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Hello Friends, i am Vijay saini & welcome to Mammal Bonsai .

Today we will make an experiment

for seeds germination

How we can do quick germination

It is Blue bull's dung

its called mingni here

Today we will just plant seeds in it

we will use it without soil

so first of all make a hole in pot

Now i'll break it like this

and put it in the pot

Dung also contains seeds.

so remove that seeds

we use only dung

see , like this

Look, the blue bull which we have dung manure is just put in that pot

And in this, the seeds will grow without using soil.

and i will plant moringa /Drumstick seed

Because I also had a query of Moringa that ..

He had planted the seed of Moringa, which was not grown

its called sahjnaa here

its called Drumstick also

see this is moringa seed

And I'll put this seed inside it without soil

look this

and cover it with dung

Keep one thing in mind that...

Remove dung seeds

The seed of the acacia is in the dung, then you remove it and then plant the moringa seed

now watering

will see you with update it

We had planted Moringa seeds

We had planted it in the dung of blue bull

So that we can know that there is a lot of germination sooner or more like a normal soil

I had planted a seed even in the normal soil

Which has not germinated yet

blue bull dung's good for germination

I will try more seeds in it

and And see what the result

Now let's grow this little more

ok friends see you in the next video

till then goodbye

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