Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 말띠신부(1966) / Horse-year Bride ( Maltti Sinbu )

Difficulty: 0

Some part of the film cannot be seen since the original has been damaged.

Smile if you want a baby girl!

Producer: Cha Tae-jin

The Horse-Year Bride

Screenplay: Seo Yoon-seong, Lee Hyeong-pyo, Gwak Il-lo

Camera: Byeon In-jip

Music: Choi Chang-gwon

Editing: Kwon Hyeok-gyu


Eom Aeng-ran, Shin Seong-il,

Hwang Jeong-soon, Park Ahm

Nam Mi-ri, Yoon Il-bong

Choi Jee-hee, Nam Seok-hoon

Bang Seong-ja, Heo Jang-gang

Kim Hee-gap, Joo Seon-tae

Special Appearances: Lee In-beom Dance Troupe, Key Boys

Director: Kim Kee-duk

The Horse-Year Bride

The Horse-Year Bride

That was the 100th married couple

that has passed through my fortune-telling parlor.

Ladies and gentlemen, a happy life begins with happy matrimony,

and happy matrimony begins with a scientific compatibility reading.

Rehab centers, employment centers gift centers, shopping centers.

But, a fortunetelling center is the mother of all centers!

Over the past two years, I, a genius,

have been busy creating this.

An electronic compatibility test is highly scientific.

By that, I mean tried, tested and proven.

Let's take a look,

shall we?

Look at this.

These cards have been categorized and filed accordingly.

Here is our first horse-year bride, that old tart Lee Bok-soon

and her husband, renowned existential philosopher, Professor Park Seok-gu.

Let's take a look at their compatibility level.

They are a match made in heaven!

Their yin-yang harmony couldn't be better.


Why, hello there...

Are you tired, my lover?

Last night was fabulous.

You were so incredibly, mind-blowingly passionate!

But, you still have to think about your age.

Here, drink this.

Power sex lustero


ginseng antler jelly,

seal testicle tablet

stamina booster,

mix it all up and...



No no no!

Oh yes, good boy.

Hello, hello,

my darling My darling, wow... oh darling...

They should have met when they were three.

Horse-year bride #1! She's good.

Horse-year bride #2! Another classic case

of a highly compatible union.

Let's take a look, shall we?

Hon, let me do that for you.

Relax, sweetie. Go lie down. I got this.

But, you've been up since dawn, and even been grocery shopping.

- Trust me! I'm good. - Let me do it.

Come on.

- Angel, let's get you in bed. - I just feel bad, that's all.

There, lie down.

Let me.

You shouldn't risk it during the first three months. Think about our baby.

- Honey, I smell the rice burning! - The rice?

God, there he goes again.


- It's burned! - Yup.

Then, just fry me an egg, will you?

You got it, baby.

- Sweetheart, the iron! - Oh dear, my bad.

Always the klutz... Hmph!

Again, look at how he spoils her.

I mean, she's pregnant. She's always going to win.

But, as far as I'm aware,

trouble brews in the near horizon.

If she is pregnant now, in the year 1966,

in the Year of the White Horse,

which comes around every 60 years,

and she's going give birth... God forbid she has a girl...

My princess, let me take over.

It's okay. Knitting is good hand exercise.

No, think about the baby. You should rest.

Give that to me.

I can't wait to see my baby grow up

and wear these mittens.

Always good to be ready.

So sweet. They make me want to gag.

Look at this.

It's the definition of perfection!

Her fortune says she'll have multiple husbands.

A lucky girl, she is.

But, she's about to change her destiny

by taking things into her own hands.

But, this couple is heading into a rough sea.

You could say Horse-Year bride #3 is also very lucky.

But, she is just so controlling and obnoxious

that her husband can barely talk to her.

Let's take a look.

This is so unfair!

You got me this fat in the first place

and now you're trying to get in my pants?

What made you think that?

I just thought you may be exhausted from posing for so long.

And, you're pregnant now.

Come on, lie comfortably.

I should think about my baby.

Nonsense. Lie down and relax.

- I just feel bad. - It's okay.

- You must be tired. Another time. - I'm fine. This will help you relax.

How do you feel?\I knew it!


What's the matter? You were feeling me up!

It's been way too long, that's all.

This is torture for me.

Do you think I'm avoiding it on purpose?

