang Con


it's the time

we've been waiting for

It's KKUL FM's popular segment

"Please read it in your voice"

You know how this goes

Everyone knows

Of course

Today we have RM

who was instrumental in making this

a permanent segment


Expectations are high

Looking forward to

Messi-level contribution to this match

No pressure, right?

I've been pointing it out every since

Thinking about how I'll be able to

hear more of RM's method acting

keep me wide awake in bed last night

Of course

"You mean I can witness it again?"

Like that

Not because you took a nap?

Is it everyone today?

That's right

No unit songs today

Today's tale is "Wizard of Oz"

Title: Wizard of Oz

Narrated by SUGA

Jimin: Dorothy

Jung Kook: Scarecrow

and Toto

Jin: Tin Man

and Aunt Em

V: Uncle Henry

and the Cowardly Lion

j-hope: the Wizard of Oz

and the Munchkins

RM: The Witch


Witch of the North

and the Witch of the South

and the fairy

Dorothy lived together

with her Aunt Em and Uncle Henry

who were farmers

and her dog Toto

One day,

a ferocious tornado struck

It's a tornado! [A tornado descends on the farm]

Dorothy, hide in the cellar quickly [A tornado descends on the farm]




Toto was hiding under the bed

whimpering and shaking

Holding Toto tightly

Dorothy headed for the cellar



The tornado struck the house


Thrown into the air by the tornado

the house rose higher and higher

until it landed with a smash

Dorothy collected her wits

stepped outside the house

Oh my

this is such a beautiful place!

Where am I?


The Wicked With of the East is dead!


Who are you?


I am the Good Witch of the North

Thank you for defeating the Wicked Witch of the East

She has been tormenting the Munchkins

What? I haven't done such thing!

When your house landed,

The Wicked Witch of the East was crushed under


put these Silver Shoes on

They are magical

One day, they will come in handy


Dear Good Witch of the North!

Do you know how I can get back to Kansas?

Follow this road and you will find Emerald City

There lives the Wizard of Oz

He will have the answer

Dorothy and Toto starts the journey to find the Wizard of Oz

And they came across a corn field

Excuse me! [They met Jung Kook Scarecrow on the way]

Hello, passerby! [They met Jung Kook Scarecrow on the way]


You scared me!

I'm Dorothy

Please... Untie me

Oh no!

You poor thing...

Hold on

Thank you

By the way, where're you headed?

I'm in search of the Wizard of Oz

so he can tell me how I can return home

Really? May I join you?

People mock me saying...

that I only have show, no straw in my head

That I only have straw in my head

I want a brain so I can think

Don't you worry [Scarecrow and Dorothy embark on the journey together]

Mr. Scarecrow, let's find the Wizard of Oz together [Scarecrow and Dorothy embark on the journey together]

The Wizard will grant your wish

Dorothy and Scarecrow started the journey to find the Wizard of Oz

As they were passing through a forest,

they found

Tin Man that could not budge an inch [Jin the Tin Man in crisis]

Save me!

[Unexpected voice of the Tin Man makes everyone laugh]

What's wrong, mister?

I cannot move!

I was rusted by the rain!

Please oil me!

I will!

Thank you!

Now I can finally move!

I wish I have a warm heart like yours!

Then join us [Tin Man joins the journey to find a warm heart!]

We're on our way to find the Wizard of Oz [Tin Man joins the journey to find a warm heart!]


I will join you!

They chattered along the way [The Tin Man's voice really touched them by heart...]

and suddenly... [The Tin Man's voice really touched them by heart...]


A lion the size of a house appeared before their eyes

While everyone was terrified

Toto stood in front of the lion [V the Lion and Jung Kook Toto's confrontation!]

and started barking [V the Lion and Jung Kook Toto's confrontation!]

Suddenly, the Lion started sobbing

[Turns out the Lion was a coward]

I am a cowardly lion [Turns out the Lion was a coward]

The pride wouldn't take me in because I am a coward

I want to have courage!

Then join us

The Wizard of Oz will grant your wish

Dreaming all their wishes will come true,

Dorothy and friends gleefully headed their way

But suddenly, they encountered a deep valley

Beneath the fathomless valley

swirled a black river

Oh no, we're in trouble

How can we cross this river?

