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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 15 Innovative Electric Vehicles | Are Electric Vehicles The Future?

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- [Glen] Electric vehicles are everywhere nowadays,

and they can be anything,

from scooters to medical helicopters to farm equipment.

They fly, they drive,

and even haul manure.

I'm Glen, and today we are bringing you

15 electric personal transports

that can be useful in all kinds of situations.

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- Thank you for watching Mind's Eye Design.

- [Woman] Number 15.

- [Glen] The T31 Micro is a new electric scooter

from Zero-Emissions Vehicles.

Ideal for light delivery or short commutes,

this three-wheeled trike is fully enclosed

and has room for three people.

This scooter has no pedals and uses handlebars

for all light controls.

- [Woman] Number 14.

- [Glen] An Australian invention and design,

the DC-Tri by Movement Tech

is an excellent alternative to the Segway.

A universal stand-up electric trike,

the DC-Tri is more stable, safer and easier to ride

than a two-wheel bike.

Featuring high-quality bike components

this chrome molly-frame trike

has a low center of gravity

and supports riders up to 260 pounds.

The eBike has a zero-turn radius

and doesn't require pedaling.

- [Woman] Number 13.

- [Glen] This is a revolutionary way

for people with disabilities to have the chance

to regain the benefits of therapy, position control,

transfers and mobility.

AbleChair enables users to be put in various positions

using a phone app for added convenience.

This has a full range of adjustments

including seat and tilt angle in limitless positions.

Other benefits of the chair include pressure relief

or a range of motion, improved bone density,

stretching the muscles, increased circulation,

improved lung function and eliminating poor posture.

- [Woman] Number 12.

- [Glen] A prototype, the Stealth Electric ATV,

is an all-terrain 600 cc utility four-wheeler

with battery power comparable to a 300 cc four-wheeler.

This eliminates both noise pollution

and carbon emissions.

The four-kilowatt lithium ion battery pack

can be charged in six hours

and has a range of up to 35 miles.

An optional second battery pack

can add up to 30 more miles to the range.

- [Woman] Number 11.

- [Glen] The Zero Dual Sport and Dual Sport Rider

have an all-electric drivetrain with an increased range

and a power boost.

You can change between economy and sports mode

at the press of a button.

A carbon fiber belt connects the rear wheel

and motor for acceleration and performance

is continuously updated through the Zero app.

This can be charged overnight with any standard

wall outlet or a charge tank option.

It can charge the battery up to six times faster

with recharging taking as little as an hour.

- [Woman] Number 10.

- [Glen] The Zero X.U. Street Tracker

is a custom-made electric bike

that was modified by Colt Wrangler.

He took a 2013 Zero X.U.

and added LED lighting, aluminum bodywork

and a new rear wheel.

Most of the original bike was black,

so he added the aluminum bodywork for contrast.

He replaced the original 16-inch wheel

with a 19-inch wheel

and moved around the electrical components

while keeping the original wiring harness.

The signature feature of the bike

is the sculptured headlight and number plate combo.

It was made with four pieces and took Colt

almost three days to complete.

The tail section is a combination that was inspired

by both flat trackers and super bikes.

- [Woman] Number 9.

- [Glen] Perfect for bigger cities and urban areas

the Toyota iRoad is a three-wheeled, two-seat trike

that holds two people sitting one behind the other.

This is small at only three feet wide and seven feet long.

Current lean technology gives you the same experience

as riding a two-wheeler.

A small turning radius, increased maneuverability

and no need to remain stable when stationary

or at low speeds.

The system moves the wheels in opposite directions

up and down, and can apply a lean angle

to counteract the centrifugal force.

Operating on a step surface while being driven straight

it compensates for body level and the road surface.

- [Woman] Number 8.

- [Glen] Cora Kitty Hawk is a flying taxi

that has 12 independent rotors that lift it straight up,

taking off like a helicopter and eliminating the need

for runways.

Cora was made to fly over traffic,

saving time on commutes.

This last year Cora has added to their fleet,

had over 400 test flights and tested the parachute.

The flying taxi includes a triple-redundant flight computer

and has a cruising speed of 112 miles per hour.

After eight years of development they are one step closer

to realizing their hopes.

Cora has now partnered with Air New Zealand

to start the next phase of their evolution.

They are also opening a software development phase

in Atlanta this year.

- [Woman] Number 7.

- [Glen] Better known for cheap scooters

and small motorcycles Kymco has introduced

their first fully electric super bike,

the Super NEX.

Shown for the first time at the Milan show

this bike is expected to have a top speed

of 155 miles per hour.

Able to get from zero to 60 in under three seconds,

the NEX has a full-engagement performance system,

helping less experienced riders

have a perfect takeoff.

To make a better rider experience,

the bike has six gears and they fitted it

with an acoustic motor that produces the sounds

of gears changing and a revving engine.

- [Woman] Number 6.

- [Glen] The Uno Bolt

is a self-balancing one-wheeled electric scooter

that uses gyro force technology for balance.

Like the Segway this moves forward

by leaning toward the front,

and when you lean back it slows down and applies

the brakes.

The Bolt has a range of 25 miles

and a 45-minute charge time from empty to full.

If the Bolt is too much for you

Uno now has a Bolt Mini.

This is designed to ride either standing up

or sitting down and has a charge time of one hour

with a range of up to 15 miles.

You can get a more extended 23-mile range

if you go for the long-range battery.

- [Woman] Number 5.

- [Glen] Created by Polish aerospace company

Jetson Arrow, the Jetson Speeder prototype

is a single-seat EVTOL,

capable of carrying a person

that weighs up to 220 pounds.

Jetson Arrow spent a lot of time testing, building

and programming the prototype from scratch.

The hoverbike powered by eight electric motors

and lithium ion batteries has a flight time

of 15 minutes.

They are now working on designing a lightweight

carbon fiber frame and improving on charging

and battery power.

- [Woman] Number 4.

- [Glen] A modern reboot of the '60s and '70s

beach buggy, the ID Buggy is an electric vehicle

by Volkswagen which has a 150-kilowatt motor

that powers the rear wheels and then sends the drive

to the front axle using an electric prop shaft.

The buggy can also detach from the chassis.

Although this may not be mass produced

Volkswagen is going to offer the platform

of the electric car to other manufacturers

so they can build upon their platform.

- [Woman] Number 3.

- [Glen] Intended to be a zero-emission helicopter

used for transporting human organs

the Robinson electric helicopter

is a converted Robinson R44.

They remodeled it and then added 67 kilowatt-hour

lithium polymer batteries from Brammo.

The helicopter uses twin electric motors

from race car, engineering and electric specialty company

Rinehart Motion Systems.

At a test flight from Los Alamitos Airfield

the aircraft reached a speed of 92 miles per hour

at 800 feet and covered 34.5 miles

in just over 22 minutes.

- [Woman] Number 2.

- [Glen] Launching in Vancouver, British Columbia,

Veemo, specially designed for shared use,

are accessible by using the smartphone app

to reserve a vehicle and manage your trip.

The Veemo comes with automatic smart locks,

turn signals, daytime and nighttime lighting,

and is made of a lightweight composite body.

These electric-assist cycles are a terrific way

to get around the city,

and you can even ride them in bike lanes.

- [Woman] Number 1.

- [Glen] The Kulan Electric

is a lightweight electric-powered utility vehicle

designed for tasks like carrying cattle feed,

hauling loads of produce,

and other things you might need to do on a farm.

This is a quad that weighs only 660 pounds

that can haul up to 2200 pounds.

The all-electric Kulan is a concept at this stage,

but the team behind it has every intention

of bringing the innovative machine to market.

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