I'm doing this for our child,

Your junior, the first son in the family in five generations.

Couldn't we be really careful,

so that the baby won't even feel it?

We could try a different position, perhaps.


Can't you be more patient?

It's been three months going on four!

That's 3 x 6 = 28...

You want me to wait for another 180 days?

Do you have any other choice?

I heard that it's okay up until month six.

Why are you so against it?


Do you think this is fun for me?

Do you know what I go through every day?

It's one hurdle after another.

So, do what you want.

Just don't regret it.

Why would I regret it?


First son in five generations. If something goes wrong...

What do you mean?

I have a distant cousin in my family

who couldn't wait during her pregnancy, did it and gave birth to a child with a cleft lip.

Cleft lip? You sure?

Uh huh. Side effects of a baby in the womb

laughing too hard from a case of tickly feet.

You're kidding me!

If you don't believe me, I'll call her over

and you can ask her in person.

No, there's no need for that. I'll just wait.

What's another few months, right?

I'll survive. No big deal.

- Honey? - What is it?

Do you think the baby will laugh if I touch you right here?

Ugh... the damn alarm clock!

Honey, wake up.

Time to make me breakfast!

I got it. I'm up.

Come on. Up!

Are you making breakfast or what?

Hey, hon, why are you up already?

I'm tired of yelling at you to get up.

I'm making breakfast for me and my baby.

- Ooh... ow... my stomach... - What's wrong?

my stomach...

Are you okay?

Go lie down.

- Sweetie, I'm so sorry. - It's okay. Lie down.

It's okay.

Honey? Take my apron.

Oh! Most pernicious woman!

I don't need that from you right now!

I'll make my breakfast if it kills me.

Honey, I was only quoting Hamlet.

Madam! Your wish is my command! I'm on it.

This Horse-Year lady is a bit lost, it seems.

She's as tall as a horse,

and just as wild, running here, running there,

she still has a long way to go before she comes to me.

She doesn't believe in marriage.

But, maybe I've spoken too fast. Let's see what happens.

Hey, mister!


Stop! Stop

Stop! Stop the car!

Lady, are you crazy?

Get off my car.

Here. Come to me if you need help.


007 Private Detective Agency?

What's going on?

Pathetic! Just pathetic!

- Stop it, right now! - Boss, you're here.

At your age... you should be ashamed of yourself!

- It's good for your health. - That's enough.

Go and get the head of the dance academy!

I'm kicking them all out, right now!

It's seriously disrupting my business.

Yes, sir.

Hmm... good for the health, eh?

Look at her...

How could a great man like you

who loves to dance throw me out?

She was hot, by the way.

I saw you last night at the Stardust Cabaret.

You were dancing with the lady in red.

You are so hot.

Oh, darling, you're full of it.



I'm very shy.

Sir, could we just practice until our recital?

I will never forget your kindness.

Well... if it's only until the recital, then okay.

It must cost a fortune to put on a show.

- How are the preparations coming along? - Hmm?

Sir, while we're on the subject...

Could you sign something for me?

- Sign? - Yes.

Sign a sponsorship deal.

- You could sponsor us. - You mean, donate money?

No. Donating and sponsoring are two different things.

Donating means to pay,

and sponsoring means to support.

What have I gotten myself into?

- What did you say? - Nothing.

Sure, why not?

Write down the sum here.

I'll give you 500 won.

Sir, the newspapers are going to write about this.

- Newspaper? - Yes.

Hmm... 50,000 won.

That's better. Thank you.

That's that.


Are you free this evening?

Why? Are you asking me out?

Sure. I'll buy you dinner.

Actually, let me take you out.

007 Private Detective Agency

And... next!

You know her, right?

That's Suk-ja!

What is she doing in that office in the middle of the day?

A picture is worth a thousand words.

You've just seen the evidence.

I want more evidence.

If she continues to act like this,

I'm calling off our engagement.

I'm going to leave it to fate.

I'm sorry. I'm a horse, too.

I apologize on her behalf.

You didn't do anything wrong.

If worse comes to worst, we're seriously over.

What do you mean?

You want to sleep in separate beds?

- Umm... you see... - Honey!

For 18 long years, I slept alone in a headmistress' room

where it was as dark and lonely as the pit of the ocean.

For 18 years.

And, you...

Don't be upset. I have some reading to do,

and I have to stay up late,

- so I'm off to the study room. - Stop!

