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(Siren noise)

(Squeaking of shoes)


(Kids in video repeatedly says 'Damn Daniel' in a weird voice whilst IHE laughs hysterically)



Damn Daniel makes me wanna


hang myself.

Look, I can cope with the odd internet trend, okay?

Like that dress one that was going around last year, whatever is was,

you know, where no one knew the colour of it,

like at least there's something to be said about that,

at least there's some kind of discussion behind it.

But Damn Daniel baby, this is the new meme, the new trend,

the new wonderful thing spreading round the fucking internet like a virus.

Kid in video: Damn Daniel

IHE: Damn Daniel

hahaha oh it's still stuck in my head, it's still so fucking funny,

wooo! Damn Daniel!

Kid in video: Damn Daniel

IHE: Am I just jaded?

Is there a reason that I don't understand stuff like this?

Or is it just that the majority of the people that use the internet are fucking idiots?

In video: Damn Daniel

IHE: Ooh god it's so funny!

Damn Daniel is a reference to a Twitter video montage

featuring a voiceover of a boy remarking that another boy,

named Daniel,

is dressed well on a series of different occasions.

The narrator focuses on Daniel's shoes,

leading the meme to be compared with

"What Are Those?"

Guy in video: What are those?

Oh What Are Those,I forgot about that one, that's a really funny one.

(Laughing sarcastically)

This article remarks

"It's hard to explain why it's so funny.

Here, watch."

Kid in video: Damn Daniel

IHE: Oh now I get it, yeah,yeah.

Is it because he says

he does a funny voice?

Please tell me it's not because of the voice.

Is the only reason that this meme is popular

because he does a funny voice?

Kid in video: Damn Daniel, back at it again with the white Vans. Stussy man, Damn Daniel.

IHE: To me, I see no difference in something like this

and say, for example,

I placed a potted plant in the middle of a room,

and then pointed at it and just went

(voice similar to that in the Damn Daniel video) Durr Plant, Durr.

Durr Plant, Durr, Durr Plant, Durr.

Like, that's not an exaggeration, that is precisely what this shit is.

I'm not gonna criticise what you think is funny or not

because humour is incredibly subjective

but I think there is a reason that The Big Bang Theory is one of the most watched and most popular shows on television.

Is it because of things like this?

No doubt they'll be a Damn Daniel reference in a fucking episode of The Big Bang Theory, you just wait.

So now because this meme is absolutely everywhere and everyone's loving it,

you get quality articles like this one on Hollywood Life

"Joshua Holtz : 5 Things To Know About The Damn Daniel Videographer."

Check this shit out.

Number 1,

he's a surfer.

Number 2,

he skateboards,

of course.

Number 3,

he's a big fan of rap music.

Number 4,

he's got a celeb crush on Selena Gomez.

Number 5,

he's had celebrity encounters.

This seems like the kind of fuckboy I'd wanna spend my time around.

If those are the 5 things that summarise his existence

he seems like a quality, well rounded dude to me.

I mean, who doesn't like rap music, am I right?

You could assume all 5 of those points from looking at his Twitter banner picture.

Like, come on.

What's your problem I Hate Everything? You're just a hater.

You're just jealous of Damn Daniel and his white Vans.

You just hate people liking things.

No, it's not that at all.

It's that it worries me that something so vapid and meaningless,

something that even with context is not funny,

something that in articles that are trying to describe the phenomenon cannot even describe why it's so funny.

Because there is nothing funny about it.

It's the essence of an in joke.

They're called 'in jokes' because you have to be 'in' with the 'joke' to get the 'joke' part out of it,

I'm sure if you knew Daniel himself then it'd be a funny, laughy time for everyone.

'Hey look it's Daniel, he's funny.'

But I don't know Daniel.

In jokes are inherently unfunny to the people who aren't in them, I don't understand.

Even in the comments, people seem to be split.

"It's the voiceover that makes it funny, otherwise I don't know either."

And DarkShadow667 perfectly summarises the situation with eloquent words such as

"it's the voice over that makes it more retarded and annoying. Also super gay."

Am I just too old for this shit?

Is there a certain chemical balance you have to have in your brain to find things like this funny?

Is it The Big Bang Theory chemical cause I certainly don't have that one.

Look, I don't like memes at all, I think memes are the worst.

But you know what, memes usually

at least I can kind of understand them.

I can see where the funny part is, I can see where the comedy

'comedy' part comes from.

With things like Damn Daniel and all these fucking memes like What Are Those,

the joke is that they're doing a funny voice

and it's just some completely meaningless guff that you can apply to any situation.

Like, I'm sure for like a few days now,

whenever something kinda crazy happens in school,

people are gonna be like

'Damn Daniel'

and then everyone in the class will fucking lose their minds because it's so funny and hilarious and original.

Wow, nice memes over there.

You know what all you fuckers spreading this shit?

I think you're gonna do a good job of ruining Daniel's life.

From now on, Damn Daniel, that's gonna be him

that's his personality summarised from now on.

He's no longer Daniel Whatever-his-last-name-is

now he's Damn Daniel.

On the streets people are gonna recognise him and say

'Hey look it's Damn Daniel, hahaha

point fingers, it's a living meme!'

You've turned someone into a meme.

Once you've been meme'd you cannot escape the meme.

How's a meme supposed to get a job?

How's a meme supposed to be a functioning member of society?

We've gotta stop making the memes out of people.

I'm sorry Daniel, I'm sorry, I offer you my condolences.

Do you think in 10 years we're gonna need meme hospitals

for people who have been turned into memes to be clinically analysed and sorted out

because they'll be so fucked from being turned into fucking memes?

Kid in video: Damn Daniel

Damn Daniel, Damn Daniel

Durr Plant, Durr Plant

Damn Daniel

What Are Those?

Durr Plant

Big Bang Theory


What Are Those?

What Are Those?

21 21

Damn Daniel Damn Daniel

(IHE repeatedly says these memes as the background music escalates and he descends into madness)

He's gonna be on some talk show now

'Host': and here is Damn Daniel coming up on stage

'Audience': wooo it's Damn Daniel, yeah look, yes.

'Host':So, what is happening Damn Daniel, what's going on?

'Daniel': Well you see, my buddy filmed me and he said Damn Daniel

and then loads of people liked it on Twitter.

IHE: I'll see you fuckers next week when

Durr Plant is a fucking meme.

Durr Plant

So those are my thoughts on Damn Daniel.

Sometimes something arises in the internet landscape

that I just feel so enthused about that I need to jump on it ASAP,

Damn Daniel being one of them.

I missed out on the dress one last time, this time I'm A on the money.

Is that a thing?

So yeah, those are my thoughts on Damn Daniel, I think it fucking sucks

and I don't understand it.

Subscribe to Durr Plant, I'm sure someone will make that now.

Back to work on The Search For The Worst.

See you around suckers.

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