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Crisis in Europe. There is no deal yet about the EU budget

and you're probably not allowed to say it, but it's again because of the Poles and the Hungarians.

"Poland and Hungary use their veto against the EU budget

because in the future they will only receive money if they adhere to the basic principles of the rule of law.

And on that topic they think Europe shouldn't interfere."

Yeah, adhering to the basic principles of the rule of law sounds like a reasonable demand.

It's not like the EU demands you to have a round flag,

or that you country should rhyme with 'zithoek'.

Because otherwise the EU would only consist of North Kaszichook.

This is their flag.

No, it's about the fact that we once said:

'we share a continent and we're a bit alike, so we support each other

but then we should remain fun and fair countries.'

The first requirement for EU membership is:

"A country should have a stable democracy that guarantees the rule of law, human rights and the protection of minorities."

Poland and Hungary haven't satisfied this requirement for a long time already

Here: 'Hungary no longer a democracy, Poland has gone downhill.'

These two countries have totally found each other because they also share the same hobbies:

Discriminating gay people for example.

In Poland a third of the country is now a so-called 'LGBT-free zone'.

This summer the town of Puawy became LGBT-free.

You write Puawy but you say 'Puwawe', because it was once founded by an old lady with no teeth.

Such an LGBT-free zone goes quite far of course, but the average straight man is quite happy with it:

"It will protect us against the rainbow people

and attacks from gays on normal people."

Yeah, if I had to choose between holidaying with this Pole or with the rainbow people, I know my pick.

Rainbow people let's go!

And Puawy is not just another gay-hating village in Poland,

no, until recently it was a sister city of Nieuwegein.

"The alderman symbolically puts a rainbow sticker on the welcome signs, over Puawy."

"This is the statement that we want to make, that having gay-free zones is not done."

Exactly, that is not done (heavy Dutch accent).

Bad news by the way for this alderman, if I were her I'd get another rainbow sticker.

Because the rainbow people in their other sister city, Rundu, also live in a gay-free zone, namely in Namibia.

Here's the government's travel advice:

"Homosexuality is forbidden by law in Namibia. If you travel through the country by car make sure to bring a lot of drinking water and two spare tyres."

Good tips!

Back to sister city Nieuwegein, because its residents had never even heard of Puawy:

"Puawy?" - "Puawy, no."

"I don't know what that is." - "Gay hatred."

"No but Puawy." - "That's a city." "Oooh."

I always find it so nice to see people developing themselves during a street interview.

More good news for gay haters, since this week Orbn's Hungary also has a gay-free zone.

Orbn stands for everything we disgust in the Netherlands:

he's authoritarian, intolerant, against freedom, mysogynistic and xenophobic.

Therefore you won't find that many Orbn fans in the Netherlands

except in Parliament of course:

"Mrs. Speaker, if only we had a prime minister like mr. Orbn in the Netherlands."

Yeah, Geert Wilders is for some weird reason an Orbn fanboy.

Or well, fanboy...

"I'd say Orbn is a hero, he has earned the Nobel Prize."

This summer Wilders even went to Hungary to chill with Orbn.

Even though Wilders is fiercely against Islam, because he finds it so homophobic, and mysogynistic.

But that's exactly what Orbn is so known for.

Moreover, Wilders hates political judges, even though Orbn's government wants to install judges that are partisan.

Seriously, where does this huge love for Hungary come from?

Okay, his wife is Hungarian, but even so. My girlfriend comes from Heerhugowaard

but that doesn't mean I'll advocate for all of the Netherlands to be filled with Middenwaard Shopping Centres.


So Poland and Hungary are fucking the EU by blocking the budget and the stupid thing is

Poland and Hungary are mostly fucking it up for themselves.

The last time billions were issued, out of the corona emergency fund, they got the most money of all members!

And I just don't know which government I dislike more: Hungary or Poland.

And I'm not the only one that can't choose, because Rutte (Prime Minister) was done with it too:

"Guys, let's not choose between Poland and Hungary DEEPFAKE FOR LATER IN THE SHOW

at the end of the day they both suck. But talks with these countries always continue." DEEPFAKE FOR LATER IN THE SHOW

Quite crude, but when I grew up the rule was 'if you block more than 500 billion you're allowed to say 'kut' for once'.

Last Thursday the EU summit lead to nothing. Many EU countries are done with it, but this time Rutte was a bit more nuanced:

"Afterwards Rutte said that the ball now lies in Hungary and Poland's court:

'In the EU it won't work if you stub out your corona cigar, vote against the budget and wait until everyone else lets the roast chickens fly to you.'"

Wait... So Rutte has a ball,

he put it in Hungary and Poland's court,

who stub out a cigar and wait until the roast chickens fly in?

This metaphore comes from the book Rutte IV, Phrase 17.

I myself have a much better metaphore for Poland and Hungary:

it should make no difference if a chicken loves a chicken, or a rooster

and if you have problems with that, you're financially in trouble.

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