You can read during the day at the library or in the school lab.

A home is like an oasis.

Why on earth would you bring home

all the worries of the outside world? Why would you?

What did you tell me when we got married? Huh?

But, I need some time alone to think

and to cultivate my mind.

Well, do that during the day.

I spent the past 18 years, in that dorm room.

Alright, you win. I'll just go fetch my books.

That woman is going to kill me one day.

I love you, my darling!

You are my sweet prisoner of the night.

Hey there, my darling.


Hello, my darling,

Hello, darling,


Just a moment!

Longer sex deluxe, eroticana,

ginseng antler jelly, seal testicle tablet,

stamina booster...

Drink this and feel it go through your veins.

Help me forget about my 18 years of loneliness

and hold me in your arms.

Mix, mix, mix...

Fortunetelling center

Err...Professor Park?

- You on your way to school? - Yes, but I'm going to a hospital first.

Hospital? Are you sick?

Sir, I don't care if you have a fancy English signboard.

Your predictions are completely off.

Why? What's wrong with my readings?

It's a case of too much of a good thing.

Look at me.

You said we'd be a perfect match,

but because of my Horse-Year wife,

- I'm nothing but skin and bone. - You have lost weight.


- She gives me a nose bleed every other night. - Oh, right.

The secret is to break in your horse

and ride her skillfully. Look how gaunt you look.

Come with me for a minute.

Let me put on my hat.

You know who this is?

Napoleon Bonaparte!


This Napoleon Bonaparte once said,

"If you wish to conquer the world,

conquer the female sex, first."

Look at him.

In this painting, why do you think Bonaparte

stuck one hand deep into his pants?

This is the secret to the mystery of Brahmanism and yoga.

By controlling a certain part of your body,

you can train yourself

to conquer your foe

without feeling exhausted at all.

That's the secret of yoga.

Get it?

Sorry. Too much stamina.

The secret of yoga... hmm...

You don't know that?

Let's see...

Six months to go,

so three times six is 18...

180 days.

- Phew... - Honey? Have you seen my socks?

I'm sure I washed them and hung them dry.

Here they are.


How about my coffee?

It should be ready. I'll bring it to you.

Hey, precious. Wow...

- Angel? - Nah.

You don't want to?

I'm going out. I just did my makeup.

- Who do you think you are? - Your wife, of course.

You know I adore you,

but you have your duties as my wife, and I have mine as your husband,

which means, I can have you anytime I want.

I understand, but I'm pregnant.

We have to be patient for now.

What's this smell?

Your fried eggs!

They're no good.

They look more like charcoal than eggs.


- Oh, have you picked up my suit? - I forgot.

I'm going to the dry cleaners!

Yoga mudra

machendola ashna

Yoga mudra spadbazra

Machendora ashna...

Ways to strengthen sexual body parts...

Sarubang tashina baritang kenai sisian

Upside down technique...

Effectively boosts sexual stamina, controls the yin and the yang.

This was the secret to King Fargo's ability

to have 100 concubines.

What? Even King Yeonsan-gun of Joseon?

Alright! I got it! Let's do this.

Yogamudra spadai bazra sarbangka sarbangka inori

Machendora ashna...

Yogamudra spadai bazra machent.

Inori... ow!

Yoga mudra...

Yoga mudra yoga budra.

Spedabazra mazendora shnai


Yoga mudra yoga mudra! Yoga mudra yoga budra!


Yoga mudra yoga budra!

Good, good.

I've been practicing this for six months now.

Let's see who wins.

Yoga budra spadabazra

ashuna arudai machendora

Machendora ashna...



Sarbangka sarbangka

naripai kia

shafta bazra.

shafta bazra.

One, two, one, two,

one, two, one, two.

Vachendola ashunaiyo




ashuna bazra.



ashuna bazra.

The secret to yoga...

The secret...

I got it!

God, it's cold!

But, no matter.

Yogabudra spedabazra mazendora shnai

It's cold.

Mazendora ashunai

Mazendora shnai

Mazendora shnai

Yogabudra spedabazra

ashunai ardai

Machendra shnaiyo!

Honey! What are you doing? Come to bed!

I just did some washing.


You impatient man.

Why is the room so dark?

It's too dark. Let's turn the light on.

Let's not. It's nice and romantic.

