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Hi I'm Old Sneelock.

Welcome to another episode of Old Sneelock's Workshop. I'm going to show you my

latest acquisition from the antique shop and three older acquisitions. Kind of

give you a little bit of history on them. One of these things is not like the other

It's an old Sesame Street game. We can play a variation on it here. Over the years

and it has been years that I've been collecting these things and really this

amounts to a collection because three of them serve no useful purpose.

I started out wanting to have a Stanley number 78.

This was my first attempt at getting one.

It had the clamp but it didn't have the fence.

It had the clamp

but it didn't have the fence and all it had was one beading tool. The 78 is not

for beading. Somebody was able to use it because it will hold a beading tool but

it didn't work well. I found it neglected and rusty sitting on a shelf in an

antique shop and decided it was better off at my place cleaned up and painted.

And so it became cleaned up and painted and I thought well I'll find a way to

make a blade.

Went through the process of making a blade. Decided that maybe it's going to be more

work than what i wanted to do. Then I found this one.

and I said well this one's got a blade.

It's not the right blade.

It's a blade and it's an older unit this is a made in USA but it's not a number

78. It's a knock off.

It has this extra little pusher here so that you can use a little bit more

efficiently. You can put your thumb on that push on it and do a little better

job and it came with a blade. The blade is pretty thin

It's kind of flexible and it chatters like the dickens.

It got set aside and I thought well maybe someday. Then I came across this one and

it had the fence.

Well not really. The fence actually came with this one.

it had a rod and fence.

It all fit together but it had that crappy blade in it.

So I took the fence and the rod.

Put them together

on this plane, and then I had an actual Stanley 78.

Except it didn't have the depth stop. But most people said that they didn't use

the depth stop least that's what i told myself.

Yesterday I went down to Galesburg and sitting on the shelf with a nice tag

above it that said, twenty percent off, was a actual Stanley number 78

It's a newer one i'm pretty sure it's not from the nineteen twenties. Probably

nineteen sixties or so. But it has all the little bells and whistles.

This is a little screw depth stop,

fence, bar, clamp, both screws and the proper blade and an adjustable body.

So now i have a number 78 real deal

actual thing. Needs to have the blade sharpened because everything does.

This is a Millers Falls. It has it stamped on the body and on the blade

It has a craftsman fence on it because this is a craftsman plane. At least going

by the name on the blade it says craftsman.

Somebody at one point decided that they wanted to have a better hand hold and I

can see how if you were holding on to that kind of handle with your fingers

that would get painful.

So they filled this side with some kind of body putty or wood putty or something.

This one of course is a no name because it has no name and no blade and no way

of knowing anything about it other than it's a number 78 style because it has

the bull nose on the front of it.

That proves it's not a weather stripping plane

I don't know what this screw hole is for. It's got two of them. Might be somebody

decided to put a fence on it.

Who knows? So that's the story of my quest for a Stanley 78

I've got one it's full and complete. Got all the pieces and parts and everything

seems to work.

So three of the four can go. I think I'll list them on ebay because you guys might

actually have a use for them out there

I certainly am not going to use them very much sitting in the shelf.

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Thanks a lot for watching.

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