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We got to the queen ant!

So we decided to try to develop it in the whole colony!

We put the uterus into a petri dish.

This will be her home for the near future

Uterus almost immediately laid an egg

And I did not know where to find him a place

Very tiny egg

The naked eye it may not be noticed

This is the first stage in the development of a new ant.

Ants are very fond of moisture, so we took a piece of sponge,

We put it inside, and poured in to a few

water droplets.

Evaporating water will humidify the air

in the cup. I liked the idea womb!

But, like all living beings, the ant must be something to eat.

We took a bit of poppy

seeds and also, put them in a cup!

Like us, Cookie was very interesting that will

happen next.

About a week later the egg turns into an ant

into a larva. It has considerably more

than an egg. covered with hairs

and it does not look like an ant.

This, apparently, its muzzle.

Cutie, is not it?

Yet after a while the larva turns into imago.

This condition is already very reminiscent of an ant.

We see already formed body,


head and black eyes.

Over time, it starts to get

more brown!

And after about a month from birth eggs,

there is an ant, which comes to life and takes

its place in the colony.

The uterus was very happy, because now she will

is much easier to take care of the offspring, which

by this time, I gather up a decent amount.

Soon they began to appear new ants

and we turned out, though small, but full

the colony.

Larvae need protein,

so we found a small green fly, and offered

her ants !!

The first time they see another insect,

so frightened.

Adult ants like carbohydrates,

which is why we have offered them a drop of honey


Worker ant food frightened again,

but the queen has shown what to do,

and he joined the meal.

At this point in the colony: the queen,

7 working ants and a lot of eggs.

We will continue to monitor and will show

its development, of course, if you're interested!