Just a moment.

Honey, I think I'll skip the brew tonight. Look at you.

You look pumped up, for once.

Trust me. Why, hello, my darling... Come closer.

Sweetie, what are you doing this late?

You know why?

Have you gone mad?

I'm close to going crazy. That's why Im doing this.

What do you mean?

I'm releasing all of my pent-up sexual energy.

Does this remind you of anything?

Yes, it really is that obvious.

It satiates my emotional desires,

and also, it's an outlet for my sexual urges.

You see, it's... an all-round great exercise.

Of all the strange exercises out there

yours is tops.

Are you mocking me?

I have no other choice but this!

It's time for my late night snack.

Is it ready or not?

Who's the man in this relationship? Huh?

What did I tell you? You're not young anymore.

Your royal highness, your late night snack.

Oh, thank you.

And, I suggest you read this book.

Are you sure you can digest all that?

How dare you ask me if I can digest my food?

Most other people eat three meals a day,

but you eat three meals plus three snacks,

which makes it six meals a day!

Have you read the yoga book?

A woman needs twice the nutritional intake

of normal people three months into her pregnancy.

I've seen women eat only three meals and have no problems giving birth.

Are you done?

What have you been feeding me so far?

- How many times a day? - Well, six times.

Whatever. I lose count,

but all you feed me is instant noodles,

and you ridicule me for eating too much?

If you loved me even a little, you wouldn't be so cruel.

If you cared, you would take cooking classes

to feed me better food.

Honey, I'm sorry. It's all my fault.

I didn't mean any of it.

I'm so sorry.

Hands off!

Think about the baby.

From tonight on, you can touch me, waist up.


No, no! Stop!

Time out!

- Time out! - What?

You get me all excited and all of a sudden, you time out?

That's not good enough!

Time out! Time out!

Hold on just a second!


You can have what you want, but follow me first.


In times like this,

I think in times like this, t

his genius exercise of yours would be perfect!

Musically, mentally, physically perfect.

Ready, set, go!

Where have you been so close to dinner time?

You picking a fight?

Yup! I am!

Those cooking classes are going to make me even more hungry.

Why are you complaining when there's all that food

- you ordered for yourself? - It's not all for me.

It's for the baby.

I'm so sick of your baby excuses!


You want me to get off my butt?

I'm going to wash the bed covers

even if it kills me. Satisfied?

Don't do this.

I'll just keep my mouth shut. Go on and lie down.

Go on.

I can do this.

Oh, no... the laundry!


There is no baby, is there?

- I'm sorry... - Shut up!

I just didn't want a horse-year baby girl.

- You know what? - What?

Horse-year daughters are supposed to bring disaster.

Not to mention, those born in the Year of the White Horse, which comes every 60 years...

I don't want to hear it.

Who cares if they're a horse or a white horse!

You lied and made a fool out of me!

I'm so sorry...

From now on, I'll cook, I'll do the laundry,

and everything else you want.

You sure?

Do you swear? Honey?

You're really going to do everything I want?


How could you lie to me?

I know you want me,

but it's broad daylight outside.

Someone could show up.

Honey, could you at least lock the door?

Are you joking?

You do you think I am? Some sex addict?



I don't want these clothes

you made me anymore!

Take these, too!

Take them all.

Get up and pack your stuff!

Are we breaking up?

Do you really mean that?

I do, madam!

I'm a man and I need to salvage my pride.

I can't take this anymore.

Fine, then!

Hey, that's mine. Give that back.

It's my grandfather's!

You're taking everything.

Let's do some math.

Figure out how much I contributed and how much you've made.

Fine. Let's go halves on the living expenses

and the rest

- we take back. - Alright.


September 5, beef, 50 won tofu 15, eggs 48

September 6, taxi, 80 won tea 60

movie tickets 140 won

Wait, who wanted to go see a movie?

Are you serious? You said you wanted to go.

You sure?

May 8, taxi, 100 won

800 won for dinner...

You and your extravagant lifestyle!

Do you even remember what day that was?

What day was it?

I am shocked and amazed.

That was your birthday, dear.

Happy birthday!


Sweetheart... I am sorry. Can you forgive me this once?

From now on, I'll cook for you,

I'll do the washing... I'll do everything.

I won't care about whether we have a boy or a girl in which year...


No way! When I think about what you did to me,

I really can't forgive you.


