Practice English Speaking&Listening with: DEUCEFADE - ODDS (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Difficulty: 0

I'm the shit I been saying that shit since like I was 6

time will tell They been trynna tell me that since I was 12

I think there's a difference in the way that we define an L

they tried to cancel me this ain't for show this ain't no Keenan Kel

I keep the dice rolling

you could try to hop in my lane this ain't no nice road

this a 2 lane highway and I'm an oversized load

swervin back and forth like I'm driving with my eyes closed

I think I'm swishahouse I put that bitch on 24s

this shit ain't good enough I think I need a hundred more

I need 100 million dollars and 100 homes

I need the type of money make me feel like Puffy Combs

and it be like that in my city but it's a small zone

but if I pop I bring my moms cause I can't call home

and if I pop then I'll fasho see my brother more

I hope I pop cause I just wanna see my brother more

I'll change the topic I ain't trynna sell no sob story

how someone who ain't been involved breaking down odds for me

you kinda odd your vibe was off we at odds shorty

I pray to god that I could do this without a job shorty

I swear to god that most this shit just ain't been making sense

I'd probably hate if I was you so I don't take offense

but just don't act like it was cool and try to make amends

see I don't know too many people I ain't making friends just so you could play the fence

I see a shorty down the street I think she eyeing me

finally someone be wine and dining me

she ask me if we could get down to business

is you signing me?

like everybody blind to me

so what's an eye to eye to me