Practice English Speaking&Listening with: TRY NOT TO CRY CHALLENGE

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You can't

You can't

This can't there's no way that this is going to make me cry

I've sat through a lot of things that make normal people cry that make sausage class C movies that make sausage, cry

I like to look over because these [are] little sensitive sometimes

It was like a steel rolling down, and I'm like ha ha I know that was really sad

But you don't see [children] down my face, so I feel like I feel like I beat him emotionally

If that's even a thing sometimes, I'm proud of myself like [ha]

This is really sad. [I] didn't cry like I feel accomplished. I kind of know [perished] crying about stuff like that, especially movies

I haven't cried in a long time. It's actually really hard to make me cry

Okay, I cried like a week ago when I was in England. It was kind of really embarrassing

I'll play this game eyes glued to it

It made me really mad, but I got really mad that I couldn't be global

I was super frustrated and then I said they ordered food and food is here. So they [go], okay

I'm excited I get to go eat [now], and then what else do all the food they've ordered all

Sandwiches I couldn't eat any of them. So I was hungry

I was frustrated and I was angry and when I'm angry [I] cried and I screamed

I I just don't know I just blew the fuck up. I started crying I ran out of there

I was like I can't do this. I don't know just food makes me cry more than anything

I have to do this too when my brothers or my dad or something would eat my food out of the fridge

Like I have my own specific food, and I can't eat all the other food

But you guys have all this food, and you still just eat my how to piss off my paroles [101] alright, so today

We are going to do a de trying not to cry challenge. I'm not going to cry

I know this is not going to make me cry

No, is it going to make me cry. I haven't seen any of them. I don't know what they're I think

they're really sad commercials or something but

Let's put it my phone. We're gonna [listen] to this right now

We're gonna watch them together and if you cry, you're [putting] just kidding you can cry go ahead it. Just means that was bigger

I'm just kidding let's have a good time and watch these alright first of all

I can't really tell you what it is because I don't even know what it is myself

Yeah gross

It's a terrible day already. [oh], okay. It's not a terrible day

What a nice guy hello, [don't] go

He likes him chicken wow shaking my head. He's gonna give a dildo some chicken

Saying what a nice guy. I was like shaking my head

Coach a diet. I will come back into [what] I was going to do that [everyday] give everybody [monies]

Dang everyone's taking advantage of them

Comedy Arise

whatever weapon

murdoch [Tyria] Mimic a looked up

[Madeline] juicy Lamar could

Oh, wait, a happy does. Oh, what happened? [oh] shit

I'm not trying

[posting] decode I could I'm not crying [wampus]

the influx

Looking life insurance. This is a life insurance ad like yeah

I get life insurance just in case you die cuz if you die all the good stuff you did was for nothing

Dang would you steal?


What is it?

What do you steal?

Matt bland I was mama sick

Yep, come here what?

Damn 30 years later

Not by my my little boy. Oh

That's the guy I

Don't know as a dad. Oh oh stem bills. I don't know how much money that is

These foreign commercials really give you the feels

Just a little bit the hold on my eye it just does [this] something in my eye, not [a] [little] legit

They got the company for sale and everything oh

Shit somebody paid it off

all expenses [paid] 30 years ago light


Crying hey, no I cry from her

Love made me cry to the side to look like

I don't know


I don't want to thriver. I don't want to do the deal anymore


I'm human I cry too

I'm sad, it's don't cry don't cry anyone

how embarrassing

The tears came, and they're they're gone now

They're gone forever

We're going to get through this like a man

Daddy is to see [to] [stay] in the world is like

Daddy [Eskimos] change them

And those are other nests my dance

Get you a man like that in [the] crapper now it kinda

He is my superman

Daddy slump Sneaky no no Daddy's Gonna know. We're dad. He's going to get thing

Daddy, he died is plan to do something nice me really upset

I'm not ready for this here at all shit was

Damn, she called her eyes. She called him out daddy live with Daddy do

Was Daddy Gonna do here I not having a child

Then we try though he lie about having my try it off

He writes that he is not tired

He [likes] that he is not hungry

He lies that we have everything


Here the budget happiness


tonight because I


Wish I had a dad like that. I wish I had a dad that like cared about us, and sherry [goes] happy [and]

My mom was like that

Mom on my way. I got on you once I go with you know Jessica home

Here is the finals now. What until token?

William De Mando Credo A Philosopher

[nice], how do you find that?

Come on. [I] hate kids like this. It was like a lot of people

How my brothers and my sister are was my mom I?

Was like really Sad


Okay, that's it. I've had enough of this these are all so sad

And it made me cry and I fail the [test]

Did you fail the test you guys start crying 'cause if you cried during this then I feel better.

Because then I'm not pussy. I'm just kidding you're not a pussy if you cry.

No, but anyways, that's all for today. I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did make sure that that like might end up

good Gonna Walk Back I

Love you guys so much for watching bye guys