Do what you want.

- This is mine! - Why are you putting that in there?

Whatever. Keep it!

July 8, coal briquettes, 770 won...

What kind of question is that?


I'm sorry,

but a gentleman like you shouldn't get so angry.

Why are you here today?

I've come to collect money.

Remember that slip you signed the other day?

Your sponsorship fee?

Sponsorship fee.

I remember.

But there's something

I want from you, first.

Where are we going? You'll find out.

We're going somewhere quiet.

Oh... right.

Come on in.

Look, Suk-ja...

Control yourself, sir.

I'm always moving and it makes me hungry.

Pudding rather than praise, they say. Let's talk later.

What's the rush, anyway?


An apple?

I'm full now.

I hate

to let good food like this go to waste.

I hope you weren't turned off by my appetite.


- I like my women plump. - Sir,

a deal's a deal. Pay up, first.

Sure thing.

Why not?

Of course.

That little slut really gets around these days.

Thank you, sir.

Are we cool now?


- Give it to me. - What?


Oh my goodness, you'll rip my clothes.

Sir, let go of me.


I knew this was going to happen.

I am a modern woman. I'll take it off.

Good girl.

Hurry up and take it off.

What are you waiting for?

Come on!

Ow... my belly... God, I'm dying...

It hurts so much. Why does it hurt so much?

Sir, I'm dying here.

Ow... it's too painful.

Sir, help me, please.

My belly! Ow...

What's wrong?

Sir... please...

Please... I'm dying.

Sir, you have to help me.

- Help me! - Suk-ja?

- Are you okay? - I need a doctor!

Take me to the hospital. It's appendicitis.

Yup. Appendicitis!

You sure? Oh, no...

I'm going to die!

I'm going to pass out.

Help! Ow...

Sir, what's the term?

Um... acute appendicitis?

Exactly! I have acute appendicitis.

Ow... my belly. Sir, feel it.

Oh... I'm going to die. I'm in pain.

We have to take you to the hospital.

Yes, please! Today! Take me there.

Let's hurry up.

- Anybody out there? - There's no time to waste.

Sir, please get help!

We have a patient!


Oh, god...


You'll get hurt.

It's getting worse.


Let's go!

I'll take you to the hospital.

Sir? Are you going to carry me?

That's good by me!


Let's go around the table.

Ow... I have acute appendicitis!

I'm dying here.

Please help!


Shouldnt these be in your ears?

Oh, right.

Sir, are you there?

Breathe in, breathe out...

Doctor, am I going to be okay?

Please help me, I'm dying.

Where are your hands, doc?

Oh, right...

what exactly is her problem?

She has acute appendicitis!

Huh? What?



Oh god... I'm dying...

Does she really have acute appendicitis?

Yes, I think so.

You think so?

I'm just an assistant...

Have you ever operated on anyone?

No, I haven't.

It'll be my first time, but since it's an emergency,

I'll have to open her up, first.


Nurse! Prepare for an appendectomy.

Cut me open? I'm actually feeling better.

- Well, then... - What?

No, sir. I can't have surgery. You can't cut me open.

I'm dying.

Get ready.

No, please don't.


Stay still.

Hold on.

Sir, should we tie her up?

Why, of course.

Tie me up? With this rope?

This is unacceptable. Get off me.

Help! You can't do this to me.

Somebody! Help!

- No! - It's okay.


She's lost her mind. She's crazy!



- Stop! - Get her!

- Miss! Miss! - Suk-ja, where are you going?

Oh wow... she's really lost her mind.

I'm really sorry, sir.

I had an appendectomy three years ago.

I don't have an appendix anymore.


Thanks for the check. Goodbye! Bye bye...

- She just scammed me. - She did?

Oh, darling, I understand.

It's something we all want to avoid.

I just thought since next year is the year of the white horse,

which comes around every 60 years,

I wasn't going to risk having a girl.

That's all...

I know, but you can't deny a man

what's so important in a marriage.

But, I haven't told you the whole story.

What are you doing, woman?


Pregnant with my boy, the first son in the family in five generations?

Compared to what you've done to me,

I am being quite merciful, madam!

Honey, won't you forgive me

- just this once? - I don't want to hear it.

If you're really sorry,

will you do everything I ask you to?

Uh huh!



He's tied himself to the duvet!

