Practice English Speaking&Listening with: FILIPINO Snacks In Disneyland Paris 2021!

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babauning namin ang pilipino snacks na ito sa Disneyland Paris! First I will buy Filipino

snacks in The Netherlands and we will drive to Paris by car for an amazing weekend staycation!

So let's go inside...We are in the store, this is called Toko Pilipinas diba? I would

like to have a few Filipino snacks. In fact I want to bring ten. If

you have 10. What do

you want? Is it too salty? Yeah salty and

sweet is OK just a combination. Combination..Some



for example.

You want hot? Yeah it's also nice. Maybe one spicy one sweet something like that.

So they have many snacks here. BTW do you accept utang? Oh

noooo hahahaha

Joke lang. Sige utang kalimutan! Hahahaha You're




the nuts?

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