Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 담원전을 C언어로 리뷰해드립니다?| DRX 퇴근길 라이브 하이라이트 (vs DWG 200711) | DRX

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(What is he doing?)

Manager: Let's start with hi

Manager: We have came back with Way Back Home Live (WBHL) after a while.

Manger: So why don't we say hi to fans who waited of us?

All: Hello

WBHL after winning match again DWG on July 11

Manager: Please say word on tonight's victory cvMax

DRX cvMax: I think DWG and DRX have similarities

DRX cvMax: Both are aggressive but DWG is dominate the game by being wilder

DRX cvMax: But DRX relies more on the techniques

DRX cvMax: So as a fan myself, it makes me curious what will happen

DRX cvMax: And I think tonight's match was more fun than I expected

Manager: Let's talk about the third set

Manager: After seeing first 15 kills, I realized it was just 13 mins in game

Manager: Youguys constantly

Manager: had team fights

Manager: Did you guess there would be lots of team fights during BanPick as well?

DRX cvMax: We did not intend to do that

DRX cvMax: But you can't be like please don't slap me when they do right?

DRX cvMax: So we tried to stay equal and keep the human rights(?) and get the upper hand late game

DRX cvMax: They didn't respect our human rights

DRX cvMax: so to let them do it could have led to big loss

DRX cvMax: Is that right?

Manager now starting to introduce game

Manager: Do you have a question to ask?

DRX CEO: Always

He almost felt left out

DRX CEO: In set 1, you had almost 10,000 gold diff

DRX CEO: I thought how can you win these kind of matches?

DRX CEO: But then things started to turn around

DRX CEO: Then you guys won all of a sudden

DRX CEO: What were your thoughts during that match?

DRX cvMax: TBH, I almost gave up that set

DRX cvMax: I was thinking we still got next chance and was preparing for next BanPick

DRX cvMax: I kept on peeking the game and thought no I am not gonna watch it

cvMax's voodooism worked around the end of the game

DRX cvMax: That is how I watched it

DRX cvMax: I think we won simply because players did so well

Manager: Now that I think about it, Doran really did well today

DRX CEO: Wasn't it my turn to ask?

Almost missed his turn to ask

DRX CEO: Doran's stability and physics have been improving

DRX cvMax: He is heavy tier

DRX CEO: But it seems like Doran himself feels he needs to better

DRX CEO: What are your thoughts on that as team mate Keria?

DRX Keria: I think his hard work is getting reflected on the plays

DRX cvMax: The spring season's loser Doran. Is it really him?

DRX cvMax: He has improved a lot

DRX cvMax: He isn't the spring season Doran for sure

Manager: It seems like because youguys put a lot of effort on tonights match..

DRX burned it all in the match against DWG


DRX Chovy: I did 4 interviews just now..

DRX CEO: Actually, I found the shortcut route so I came that way

DRX CEO: We are already so close

For the first time in WBHL Everyone clapping

Manager: Do you have more questions?

DRX CEO: I am done

Manager: Now that I seem all of your hairs have grown so long these days

Manager: are you guys trying to keep it long now?

DRX Keria: I am gonna do long hair

DRX Keria: For real I am serious Long hair Keria simulation

DRX Keria: The player Trigger's long hair looked cool

DRX cvMax: How's ponytail?I think it's better for guys

Manager: Are you really gonna grow it out?

DRX Keria: Nah

Manager: Everyone don't worry he isn't gonna grow it long

Manager: Now let's do a game

DRX Keria: Ok

Today's happy game time

Manager: There is a game many people have recommended

Manager: It's a bit in the genre you wanted cvMax. Game related to LoL

DRX cvMax: I am excited

Manager: If you can list things under the keyword I give then you guys pass

Manager: Deft you are up

Manager:Now that he is up, let's try to play the game. Four of us

(Manager bursted into laughter)

Manager:Someone is pretending to be sleeping

Manager: Let's try something easy

Manager: Item that increases attack speed

DRX Chovy: Dagger

DRX cvMax:Recurve Bow

DRX Keria: Sting-ger

Manager: Say the name right

DRX Keria: Sting-ger!