They say, marriage constitutes

50% love and 50% sex.

If you remove sex from the equation, that marriage is as good as over.


Then, what should I do?

I don't think yoga will work.


I have a good idea.

Since you're a horse, too, I'm going to let you in on a secret.

A secret?

Wow... what is all this?

This is only half of the formula.

The key to a woman's happiness,

is to be loved by a man, body and soul.

And, a woman has to work hard to get it.

Power sex lustero

eroticana is next,

What is that?

Its a special drink for women like me,

- who have been neglected by their husbands. - A special drink?

What exactly is it?

It's meant to weaken one's sex drive.

It weakens your sex drive?

Yes. It's meant to control your sexual energy.

Oh, yeah?

Then, I'm the one who needs it more than anyone.

- Want some? - Sure, I'll have some.

Darling, you must be tired. Come to bed.


Hmm... this feels weird...

Where are you going?

To get some more.

Did I not get it right?

Oh, darling, I'm sorry.

I shouldn't have been so stubborn.

But, you must be tired...

Dr. Kim, is that you?

Hey, I just saw your wife who came to me with an upset stomach. Take care of her.

Yes. We're being very careful.

There won't be complications, right?

What do you mean?

Well, she's in her third month, so a miscarriage maybe...

She's pregnant? But there are no signs whatsoever.

What? Are you sure, Dr. Kim?

I'm a gynecologist, my son.

Are you questioning my diagnosis?

No, it's not that, but...

Your wife definitely is not pregnant. Goodnight.


- Good night. - Yes.

I get it. Ordering me around like a servant

and kicking me out of bed every night...

Let's see who's the clever one,

this time.

What the...

You evil woman! Get up!


Have you lost your mind?

You're drunk!

- And, you're a liar! - You're crazy!

Shut up!

You little bitch!

Have some courtesy to get out of bed when I come through the door!

I don't believe this!

What the...

You ungrateful woman! Oh, are you talking to me?

Just shut up! You evil horse,

I'm talking to you!

- Of course, I am. - Do you hear yourself?


Listen, you horse! Listen to me, carefully.

I didn't get married to be your slave.

You ungrateful spoiled little brat!

What did you call me?

Are you surprised?

You horse!

You told me you were pregnant and didn't even let me come near you.

- That's because... - What?

Dr. Kim told me everything!

I've just had enough.

This is it. The end!

What do you mean, the end?


Madam, I'm staging a coup.

Your little game is over! This is a revolution!



Let go of me!

There is a reason why I've been avoiding sex.


What could that be?

Do you know what year it is next year?

It's the Year of the White Horse.

Should we have a daughter born in the Year of the Horse,

you know that they say

Not to mention, the Year of the White Horse. That's why.

Who cares if the baby is a horse or a white horse?

You're a horse. Were you unhappy with me?

No, no. Not at all.

You gave me everything.

Honey, I made a huge mistake.

Forgive me.

Does that mean you'll have me again starting today?

Uh huh.


At ease!


Get ready to disarm!

Remove the barbed-wire fence!

Off with the trench coat and the boots.

The bullet proof vest, off!

Step forward.



I think that's more than enough practice.

No, far from!

My career as a ballerina depends on tomorrow's recital.

This is a matter of life and death to me.

Of course.

That's why I think we need one more dress rehearsal with the band.

Don't you agree?

I see that you mean.

Then, I'll go straight to the theater after I'm done.

Thank you, sir!

Then, I'll go first and wait for you.

Don't be late.

You're doing me a huge favor, sir!

He... hello, there!


That was a surprise. Old wrinkley bastard.




The recital is tomorrow, so super busy.

I'm really sorry about the other day.

I have to go.

Not so far. It's still not too late.

I have a room here. Shall we go?

Let me go, please. If this is about your money,

as soon as the recital is over, I'll pay you back.


I never lent you money.

Let me go.

I'll pay you back, with interest.


Fool me twice, shame on me.

Sir, please?

Can we please forget about this?

Not today.

You owe me a favor.

But, what about the recital?

I have to go.

Come back here.

Let me go.

I'll keep my promise after the show.

You lying little bitch.

Ma'am, take a look at this.

We're engaged. How can she do this?

I know she's a horse, but...

What did you say? What's wrong with that?

Sorry. I am just very upset.

Here, drink this.

What should I do?

