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Alright, so I get an overwhelming amount of emails asking me what video card

and i've come to the conclusion that most people think that they need more of a video card

then they're getting. I mean, you guys are looking at

like $300, $400 video cards sometimes, and you're still running an 18-

I mean a 17 or a 19 inch monitor. What's up with that?

Are you guys just trying to waste money? Tell you what-

if you have a small monitor, you don't need a crazy video card,

unless you're like obsessed with playing that one game, Crysis,

there's no point. You know, if you're going to play simple games,

Call of Duty 4, World of Warcraft, Unreal Tournament 3, or the Team Fortress 2 stuff,

anything that works off the Half-Life 2 engine, all that stuff runs really, really well

on lower resolutions, even at high settings with a lot less video card

than you guys probably think you need. So we're going to go retro a little bit,

the 9800 GT. This is the one from XFX. This is a very simple video card,

and it was probably one of the most famous and amazing video cards of 2007,

and of most of 2008, and i'll tell you what- the price has dropped on it so much

that now it's become a budget card, and i'll tell you what-

it still performs very, very well. If you want to play all of those games

I mentioned a second ago, this will do it on a 19 inch monitor at good settings.

There's no reason to go for something more expensive, 4850, 4870,

or a GTX 200 series, it's just not neccessary. So, we're going to go a little bit backwards here,

this is the XFX 9800 GT and i'm gonna go over it, remember- the 9800 GT is exactly like the 8800 GT,

the only difference is that they went to a 55nm core,

before they were on a 65nm core, so it runs a little cooler, and a little cleaner,

but it's still the G92 GPU, and it still is exactly the same,

and if you have an 8800 GT you can definitely run SLI with an 8800 GT.

Even though it's a different card, it's got the same architecture,

the only thing that's different is again the manufacturing process is 55nm,

makes it run cooler, it'll overclock a little further,

better for the environment, uses less power,

so it's great, it's gonna produce less heat as well for your case.

Now, let's take a look at the board real quick. As you can see this is a single slot version,

and i'll tell you what- this one's attractive because of this: look at that cool aluminum.

If you can't see it, that's brushed aluminum, and it says XFX, so it's going to look real good

in your case, it's going to look great, and it's a single slot, it will cool fine

with that single slot, and, let's go to this side... DVI ports. That's really cool with that black finish on the end.

It's chrome, but it's kind of dark chrome. Two dual-link DVIs are there,

they will do 2560x1600, you do have multiple monior support if you'd like,

you also have this S-video right here which comes pretty much you can take this

in as video form into your television or you can use a componet breakaway cable

which converts this to component- that works for going to your television

if you'd like. Also, if you'd like, included in the box

is a dual-link DVI, as you can see all the pins are filled in, that's what makes it a dual-link,

as well as the four pins below and above that little...whatever you'd call that

in the middle, that little dash, and then this is VGA on the other side,

so if you have an old VGA monitor this will plug in right here

and you can still use your old monitor which is fantastic. You also get...

this power cable, and this power cable, what it does is it converts two molexes,

which are the four-pin peripheral cables, to the six-pin PCI Express.

So in case you don't have this connection on your power supply,

this will convert your older connections to the newer connections that you're going to need.

Now you're going to need a 450-watt power supply, minimum, to run this card.

You need about 26 amps on the +12-volt rail,

and if you want to run SLI, you'll probably need closer to 5-

to 600-watts, depending on the quality of your actual power supply.

Just so you know, the power connector is right there...

this right here is your PCI Express 2.0 interface, and pretty much this bus will work

on the PCI Express 2.0 bus, and it will also work on the PCI Express X16 bus,

so the regular PCI Express bus. So don't worry if you don't have

a PCI Express 2.0-compliant board, it will still function

in the regular PCI Express slots. Now, let's talk about

all the great stuff that comes on this board. You can't see it because it's under the cooler,

but right behind this board is all your great stuff,

your GPU is centered there in the middle... so let's talk about the specs.

600 megahert core clock on this very, very cool video card,

1500 megahert on the shaders... there are 112 of those shaders...

the memory on this card is actually 512 megabytes of GDDR3, operating at 900 megahertz,

and since DDR3 is double-pumped, it's actually 1800 megahertz

effective data rate, and it's pumping all that information

through a 256-bit wide memory bus... you also get 56 texturizing units

and 16 raster operators, or ROPS, as you might want to call them.

So, very nice. DirectX 10 utilizing Shader Model 4.0, OpenGL 2.1,

HDCP, or High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection for streaming Blu-rays to your television,

you get HDMI, you get all the great stuff in the box, it's ready for CUDA,

it's ready for PhysX, it's an awesome, awesome card. And, if you want,

it's also available in 256 megabytes and one gig, so if you want to kick up your frame buffer,

get some upgraded versions, there are. This is the 512 one, very affordable,

it's going to run every single game you want it to at, you know, a decent resolution

and at high settings except for Crysis, things built on the Crytek engine...

everything else, all the Counterstrike, and World of Warcraft, all those other games

are going to run fine, no problem, so if you're not really into the newest games,

this cards going to work great and it's awesome on a budget and it will work with your system,

very well, especially if you have a small power supply or a simple case

that doesn't, you know... it's just a great, great, great card,

so keep it simple, 9800 GT from XFX,

if you have any questions on it, e-mail me, i'll see you guys next time.

The XFX GeForce 9800 GT video card is available from the retailers listed here,

or for more information, you can type in P450-9830 into any major search engine.

For ComputerTV, i'm Albert.

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