Oh! I have a good idea!

We can chop a tree with an axe to make a bridge

[Tin Man's happy that he can finally help]

Don't you worry! [Tin Man's happy that he can finally help]

Chopping trees is my specialty! [Tin Man's happy that he can finally help]

The moment Scarecrow suggested the idea,

Tin Man chopped a tree and made a bridge

They all began to cross the bridge

But suddenly, a fierce beast ran at them roaring

Oh my!

While everyone was in panic on the bridge,

the Lion stood in front of the beast

Roar! Go away! [Lion tries to look intimidating to protect his friends!]

Roar! [Lion tries to look intimidating to protect his friends!]

Leave my friends alone! [Lion tries to look intimidating to protect his friends!]

Meanwhile, Dorothy and friends safely crossed the bridge

Mr. Lion!

Come, quickly!


Mr. Tin Man, cut the bridge!

Once Lion safely crossed the bridge,

Tin Man cut the bridge right away

the fierce beast fell down the valley

Thanks to the wisdom of Scarecrow,

the courage of Lion

and the warm heart of Tin Man

we're all safe now. Thank you so much

Thanks to us?


Dorothy and friends finally arrived at Emerald City

and they went to see the Wizard of Oz

Ta-da! It is me, the Wizard of Oz! [The Wizard's voice is cuter than expected!]

What brings you here? [The Wizard's voice is cuter than expected!]

Dorothy and friends told the Wizard

everything that has happened

and they all told their wishes

I want a thinking brain

I want!

I want a warm heart!

I want courage


But all your wishes have come true!


It was Scarecrow's idea to make the bridge

and the bridge was made thanks to the warm heart of Tin Man!

And Lion!

You saved your friends with your courage!

See, your wishes have all come true!


Wizard of Oz!

My wish is to return to my home, Kansas

Please grant our wishes, please!

All right!

If you defeat the Wicked Witch of the West,

then I will... Huh?

Then I shall grant your wishes!

So began the journey of Dorothy and friends to find the Wicked Witch of the West

How dare they challenge me?


Attack them! [The attack of the Witch of the West!]

-The monkeys... -Wow, he's good

ripped straws out from Scarecrow

and dropped Tin Man in the air

and locked up Lion and Toto


The Wicked Witch tried to take Dorothy's Silver Shoes

Give those to me!

Dorothy tried to run from the Witch

and sprayed water in a bucket to the Witch


How could this happen?

How could this happen?

How could... I can't find the page, hold on

Wow! [The Witch melted away as Dorothy sprayed water on her!]

We're saved! [The Witch melted away as Dorothy sprayed water on her!]

Dorothy saved us. Roar!

After defeating the Wicked Witch,

Dorothy and friends went back to Emerald City

They went back to the Wizard of Oz

to find a small old man

Actually, I'm not a wizard. I'm a circus performer

But the hot air balloon landed here by accident [Is this "Try Not to Laugh Challenge?"]

But people took me as a wizard as I came from the sky [The Wizard of Hope is serious]

That's how I became the Wizard of Oz

Does that mean...

you cannot grant our wishes?

I sure can!

Since you've defeated the Witch, I will grant your wishes!

The Wizard of Oz gave Scarecrow a brain made of bran

I feel wise already!

To Tin Man, a heart made of silk

I feel like my heart is pounding

He doesn't sound happy...

To the Lion, a drink that will give him courage

I feel courageous!


You and I shall get on the hot air balloon and head home!

All right! Good bye!

Vroom! Vroom! [A trendy wizard that rides a motorcycle!]

He's on a motorbike?

Dorothy was saying goodbye to her friends

when Toto loosened the rope to make the balloon float away


Wait for me!

Mr. Wizard!

Suddenly, a fairy appeared and said to Dorothy

Don't be sad, Dorothy

Click the heels of the Silver Shoes three times

and they'll take you back home

Dorothy held Toto and clicked the heels three times

Then Dorothy floated up in the air

and flew like a storm to Kansas!

Uncle! Auntie!

Oh my, Dorothy!

You are back!

No no, this is Aunt Em

Sorry! [Jin is confused between Tin Man and Aunt Em]

Sorry! I'll try that again [Jin is confused between Tin Man and Aunt Em]


We've looked everywhere for you!

