Practice English Speaking&Listening with: cute signing baby! sign language

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This is my daughter Fireese and she just turned 1

and I want to show you some of the signs that she knows.

whats daddy!

DADA! dada!

how about Mama? what's mommy?

MAMA mommy!

Excellent What is the sign for eat.

EAT! eat!

How about more?

MORE! more!

How about finished?

finished! good

And Fireese whats this?

'O' is for Cheerios, we do 'O' for Cheerios GOOD!

And whats this?

Stars, these are stars.

And Fireese whats this?

Apple, good girl! apple!

And oh how about this what about this?

Cheese, good! We do this for cheese. Good!

How about milk? Whats the sign for milk?

Milk, good!

And how about kiwi?

That's right, we finger spell the kiwi, K I W I

and she is not really finger spelling but she's trying.

What's kiwi?

Water! she just asked for water.

That's right water, here.


WATER! good

Whats the sign for kiwi?

KIWI! See how she is trying to finger spell it. Good!

Water, you want more water?


And Fireese whats the sign for book?

Book, that's right


How about hat?

HAT, thats right.

How about light?


good girl!

and whats the sign for cracker?

cracker, good!

And how about bath?

That's right, that's the sign for bath.

What about baby?

BABY! good girl!

And how about ball?


ball! yes

How about sleep?

sleep, that's right that's the sign for sleep.


how about phone? do you know sign for phone?

Phone! Good girl.

Those are just the few of the signs that she knows.

And she is very verbal as you can hear some of the words as she signs them.

She knows over 20 words and 30 signs,

so she has a vocabulary of over 50 words.

Some people are worried that when we sign them that it will hinder their vocabulary,

but as you can see it doesn't.

Whenever I sign to her I am constantly talking to her,

so there is no reason why it would hinder her vocabulary.


as you can see we are signing and talking, signing really does work.

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