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hi guys hello everyone

oh my god it's very neat guy I'm gonna

hide my face hi guys welcome to my

livestream the Tracy here how is

everyone doing we're gonna feel like


I think my face is very big guys hello

fine so I'm yarn hello my goodness oh

sure you you guys are here


that's how are you what happened to show

you the other illness oh yeah I know you

know it loli you can hear now and see

old me yeah thank you

I don't know if and so I just tried to

use a stream yard with my phone that was

actually my first time but yeah look it

looked like it didn't work well I think

it's very dark here in it

loli loli how are you you're still awake

fine so how are you my good idol buried

I look very pale guys let's check how

about that how about that

let's have bubbles guys okay this better


okay hide all your alone funds oh and

loli loli how's everyone voice we can

see you oh no fans oh uh the the

previous live-streaming it was actually

a voice streaming so yeah okay it's a

bubble LS I'm good loli loli

I'm very sorry loli loli because you

know I haven't been lie for I think

three days now because yes I haven't

been feeling very perfect so yeah even

until now I am not but I'm trying to you

know so yeah teacher is here talking to

you guys the rest is still waiting over

there since a oh no I don't think so

fine so that LS you should tell them

really I tried to go live with us away

the shine

believe me I tried to go live with the

stream yard everyone because I wanted to

only you know have the voice live

streaming but yeah

hello video to Ricky welcome to my live

stream you are so fast when oh you guys

were left in that live streaming I'm so

sorry guys I'm so sorry

and I'm really sorry you're lowly lowly

born so either France we bonsoir lowly

lowly but lowly lowly is studying

English so I think we should study I

should speak English a shine amen

still people over there or really oh you

should you should pick them up fans oh

well this watch line amen yes everyone

how's everybody doing guys teacher space

guys it's not not looking good my

teacher is in a blanket guys oops ok

there you are

it's ok like that you can see the the

door over there with the back honey and

I'm gonna blanket actually I'm gonna

still fun everyone

glow asleep in agreement so yes guys so

this light string is really nothing oh

my god what kind of life streaming is

this this is my first time guys to have

a live streaming which is uh I think

really you know useless useless live

streaming I didn't fix myself today guys

really nothing you see teachers face

hello teacher really took ready to bed I

yes ready to bed video on to Ricky but

it's just that all day today I didn't go

out I just stayed home so I didn't fix

anything with my face or I didn't do


you have nice hair oh thank you so much

I actually did not brush my hair I

haven't brushed my hair today I

haven't brushed my hair today have you

brushed your hair today loli loli and


hello Ruby's foreign family don't worry

sensei you look maganda thank you so

much fans oh yes son David you enter

Ricky no fix is perfect even better me

oh my gosh by Neyman seriously look at

my eye my eyebrow it's really you know I

actually regret why I started to shave

my eyebrow because you know it looks

very thin now you look great

oh thank you so much loli loli how about

you loli loli do you have a long hair

loli loli order yeah

boobies I don't need to brush my relaxed

so demean relax a sundae it's time to


well I'm trying to relax video and do

Ricky Ruby GUI begin to rekey fans ooh

have you got hair fine so has maybe a

little hair big event Ricky shiny man

hello Ruby hope you are fine

yes long hair oh really

ah that's very good is your hair as long

as mine loli loli look at my hair long

is your hair as long as mine or you have

the same length of the hair as mine the

same length sorry guys just a moment

because of you huh

teacher is a singing guys singing out of

key guys I'm very sorry okay hunter

I got Vin Diesel look laughing out loud

I'm not sure if I even if I even read

you or your words correctly fans oh

because hair cut

uh-huh okay fine sue loli get boom get

on okay get on the panel prove it

laughing out loud oh well only lonely

it's answer is asking if you can join me

on the panel why not

well yes God if anyone of you there who

would like to join me on the panel it's

not possible and say it's not possible

for now I would love to but I'm using

YouTube right now not stream your

earlier it was dreaming or but it seems

not to be working well so yeah it didn't

work well so I just ended it I am not

even sure if I really ended that stream

I just left and yeah I am here with you



SHINee made nice character you chose

fans ooh uh-huh

