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Hey, everybody.

Ben at Classic Firearms.

We've come out here on our loading dock today so we can get good light to show you a sampling

of our most current batch of M91/30 rifles.

We want to show them to you unmolested so we haven't opened the crates yet but Kevin

if you'll stay with me, we'll pop a crate open and see what we've got.

These just hit our loading dock and frankly, with the political climate in Russia and the

Ukraine, and the invasion into Crimea and so forth, we don't know when we're going to

see any more, so we're very proud to have these.

It took a herculean effort to get these out of Russia.

Actually, out of the Ukraine, but I think it was worth it.

These are very nice.

Kevin, you able to get a good shot of that?


Very good.

You see the samplings that we have?

Each crate tends to have two or three hex receiver rifles like you'll see here.

This is a Tula hex with the Tula star on it.

We've also got some of the standard Izhevsk round receivers.

Here's another Tula, but in a round receiver configuration.

Some of the earlier round receivers, another Tula hex.

This one actually has a higher percentage of hex receivers than we're accustomed to


I see one, two, three here on the top row.

If that held true, this crate will have five or six hex receivers in it.

Normally, we're averaging about 10-15% on hex receivers and of that, only a small portion

of that would typically be Tulas.

Kevin, let's move on to another crate.

Some people ask us why we get a premium on certain rifles like a Tula hex or a hex receiver

in general.

I think this kind of explains it.

There are just so far fewer of them per crate that we only get a few that we can sell as

a hex receiver or particularly as a Tula hex receiver.

Let's take a look at what we have here.

Another beautiful crate of rifles.

Thank you, Kevin.

You can see the coloration patterns on these rifles.

Very, very pretty.

Most of them have the stock grommets in them, both fore and aft for the sling spools.

Really nice markings, very clean bolts.

If you look over all here, we've got a crate, at least the top layer, I only see round receiver


I do see a Tula round.

Very nice prominent star on that 1940 Tula.

That's a later date rifle.

As you see, it's a good mixture of good looking rifles.

Kevin, we'll open one more, see what we've got.

As I said earlier, we're proud to have these rifles.

We did pay a premium to get them into the country.

From my understanding, they were very difficult to get out of the Ukraine.

They were actually in transit when the aggression took place.

Had it not been for that, we would have probably never even seen this batch and future batches

are, of course, in limbo.

Nobody knows exactly what's going to happen with that at this time.

As you can see, definitely something to be proud of and worth the effort.

Very good looking rifle.

Again, of this top row, I only see one hex receiver; here in the middle.

I only point that out so you can see the percentages of what we get as far as hexes.

Probably 10% of any shipment will be a hex receiver.

Of that 10%, maybe 5% will be a Tula hex receiver.

That is why they command a premium.

They are just that much more rare.

We set these down off the stack so we could specifically get them at waist level and show

them to you very well.

Kevin, sit this down.

Let's look at one more just for consistency's sake.

Oh, yeah.

Overall, maybe the best looking crate yet.

The guns vary individually but all of them look very nice.

A beautiful, light colored stock here.

I was hoping to get it to sit on its own.

There it goes.

Some serial numbers match; some are stamped; some are strike-throughs.

You can see the stamp number on the bolt here.

They also have the serial numbers on the receivers, on the floor plate.

We're not saying that all the serial numbers match.

From a serial number standpoint or matching number standpoint, this lot is basically luck

of the draw.

What we've seen and what you've hopefully been able to pick up by the camera should

be a good representation of what we have in this particular lot.

All right, Kevin.

You got enough footage?

I do.

We looking good?

Very good.

Let me close it out.

We are very proud of these 91/30s.

We're bringing them to you at the best price point that we can.

We hope you take a look at them and, as always, check us out at

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