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Hello, I'm Dan Worrawech.

Oh what a cute horse! It's so small. So cute!

This kind of ceremony is called 'marriage'.

Good morning everyone.

This morning we woke up at Na Phu Kham.

It's very cold in the morning.

It's around 10 degrees celsius.

That's the reason I can't take a shower.

Everyone is about to go to make merit by offering food to the monks.

I'm just going to do my hair a bit, then wash my face and brush my teeth. No one would notice I haven't showered.

Here's the atmostphere in the morning.

Na Mhor Ma..

It's in Amnat Charoen province, my hometown.

The sky is pink with a little mix of purple, it looks like someone has painted it. Very beautiful.

I'm not sure if Pattie has waken up yet.

If she's already up she must have gone to get some food.

It's cold. Should I wear it like this?

Yes, you can wear it over another shirt.

But you see the long sleeves, isn't it look funny?

No it's not.

I don't know how to wear this.

I hope it won't come off while I'm walking.

Pan-fried egg with toppings and this view.


How is it? Very delicious.

You should wear it like a dress.

Aunt Da likes it. Yes, I do.

Hi everyone, I'm Dan Worrawech.

Should I put the t-shirt out?

You should tie it so tight that his intestine breaks.

I think that's the tightest it can go.

Should I tie it like a bow-tie?

She's putting the effort for her nephew.

Sitting on a golf cart in the morning~

I want you guys to see Dan's socks.

Look how he rolled his socks. Haven't you folded your socks when you were young?

I always did it like this when I was in school. Eww.

Put your leg up here.

And we roll it like this.

Nooo, don't. Let me do it! It's hip!

Give me, fast! No no, it doesn't help.

Look how he's folding his socks.

It doesn't need to be that low!

I don't like it. There's no rule to fold your socks.

Really? Yeah, everyone can do it however they like.

Are you happy yet? Yes I am.

We are going with a more advance way, a horse carriage.

Oh what a cute horse! It's so small. So cute!

Don't be a naughty one.

We are going on a horse carriage.

You sit in a way that makes your skirt looks messy.

Don't go to hard.

This is the real Na Mhor Ma.

This is the real one.

Does it have a name?

Yes, Ma-Ruay.

So you are going to be rich as the name suggests.

It's a really smart horse.

Yeah, it's so good.

Very pretty!

Hello hello.

Hello hello.

See you later, I will come make merit around here later.

Pattie is so beautiful.

There, in front of my house.

These are the things we are going to offer to monks for merit making.

We've got sticky rice, and this is some kind of dessert, and this is sticky rice with banana.

Everyone has similar sets.

It looks really good. Wait.

Really. But we are offering these to the monks.


Put this with you food.

And you should prepare the money you want to donate as well.

Let me take it out.

Do you have any cash? Can I borrow?

You never carry money with you. I'll transfer it later.

Tell me how much you want.

The same amount as you.

I hope making this merit would bring you a lot of good things.


I hope you become a really really famous singer.

We are very happy that you guys are here.

We are going to organize a ceremony for you.

We are happy you are here at your parent's hometown.

Why didn't you take everything? I was too slow.

Mine is empty.

It's ok.

You are not good at this yet.

I don't really know how to take the sticky rice.

I couldn't take it out.

Next time you can take everything out.

Can you give sticky rice to chickens?

They are eating it.

The voice has to be sharper.

Yes, like that.

Don't pinch my legs.

And this is...? My house!

Tada, Dan's house.

In the past, the lower floor was made of wood. Now they renovated it and the relative used it to open a grocery store.

And my parents sleep here.

And where is the horse farm? I want to go.

I want to go. There are many horses right?

Hi Ma-Ruay.

Ma-Ruay, you are so cute.

We are going on Ma-Ruay's carriage again.

Hold on.

I'm going to run.

Dan is so handsome. Hello.

Here we have grilled chicken. It smells super good.

The whole village knows me.

This is Na Hom Ma School, it's my father's school.

Oh we are going in the school.

I think the kids can't study today.

They aren't excited about us. They are excited about the horse.

The horse is going fast.

How much do you charge regular tourists?

100 per person.

And do you charge money for taking photos?

It depends. Oh so it's up to them? Like tip?

I should shower first. Because I think we are going to do a lot more today.

I don't think we could come back here easily.

I want to wash your hair for you and you are still looking for a spot.

Here, let's wash it here.

Sorry, is there a water hose somewhere here?

There's one at the corn field. Go get the shampoo

You should lie down here.

I'm going to wash your hair.

I have this one for you, Maro 3D Volume Up.

How is it good? You just wash your hair with this then you dry it, then you are ready to go.

Come, lie down here.

I forgot to bring the towel.

Fried banana?

Do you think we can use this water to wash the hair?

Yes, they use this to water the plants. It's ok, it's my hair.

Put your head down here.

And now you put the hose under my head.

How doe this work?

I'm indie.


It's cold, pour it fast.

Faster, faster.

Here is not wet yet.

Where? Below.

Do you even know how to do it?

This shampoo would thicken your hair. It creates 1.5 times volume.

And it contains natural fibre.

Your hair wouldn't be sticky and oily.

We'll see.

And you are filming me while my hair is like this.

The water is all over my face.

I'm going to dry your hair for you.

After it's dried you don't need to use wax or anything. You can just style it the way you want.

It's good for a man like me, I want things that are simple like this.

Just dry and style the hair right away.

I used it and my hair seems voluminous. So I recommended it to you.

You can find it at these shops.

It's good that both men and women can use. So you don't need separated bottles. Yes!

Yay, we are ready to go!

I showered dad.

Let's go.

We are going to do the 'Su Kwan' ceremony.

What is this ceremony dad?