get on Lily Lily no not very long okay

loeli loeli is laughing at you fans oh

haha fun so fans of SHINee meant I

thought it would sound more attractive

laughing out loud oh is it a character

I'm not very familiar that to be honest

I'm not very sure Lee that word oh my

god my hair guys really I did not fix my

hair oh my gosh I'm so shy I'm so shiny

okay Sean amen he

is an alpha man Oh Chris cook cook or

coke Chris cook hello hi stopped and

stopped by direct alike thank you so

much welcome to my life's trip Chris

Cook is it cook or coke welcome to my

life's room I think it's your first time

here right how are you Chris Cook benzos

Sean crystal said hi to everyone in here

in the chat room and the shrine amen I

don't believe in that alphabet up things

are we animals I'm just laughing I

didn't lean on more hello welcome to my

livestream how are you and only not more

Chris cook cook you're welcome cook okay

so uh are you good at cooking Chris can

I call you Chris because it sounds

anyway can I call you Chris are you good

at cooking Chris because your name is

Chris Cook why do you make it double Oh

mmm what a question teacher it's none of

your business teacher guys I'm like an

American just live streaming okay cover

in the face like that an American shot

big shout out to you guys loves me

Chris Cook yeah I found you through some

channel not sure who laughing out loud

okay thank you so much for coming here

with my lecture me I am glad to see you

here in the chat room okay welcome Chris

cool he beats EP 89 hello welcome to my

lunch room who are you hippie dippie

it's been a long time

shiny man stop copying oh my god guys my

good look teacher is very pay I'm very

uncomfortable guys every time I face

people without anything on my lips

mm-hmm I mean nothing nothing ready

maybe I can bite my lips too

come to make it ready no hmm no it's red

oh my gosh

rubies foreign family I love you Hansa

cents a pop the bubbles see he bubbles

we're trick oh my good fun zoo you're

making me laugh thank you so much fun

zoo fantastic

oh great to hear that tippy tippy 89 how

you're obese from preschool Adelina more

hello Paula hot yes hello - f Adelina

more said hello to everyone

copying may be better teacher uh-huh

copying may be better

oh we do have to Ricky teacher you look

natural yes I my face is a real place

today venturi I really have nothing on

my face except my panda eyes you know

you see my eyes guys my god it's been

two days guys I didn't sleep well oh my

gosh yes fine as an actor do you think

t-shirt eats chicken skin like Anna oh

no way guys I eat pork skin the crunchy

one guys the you know crispy one they're

very very crunchy when you bite it

grapes some yeah when you bite there's

really salient

yeah but chicken skin no I don't eat

chicken skin I feel it I feel like it's

too oil I mean it's it's more oily then

you know the the port port is oily but I

feel like chicken is more oily because

the chicken skin is actually soft you

know big John Jay Riecke tea tree bubble

is me is made

bubble bubble is made for kids yes I am

a kid tonight video Hunter Ricky


shiny makeup being instead of copy.c

I do my best it should all very good

student shine Amen that's a very good

job shining man so yes guys I hope you

don't mind

he sure has of course guys I took a

shower in the morning okay but I didn't

brush my hair at all nothing

yes nothing wrist firm family

keep smiling keep shining

gree school gotta go to work

unfortunately great stream mashallah

thank you so much please look have a

great day at work good always we do web

host I think you forgot to turn off your

washing machine the bubbles escaped get

obviously the well welcome to my life

screamer you get away sweet the one owl

yet always with Noel thanks for coming

father Noel Lanza is laughing out a lot

because of Noel we do want to rekey

t-shirt no chicken skin teacher knows

chicken skin of course I know she can

skin because I was I mean I have been at

Anna Marie conscious live-streaming and

she often eats chicken skin so I know

the story and video uh tricky I was also

there remember oh we were talking about

and catching the chicken and remove the

skin to cook see you Chris cool thank

you for dropping by fans of shine amen

stop copying it from google translator


that's why I miss you guys my god you

know I

how can I say I had wanted to go live

you know I had wanted to go live before

this time but yeah I just didn't feel

like going live and then I thought

tonight I would go live my baby is

asleep early she actually fell asleep

early I think she's tired anyway young

sure hello no well again shiny many

thing out loud at Noel gonna waste with

Noel video hunter Ricky's SIA

Caillou Oh what is that I don't

understand I shouldn't have read that um

