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At the University of Southern Queensland, we pride ourselves on our diverse and inclusive community

that will provide you with a wide range of opportunities, events and programs

that aim to connect you with your peers and enrich your study experience.

Whether youre online or on-campus, you can participate in all of these activities and events,

so lets help you get connected and involved.

Start planning your future now by developing skills and getting yourself job ready through

our professional career planning programs and events.

Nominate yourself to be on our Student Representative Committee and have your voice heard.

Participate in study groups led by student leaders who are your peers and will help you with your studies.

Your USQ Library also has a great range of resources from Student Advisors to

online support available for students from anywhere to provide you with the best form of education.

You can connect with the many events hosted and supported by our Multi-faith Team.

Embrace your competitive side by joining one of our sports teams or events, and maintain

a healthy and active lifestyle while studying.

Tune into one of our online webinar series to gain real-life insight from professionals.

Or check out the hundreds of pieces of content from blogs, videos, eBooks and podcasts among

our social media channels to keep you inspired, motivated and on top of your studies.

We are here with you all of the way.

Connect with your Student Relationship Officer, who will celebrate your wins and be your contact

when you need it throughout the Semester.

At the University of Southern Queensland, we want you to stay connected from anyplace, anywhere, anytime.

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