I see what's going on.

Let me help. I have a plan of my own.

Here I come.

That's strange...

Where did she go?

I'm sorry, Mr. Cabbie.

Watch out for the ladies next time.

Hey, what's this smell?

Gas from the engine.

Fix it!

I said, fix it!

Oh... my head.

My head...

What did you do to me? This is a human rights violation!

Before I sue you and lock you up in jail,

untie me. Unstrap me,



Be quiet, you creep!

You are every woman's common enemy.

Lowlifes like you deserve to be hanged.


For breaking Suk-ja's leg and running off!

We'll see in a minute how strong your legs are.



Let's not get too violent.


What are you going to do to me?

We're simply trying to re-educate you.

So that you can treat women with respect in the future.

Will you apologize to Suk-ja?

I don't know!

I don't!

I tried to stay polite, but you, sir, are human scum!

If you insist on being stubborn, we will resort to torture.

- Girls! - Yes.

Stop it right now!


How did that feel?

Will you do as we say, now?

That's it? I'm ready for more!

Bring it on! Let's see who wins.

Then, let's move on to phase 2.


So, how did you like that?

Ok! Shall we proceed with phase 3?

- Sounds good to me! - Yes.

The ceiling is collapsing!

Just give up before we squash you flat like a pizza.

Will that thing hold? The chains are rusty.

If it falls on him and crushes him to death,

it'll be ruled as death by misadventure.

Oh, well.


Close call, huh?

Oh, god...

Lower it by 5mm more.


How about 5mm more?



You win!

I'll do anything you say.

- You mean that? - I'll do anything.


They will tell you exactly how to compensate Suk-ja.


In the future, respect women and...

Yes, ma'am. Please pull the safe back up.


Pull it up.

Get it away.


Get it away.

All's well that ends well.

Female horses are great,

because they're outgoing and daring.

Well, time flew by for these ladies

and six months or so later,

on a cool autumn day...

- Help. - Here you go.

Support my shoulders.



I'll get it.

- This way. - Slowly.




Let's get you out.

- Wonderful! - Ma'am!


- Sorry. - Well done.

How lovely!

Ow... my belly!


Be careful.


- Oh, yes! - Slowly.

- I'm so happy for us. - Look at you.

Come on in.


Be careful.

Slowly, slowly.

Hold on tight.



I can carry that.


No need for another check up. It's too late.


What do you mean impossible?

You ladies should know better.


What is that supposed to mean?

It looks to me like

you three ladies are past the three-month stage.

It's too risky now.

What is too risky?


After three months, the mother can be in danger, too.


Abortions are advised for women

who are less than three months pregnant. Do you understand?

An abortion?


Why do you think we want an abortion?


You are deeply mistaken, doctor.

We aren't here to get an abortion.

We are here to give birth today.


I am so sorry, ladies.

Folks these days think having a girl in the Year of the Horse is taboo.

We see so many mothers coming in for abortions.

I do apologize for the misunderstanding.

It's okay.

The three of us are all horses.

We are not afraid of the White Horse.

Of course not.

But, it really is a shame how

people believe in superstitions that

come in from Japan, and abort innocent lives.

It really is cruel.

Such a shame

You are absolutely right.

We would be delighted

if we had daughters.



These people don't even know their child's sex

and just ask me to operate on them. It's quite tragic.

Let's have a think, shall we?


What would happen seven years later?

Because of the rise in abortions due to superstitious parents,

not a single child is enrolled at this pre-school.

The school has to close down for a year.

That's not all.

Think about the first day at this elementary school.


There are more teachers than there are students.


But wait, theres more.

Parents these days spend a fortune

so their kids can attend the top middle schools.

Well, there's no need to worry about private lessons and tutors,

as there is no competition!

This trend is not just confined to middle schools.

High schools, universities and even jobs! Everyone gets a free pass.

Let's see.

If we have daughters,

20 years later,

they'd be the Miss Korea winner, runner-up

and second runner-up!

No, no.

My daughter will be

the winner.

Then, I'll be happy with runner-up.


Then, my daughter will be

- second runner-up, automatically. - Oh, yes!

Oh, no, no...



Look here.


My baby...


My baby.

It's our turn.


It's done.

Let's go then.

The end.

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The Description of 말띠신부(1966) / Horse-year Bride ( Maltti Sinbu )