Shawn amen be nice fans Oh marks are

coming back soon I might talk the

teacher about yours oh my God look who's

here guys oh my god I missed you

how are you Terry Terry good to see you

here welcome to the live stream Terry

how are you Terry Kathy do you know that

you have stream yard live now - oh my

god is this still I am I don't think so

I'm so sorry guys I was actually live

midstream yard a while ago but I

actually ended it what

no guys how can he do that I'm using my


oh my gosh still live I was it possible

everyone oh my god how is it possible

how can I do that maybe I should I'm so

sorry guys oh my gosh this is this very

strange I actually left yes I actually

went live at first by a stream yard but

I ended it

I left it because the connection was

poor oh my gosh I'm so sorry guys just a

second the phone is not cooperating nice

oh my gosh really

I don't know oh my god kübra I don't

know I ain't left here I won't live with

that that's actually a year so don't

tell me you can hear my voice in that

live streaming because there's a voice

streaming and I like to do that because

the the the internet connections not


how's it possible is it possible to go

live with two live streams oh my gosh I

can't come on wait a second damages

guys give me a second guys because I

don't understand it still live seriously

let me check no Sun over there no it's

Simon guys I really don't know how to

the second guys Oh guys I'm very sorry

please if there are people coming can

you welcome them for me in a second sign

out yes I know why it's still in

bass not possible everyone you can you

can be like me to account we do a live

streaming can you

go maybe I love channeling you up then

no how did it

okay so I mean and then how much is

sorry guys this a moment see oh my gosh

because I only left that stream everyone

because you know the what is because

they call it because the connection was

not good

now why is it here

my god it's really light still-life guys

my gosh okay oh I'm so sorry guys oh my

gosh well your but it can't be possible

to have two lives remains at the same

time can can it be I don't think it's

possible I don't even understand they

doesn't lock out this phone


agreeably why double oh I'm so sorry

guys I don't even know how to do that

how to do that where where can I find it


we're here here no no it wouldn't be a

big change for you never seen are these

in a different format

oh yeah but is it possible to have both

live streaming I can I don't understand

I thought if you're live it if you have

one live streaming you can actually have

another live streaming I don't know

what's gonna happen with my channel let

me see oh my god I'm so sorry guys how

can you okay huh above average hello

above average want technology welcome to

my livestream be sure I pulled your

laughing out like oh my god guys hi teri

my nearly kabayan uh-huh it's like Cathy

oh yeah it's life I know I saw it

you know it's silent no sound over there

was like true in Malaysia oh yes I know

the language you have ten viewers there

seriously I don't think so I don't think

so teri will not teach you like by doing

your first voice communal anymore oh my

god Billy Hunter yes teacher is still on

oh my god that but rocket no makeup hos

oh my god no makeup yes guys teacher no

my car today because teacher is not

feeling good

thank you so much for coming Laurie Raj

get a ways to know and don't possible to

see more wow you are intelligent know

well but to see most in the other Ellis

ok stream Aaron is on different format

that is a good teacher that is good how

can it be good

shiny minnow well it wouldn't be a big

change for he never says hi to me

anywhere he is teacher Buddhism is

shouting out all the beamers India

seriously guys oh my god we didn't

forget this good teacher why good if

possible Cobra yes you're you're going

it you're doing a great job up -

screaming - at once no I don't think

it's possible

what's gonna happen to my channel maybe

it's not allowed you know Laurie Raj

okay Marcus lol Electra marked is rare

so busy so work guys no problem artists

Trish James Williams

bailando teacher ha I'm hosting party oh

my god James thank you so much Anna no

problem hello everyone Marcus Marcus

what's going on here yeah guys I'm I'm

like but they told me actually I went

like oh my god I went live video stream

yard early here only red voice live

streaming oh no no not on the camera

well she woke up everyone you say oh my

god you don't want to say why not


okay sure some lady very late where do

you want use this

okay get your shoes over there


okay shows here oh my god guys a baby's

a big guy so I think I only have three

minutes more I'm sorry guys I can't be

live for a long time

I got JT six one five hello welcome to