DRX Keria: The 1,100 won item blue one

It's Stinger

DRX Deft: What did you say

DRX Keria: Sitngger

DRX Deft: g-g-?

DRX Keria: I meant double g

DRX Deft: Who reads it like that?

(This person)

Manager: Next

Manager: Item that gives speed buff

It should be passive

DRX Chovy: Spellbinder

DRX cvMax: Dead man's plate

DRX Keria: Shurelya's Reverie

Manager: WRONG!

Manager: It's active spell

Manager: Shurelya's Reverie gives movement speed as passive

DRX cvMax: Fail!

Manager: That is it for the item game, we will do one mind game

Manager: When I give the keyword,do a same pose

Manager: I will do an easy one

Keyword: Lucian

Manager: I can not admit you guys passed

DRX cvMax: If we do this in better condition. It should be fun

DRX cvMax: You have prepared the game. I will give thumbs up

Manager: Now we will say bye

DRX cvMax: Now then we still have 10 minutes to go so let players rest and ask me any questions I will answer

DRX cvMax: Even if it's not related to LoL

Manager: Why did your sleeping pattern change these days?

DRX cvMax:Sun comes up early like 5,6 and we got no curtains in my place so I have hard time sleeping

DRX cvMax: So I think I fall asleep earlier

Manager: It's not because you are getting old or anything right

Manager: No

DRX cvMax: Isn't 22 pretty young? (according to himself)

Manager: People are saying if you are 22, Deft is Hyung to you so please say Deft hyung

DRX cvMax: Deft hyung~


Manager: You know that stuff toy that you have, Ryan, he can turn into a hamburger

(Ryan->Burger) Hightech Ryan

DRX Chovy: That's cruel. Ahh

DRX Chovy:This is too cruel for stream

DRX cvMax: Wow so cruel. You can open his head like this

Manager: Wait no that's not it

DRX cvMax: Isn't that too gruesome?

Manager quickly changing the angle

DRX CEO: But this burger is Ryan burger

cvMax focused in making the burger

Manager: It's so cute right?

DRX cvMax: It became a burger. An after life burger

Ryan burger's tough debut

Manager: We'd be thankful if you can hug Ryan nicely

DRX CEO: I think it will be good idea to host someone else again

DRX cvMax:Oh~

DRX cvMax: In order for hosting to be meaningful it should be someone with good stream with a few viewers

Debating on what's a good hosting standard

DRX cvMax: Now let's find someone like that and host them

DRX cvMax: host me....

(conclusion: do mine)

Manager: Recently, Chovy wiped out cvMax

Manager: We wanna hear both of your thoughts

DRX cvMax: I was half asleep

DRX Chovy: I made solo kill with Jayce against Wukong

DRX cvMax: I wanted to boost his confidence. It's no good for coach to win player

DRX Chovy: Now that I think about, I think he intentionally lost to me cause it was too easy


DRX CEO: Then pick between solokilling cvMax vs winning solo rank once

DRX Chovy: Solokilling cvMax..? (still..?)

(fact) DRX Chovy: It really isn't a biggie

DRX Chovy: If it was 5 years ago, then it would be

DRX Chovy: You know the value of currency right?It got devalued

DRX cvMax: These days just regular Dia players just kill me and be like what cvMax?

DRX Chovy: If it was 5 years ago, I'd have picked solo kill but I think it's better to win solo queue now

DRX Chovy: He even lost after solo killing me

DRX Chovy: He solo killed and lost so people know it now

DRX cvMax: Oh Thal. He is streaming

Manager: MadLife too~

DRX cvMax:Oh him too!

DRX Keria: MadLife and LoL go together

Split opinions between Top and Support streaming

Manager: Do rock scissor paper

Keria got away with insane reaction speed

(changing 4 times in a quick time)

DRX cvMax: I won I knew his reaction speed would be fast so I used it to my advantage

DRX cvMax: I knew you'd be quick

DRX cvMax: Thank you for watching our match and WBHL today and cheering for us.

DRX cvMax: We will come back well prepared for the next match with our players

All: Thank you so much

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