Why do they do it?

They are happy because their relatives are visiting.

So they are doing this to welcome me?


Oh, I thought it was a tradition.

Because you are visiting.

Because you aren't here often. They only see me on TV right?

I don't come here often because I want to make each visit special.

If I come here often people will be bored of me.

Which way do I have to go? That way?

This pavilion is over 100 years old.

They are going to hold the ceremony here.

Have you ever done the 'Bai Sri'?

No? What is it?

Like this, they would put these ropes on your wrist for blessings.

Thank you.

We can eat these.

They call a ceremony like this 'marriage'.


Join me. I'll film you.

It's ok, let her dance.

Seems like you enjoyed it a lot.

I'm hungry.

Dad, look at my wrist.

The whole village did it for me.

It's the first time in my life seeing you eat this.

How can you never eat this?

Right? It delicious right?

It's sweet.

Get well and stay healthy.

Bye bye.

Ma-Ruay is cute.

Ok, take care of yourself.

Good bye.

We are going with another new way of transportation.

We don't want the horse to work anymore.

Now we have a chauffeur that drives this motorbike.

Be careful, don't fall on the left side.

Now we are going to a horse farm. It's called.....

What is it called?

How can you be a guide?

Here we are, KB Sambaijai Farm

We are going on a rough road now.

It's getting rougher and rougher.

It's so fun.

It's so fun.

It's slippery. It's difficult to ride.

It's so fun.

Look, we are so close to the side.

Very dusty.

We just passed the dust. I'm going to translate for you.

You can even translate?

Don't speak Thai when you are with me.

It's so fun!

I'm going to bring Dan to take shit.

I'll bring him to watch horse shit.

Stop stop. Brake.

How do you say stop in Isaan dialect?


That's English!!

Hello hello.

What is the name of the teacher? Oil.

You can ride any horse. Which one can Pattie ride?

This one, or that one. This one won the royal trophies for 3 times.

What is its name? "Kaew"

But I don't dare to ridet his hero.

I'm scared he would be fast.

Let's do this. I'll let you ride the white one, "Si Mhok".

And that one, Pattie.

That one is called Pattie? Yes.

We have the same name.

Oh really?

This is also Pattie.

We are twins, Pattie!

Pattie is going to ride Pattie.

1-2-3 go.

Is there a cowboy outfit too?

You look cool.

This is a real gun.

Really? Are there bullets inside?

Is it going to blast?

No no.

Here, my cowboy outfit.

And this is a real gun, with bullets.

Is it going to blast on my legs?

So if I want to go left I have to pull the right?

And I have to pull the left to turn right?

We are walking around to get used to the horse.

Dan, you are riding alone? You are cool.



Pattie walk!



We are getting to know each other Si Mhok.

And maybe we will meet in the middle of the field.

How many horses are there in total?

We have 8.

And there are also Thai buffaloes.

Wow it's big. How old is it?

This one is 2 years 3 months old.

Only 2 years old? Why is it so big? And how long can it live?

How many years are the maximum?

Over 20 years I think.

And how old is yours? Around 5-6 years old.

Aren't you 34?

Hello. What's this one's name? Mae Ploy.

This is Petch Udon breed.

It's a big breeder.

This is her father.

He is worth 1.5 million bath.

This one is 1.5 million.

They are good breeders.


And how do they compete? What do they look at?

How do you determine if a buffalo would win?

You should look at the eyes, and the cheek should have a white spot like this one.

Oh like this? Like a dimple?

And the neck should have three layers and the legs should be white.

And what can you see in the eyes?

That spot at the eye.

It has to be white.

There's an actor who owns buffaloes.

Nam Rapeepat.

Yes, he likes these kind of things.

That one won 3.3 millions.

You mean the prize of 3.3 millions?

Yes. Woww~

Now we know if we run out of money, who can we borrow from.

Here, you can borrow from Oil.

Oh goats! They are running away.


We are.. Pattie be careful!

Calm down. What are you doing?

We are riding horses in a field for the first time. Wow dad!

Wow you are good

You are good, why am I like this.

Pattie, careful! Be conscious.

So many people are coming to watch us ride horses.

So much support.

Pattie, say stop!


Tell it to stop.

Mine is so good. I didn't control him because someone was dragging the leash.

Look at the evening atmosphere.

At the field in my hometown.

It's really warmth

Don't be shy. If you dare to follow us, you don't need to be shy.

You have full-on make up, don't be shy.

Can I have one song?

Ok, enough.

Boss, should I let go of the leash? Please don't.

This one is running away.

You are the real cowboy.



Pattie, walk!

You have to be able to do this.

Let's see if she can.

Walk! Can she do it?

Pattie, walk!

Do you want to try the one dad was riding? Let's see if it was because of you or the horse.

Yes, let's go.

Let's see if it's the one that dad rides, how would Pattie do?

Dad, Pattie couldn't manage to get her horse move.

I'm not sure if it's because the horse is too good, or the person sucks.

Let's see if it's the horse or her. It's probably my fault.

The one from dad is really calm.

Yeah seems like they have been together for a long time.

Dad, you are cool.

Let's see if it's Pattie or the horse.

I'd like to ride you please.

Let's see.


Go Si Mhok.

Oh so it was the horse.

How do you feel about riding horse through the field?

Very good.

Do you like it? Yes.

You have always wanted to ride a horse right?

Yes. I'll let you be with Si Mhok for a while.

They're gone.

Can I hold him? Come to uncle.


Let's take a photo.

Very cute.

He's like a doll.

Here is a simple but happy life.

Sometimes having a lot in life doesn't make us happy.

Maybe having a simple life would be happier. So we should balance our lives, find some time to spend at a countryside. It could give us some energy.

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