Dorothy and Toto safely returned to the arms of their Uncle and Aunt! [Dorothy and Toto safely returned home!]

That was hilarious

Namjoon you're really good

Can you sing live tomorrow? [V is worried about his hardworking voice]

-I'm fine -You're really good

-He sounded like a real voice actor -Exactly. He's good

That was fun

We have an award [An award for RM who dedicated his hard work for the play!]

-We love awards -Okay [An award for RM who dedicated his hard work for the play!]

"Do I Look Like a King?" Award

Kim Namjoon

For his accurate portrayal of the character

outstanding acting skills

and method acting surpassing that of his Kim Army years

therefore contributed to the show becoming regular

in a way that deeply touched Sugasuga Sup D

and was complimented for 6 weeks

which is why he is given this award

June 13 2020

KKUL FM 06.14

It even has SUGA's signature on it [RM receives his award while being congratulated by the members]

-Whoa, really? -I want it too [RM receives his award while being congratulated by the members]

It's my first award in 10 years

-This is when we have a commercial break -Let's make it realistic...

[~Self commercial time~]

ARMY sent us their heartfelt message for our 7th anniversary of our debut [Now on to reading ARMYs' messages]

They were really written with love

-Let's start with V -Okay, I'll start reading some of them

Thank you so much for coming to where you are now

Thank you for becoming my light [The members are reading the heartfelt messages, one precious word at a time]

We will continue to silently shine light on you. [The members are reading the heartfelt messages, one precious word at a time]

Congratulations on your 7th anniversary

Our time together

has been recorded into forms of music for the past 7 years

Each and every one of these moments,

and I'm surprised and so thankful it's been 5 years

Even if our steps don't align

if we hold on to each other

footsteps don't matter at all

Congratulations on your 7th anniversary, from the bottom of my heart!

[Impressed by the writing skills of ARMY]

Lastly, "hoping that my heart comes across in this writing"

I was a middle school student who wore uniform for the first time

and watched MVs during lunch time

and now 7 years have passed

Now I'm wringing my brain to get through my assignments

listening to "Cypher"

now, a university student [Remembering all the time they spent with ARMY]

Wow [Remembering all the time they spent with ARMY]

I just got goosebumps

My teen years shone bright thanks to you

and my twenties, soaring with you

I know will be full of happiness

Thank you so much for all your hard work

and I look forward to your future work, I purple you

I think the BTS that we get to see is the tip of the iceberg

I'm sure you faced a lot of challenges

But I still hope all 7 of you can perform on stage

and I am thankful that you do

I am extremely glad I got to know BTS

Your happiness is my happiness

I hope you can one day safely land shrouded in warmth and a calm breeze

I will be the breeze that protects you 'till that day

My Korean isn't fluent yet

so some things might sound strange

But I hope that my words can deliver all that I feel

I love you

Wow, this person's Korean is amazing [Everyone is impressed at the international ARMY's excellent Korean]

Yeah, it was really good [Everyone is impressed at the international ARMY's excellent Korean]

Even while I'm writing this message

I am grateful for being able to look forward to the next 10 years

I'll remember today when that day comes

Excuse me

The next line is English

BTS MUST BE HAPPY NO MATTER WHAT, OKAY? [They all laugh at the adorable message and impersonation]

Borahae! [They all laugh at the adorable message and impersonation]


7 years, you've worked hard for


You worked through weekends, too


I hope you have a wonderful rest of the year without getting hurt or sick

Congratulations, and I miss you so much

That was an acrostic poem

You do one


For seven years, BTS has worked really hard [Jin replies to ARMY's witty acrostic poem!]


BTS worked through weekends, too


BTS won't be sick till the end of the year

Why are you turning red?!

Can't celebrities turn red too?

That's so unfair

I tear up when I watch past videos

You really worked hard for the past 7 years

not being able to sleep much and all

I hope you can relax and do everything you want in the future

Wherever you are, whenever it may be, whatever happens

Remember, ARMY will be there cheering you on

I love you so so much

Two, three, Bangtan!



I'm so proud of you

Why did they write, "ARRGHGHGH!!"? [The last message, full of fighting!]