my livestream already yes here shoes

where are you going then why do you need

to ask for shoes where you going

where can you say bye bye to everyone

you don't stay by mine oh oh the sofas

wet what did you do here oh my gosh are

you gonna place too late we go to bed

okay what's that

what's that


shanky Manchu squeeze yes Lulu Spencer

looks like chat but we'll take care over

the chats laughing he is the Cobra yeah


no she's the no she she took a nap

actually guys because it's very strange

that she you same I know more sound baby

okay maybe I have to lean in yeah but

I'm using my phone right now and yeah

many people are there I'm gonna end it

after this dreaming um go uh Terry thank

you so much Terry for letting me know I

actually thought it's finished so yes

guys they only have two minutes maybe

two are fired

thank you



yes thank you so much Terry she wants to

visit you fans ooh after James and Lola

Cuisines who are you up to James guys

I'm so sorry guys

yes I'm gonna end this dream so soon

maybe we will continue its premiere but

I'm not sure anyway I will just end this

dream anyway I'm gonna I'm gonna go to

work tomorrow guys back to work you have

music everyone

good night teacher good night video

hunter Ricky cool bro okay I just

thought you should know if it's not

hosted why to get funny about it why do

you get plenty about it yeah thank you

soon I'm gonna end it because I'm using

my phone right now Terry so I'm gonna

get back to that to that after this

remain um - Ricky bye-bye teacher by

fans Oh are you gonna go by now

phagosome you're gonna go by before me

thank you so much James Williams

so yes guys um I think I have three

minutes tomorrow okay three minutes more

and I'm going to end the street and

you're good if it deep b89 hello to my

wife from your back go thanks for coming

back so yes guys really guys thank you

so much this is not 3b alone screaming I

just wanted to show up guys it's just

wanted to say hi to everyone because I

haven't been alive for three days

already i micro actually need my three

days wait for teacher finds oh where you

go yeah I didn't know where fans is

going I think his in a hurry to go

somewhere else but it's okay have fun

fun zone have fun fun of them guys I

gotta cool of you guys are cool i bender

well in Ireland hello welcome to the

luxury piling Ireland I actually only

have how many minutes more two minutes

more guys and I'm gonna end the stream

holding on I just wanted to say hi yes

yes okay me we'd be open I'm open

yeah I know when your life I get I get

it in my inbox oh thank you so much

hippie dippie now bye bye then

thank you so much for dropping by Apple

in Ireland how are you yes Pauline

Ireland I just wanted to say hi a lot to

everyone because you know I haven't been

like for three days already because I

haven't been feeling good so yes so

anyway at least you guys can see my


guys turn off you say please why turn

off you don't like it anymore you don't

like it it's off hello Chloe how are you


so yes guys this roulette ball in

Ireland hope you have a lovely relaxing

peaceful evening take plenty of water

thank you so much boiling Ireland

hippie-dippie always stay optimistic oh

thank you so much full in Ireland yes I

will I was right - I will try to be

optimistic well in Ireland but it's

gonna be hard it's gonna be hard

okay guys so let's have here - this is

the end of my baby so what about that

guys so now I'm a child guys because I

have bubbles too big oh my god mommy cry

cry too big my head okay this is for you

okay a baby this is for baby okay my god

she said mommy's head is too big so

here's baby is wearing her bun do we

look the same everyone Oh nobody's

talking now are you guys just watching

teacher shine him in - big head yes you

said my head is too big

oh my she talks too much now shiny naman

so yes guys thank you so much everyone

my head is too big a cocoon way too big

too big too big it's water to be you

want to be to be

hey can I borrow a little no mommy

borrow a little scary which is big

another one okay bye everyone thank you

so much everyone I hope I can go like

tomorrow everyone yes I hope I'm gonna

be feeling perfect tomorrow if

everything is okay but yes everything

since yes anyway thank you so much guys

so I hope you guys didn't have a see you

later Kathy by chat yeah thank you so

much Terry for dropping by thank you so

much everyone so yes guys I hope you

guys can have a wonderful morning

afternoon or evening yes guys long your

head is too big

yes guys so you guys have a great

evening everyone and I hope you will

have a wonderful day as well thank you

so much for dropping by yeah once again

this is English teacher in France thank

you so much for tuning in bye bye


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