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- Where was the best daiquiri you ever had?

- In the Bahamas, for sure.

- I'm telling you, boys in the islands know

how to make daiquiris because all they drink is rum.

Daiquiris are rum-based, and they know how to make them.

You taste them and it changes your life!

I'm a different person now!

Let me show you how to make a daiquiri island style.


Strawberries, I have fresh, I have frozen, but for this,

most of you will have more access to frozen strawberries --

- And they taste better.

- And they have a richer, redder flavor to them.

Simple syrup, because, when you taste daiquiris,

a lot of times, for the recipes you have online,

it comes out as a pretty drink, but it's kind of bitter.

Simple syrup changes all that.

- Grenadine. - Next, we add grenadine,

because when you mix your daiquiri, okay,

a lot of times, with regular cherries,

it comes out of kind -- - Strawberries!

- Oh, sorry, strawberries, it comes out

kind of pinkish-looking, you know what I mean?

It don't really have that rich red color.

Grenadine adds a little bit to the color and to the flavor.

Notice, I still haven't put in any rum,

because in the islands, you don't add rum until later.


The thing is, in the islands,

you don't put the rum into the mix, okay?

It just takes away from it, spreads it all out.

It's not as good a drink as if you do this.

Put that in the glass,

and then you put the mix in on top of it.

Make sure you don't over mix it.

You want a nice, thick mix to create pockets --

- Of rum - of rum.

- Look at that!

Look at the pockets!

- And for your little non-alcoholic friends, it's virgin.

Garnish, strawberry.

The cherry, for all them virgins out there.

There you have it: strawberry daiquiri island style,

fresh from the Bahamas!

Oh, I smell the beach!

Trust me, all these little rum pockets that are in there --

- Strong? - Amazing.

Each time you hit one, you go, "Whoa!"

And the sweetness hit, you go, "Whoa!"

(laughs) You feel like you're making love!

- Delicious.

- And it's strong, right?

- Very. (laughs)

But it's only strong if you take the rum.

The rest is just delicious and sweet.

- That's the thing, you use the same amount of alcohol

in the traditional style daiquiri,

add in this, - Which is nothing.

- but this one right here, you feel it, and you go, "Wow!

"It is freaking amazing!"

Tipsy Bartender, baby!

Searching the world for those delicious recipes!

You like that, huh, huh, huh?

Let's go find another drink.

I hear something good in Iraq, let's go.

Tipsy Bartender! (laughs)

- I ain't going there.

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