It's the sound of "fighting" to the max

You know when...

For no reason...

You know there are lyrics too, "When your day is gloomy for no reason"

or you lose your confidence, just like that

-Yeah, I get that -Whenever I lose my confidence

reading these messages

I get recharged [BTS are touched by ARMYs' warm messages]

and I get my confidence back

What better message that these

Let's go around and share our thoughts

Mr. Lumberjack! Why don't you start?

-All right -Let's do multiple characters...

Tin Man, what did you think?

I loved it! [Let's begin with the Tim Man, Jin!]

I never knew radio was so much fun!

You sound like someone who learned Korean all wrong

Okay, next!

What, I'm not done!

I'm not done!

It was much more fun and meaningful because it was live

and I hope that we can do this more often

I can't seem to stop but I will

It was fun!



Thank you so much for congratulating us on our 7th anniversary

Don't forget, we are here because of you

You saying that we helped you heal

gives us more energy

and we will do our best to be your source of energy in the future

Thank you, love you!

Right, j-hope?

Perhaps it's because it's our 7th anniversary

or because there are 7 members

but I think our 7th anniversary is really meaningful

That's what I think

Thanks to our ARMY

we were able to make our way here right now

thank you so much for staying with us

And in the future as well

not just our 7th anniversary

but till our 777th anniversary

We can't live that long


That's too long a lifetime

Do we have to live forever?

I just meant that I wanted to spend forever with you

I hope you stay healthy, don't get sick

be happy! I purple you!

Next, Taehyung?

I think...

Since we're here together

did this radio show

And I read all of ARMY's letters

I was really comforted and touched

I am so grateful


Out of the letters...

the one that said, "I hope you can one day safely land shrouded in warmth and a calm breeze

I will be the breeze that protects you 'till that day"

then we will be a friend, a happy cloud next to that breeze


Okay, how do I say this


I saw the date today, it was June 12th or 13th

and it felt weird

I know, right?

Time really flies by

That's what I thought

Today, doing the radio

reading all the replies

all the letters

We really...

read these great letters that we don't normally get to read

so I was able to recharge

I want to use this energy for you

So from now on

we will be the one giving you energy

Thank you so much

I'm so happy


Last but not least

-RM -June 13th is actually really special

Of course, it's BTS' birthday

but it's also my younger sister's birthday

-Really? -Yeah

It's been 7 years and I didn't know

-It's Kim ARMY's birthday -That's right


-Does your sister also go by ARMY? -Oh, without question

So anyways

it's my families' and my friends' birthday

which makes it extra special

Just like Jung Kook said

It was strange looking at my phone

It was a happy moment

I think this every once in a while

What would it be like if your name was Bangool

Our BANGWOOL ding ding!

-Maybe that's how it would have gone down

That's what I thought

-Our Sup D, thanks so much for hosting the show today -Yeah

Let's keep it up

-Let's be all fighting for our Bang Bang Con tomorrow -Right

We really did our best guys, really

so I hope you like it

All right thank you for coming here today

And as always

let's take a selfie

and you can leave

[Taking a picture holding their 7th anniversary cake]

Ugh, my legs [Everyone except Sup D leaves!]

All right everyone [Everyone except Sup D leaves!]

You can now make your ways back home [Everyone except Sup D leaves!]

-Great job everyone -Great job everyone

-I purple you! -I purple you! [They don't forget to say goodbye to ARMY!]

I hope you look forward to tomorrow! [They don't forget to say goodbye to ARMY!]

See you tomorrow! [They don't forget to say goodbye to ARMY!]

Bye ARMY! [They don't forget to say goodbye to ARMY!]

We did this for eight weeks [After all the members left]

It feels like the last day of being a real radio DJ [Sup D got attached after hosting KKUL FM for 8 weeks]

I'm getting all emotional [Sup D got attached after hosting KKUL FM for 8 weeks]

On a special day just like today

I am really glad ARMY is by our side

It was the 7th June 13th that the 7 of us spent together [Sup D wrapping up KKUL FM on the 7th June 13th the 7 members spent together]

And...ARMY who have been by our side all this time

Great job guys, today...

[ARMY and BTS great job on another day!]

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